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In 2002, spent 25 million USED for their 2-year CARS aerogram called “Campaign for nursing future” with advertisement, recruitment materials, special events, public relation and a dedicated website to react to a nursing shortage in the United States. This campaign helped to improve the reputation of the nursing profession and increased enrolment in nursing school by 8 per cent (Alexander, 2009) Entering Vietnam in 1995, showed an early lead in the consumer healthcare products and medical devices market.

J&J only develops pharmaceutical sectors in Vietnam with ethical product within the last 10 years. Oncology is a new approach of in Vietnam with the Gating- the blockbuster which just entered Vietnamese oncology market in Q-201 3. Gating is still in its first stage of life cycle and have opportunity to grow in this competitive oncology market with not only other brand name products but also with the appearance of generics, and bio similar ones. 1 . SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS 1. MARKET OVER VIEW According to AIMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, in 2013, the global market of oncology hit $91 billion, and every year it’s growing gradually at 5% with CARR of 6% (AIMS, 2014). Despite the fact that Vietnam is just the small racket, it is accounted for the highest CARR in cancer market, at 25% (AIMS, 201 1). According to Global 2012, Vietnam is estimated to have the prostate cancer incidence of 32; there is an estimation of 1 500 prostate cancer patients admitted to hospital every year.

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Sales of prostate cancer treatments are set to increase 4% each year (forecast by AIMS Health) with contribution mostly from chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. In Q 2013, Gating entered the prostate cancer medicine market in Vietnam as a blockbuster medication with the sales of 6. 1 billion VEND in 2014, accounted for 2% market share of total cancer market. J Vietnam, 2014) Gating is the first medication in prostate cancer market that inhibits the COPY-17 enzyme complex required for androgen biosynthesize in the testes, adrenal glands and circulating tumor cells.

Gating is indicated with oppression or prepositions for the treatment of metastasis castration resistant prostate cancer in adult men whose disease has progressed on or after a doctorate-based chemotherapy regimen. With this indication, there are about 50 potential patients for Gating. Figure 1 Epidemiological perspective on Prostate cancer (Global, 2012) 1. 2 MARCO-ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS Political/ Legal impact In Vietnam, pharmaceutical market is governed by Vietnamese Ministry of Health (MOM, 2013) and the co-payment scheme is applied between patients and Health Insurance systems.

The scale of treatment cost being paid by patients and Health Insurance depends on types of diseases and the regimens of treatment. With normal diseases, Health Insurance covers 80% of the treatment cost and patients are responsible for the rest, but with high cost of treatments which include oncology drugs, Health Insurance covers only 50%. This may encourage physicians to prescribe alternatives to the high cost anti-inhibitor therapy like Gating. Economic impact According to KEMP (2012), the population of Vietnam is 86 million with only 14. Million are in the middle class, which are predicted to be double in size between now and 2020 (Boston Consulting Group, 2013). As a result of this development, more patients and families who concerned about quality of life can be able to afford high cost treatments. Social & environmental impact According to Global (201 2), Prostate cancer is one of the 10 most common cancers in Vietnam and the risk of prostate cancer increases with age, especially after age 50. With the development of economic, median age of

Vietnamese is increasing and as the number of men diagnosed of prostate cancer is increasing every year (MOM, 2013). Hence, the prostate cancer market is still a promising one. Technological impact Getting along with the development of technology, there is a variety of test for detecting prostate cancer like AS blood test, digital rectal examination, prostate biopsy, MR.. Scan, CT scan, bone scan with or without X-rays, ultrasound scan, urine flow test… Therefore, patients can be informed about their cancer in an early stage and have suitable choice for their treatment. 1. 3 MICRO-ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS

Threat of new entrants: LOW The threat of new entrants to pharmaceutical market, especially in oncology market in Vietnam is seen as low, since there is high entry barriers due to cost associated with research and development of new drugs, clinical study of existing drugs, since medicine IS a special product, which affects health and life of patients. Moreover, the drug registration and patent protection also set barriers to new comers. In prostate cancer market, Gating is the only medicine in androgen inhibitor therapy section, in the next few year, there will be other drugs entering the market but not in the same section.

In the mean time, there is no threat of new entrants for Gating. Figure 2. Competitive situation over the next few year (J Vietnam, 2014) The threat of substitutes – LOW Since oncology products effect directly to patients’ life, there is low threat Of substitutes as all therapy for cancer, especially prostate cancer must follow guidelines from Ministry of Health – Vietnam The bargaining power of buyers – HIGH MOM, hospitals and Health Insurance can make a pressure on Pharmaceutical companies to reduce drug price.

Further more, oncology products are being set different standard for quota and reimbursement rate (only 50% for the attends with 3 consecutive years of Medicare) from other products in pharmaceutical market. Oncologists and Urologists also have the power to influence patients on the choice of regimens/ products, which is related to drugs efficacy, Health Insurance status of patients and hospital’s budget to spend on treatment.

Physicians play an important role in decision-making, therefore they are main buyers in pharmaceutical markets Patients are the ones who make last decision about choosing the right treatment for them after receiving consultation from doctors, considering their own budget for the appropriate regimens. The bargaining power of suppliers – LOW The product of must be standardized, so established internal suppliers for their own products worldwide and the source of ingredients is sustainable.

Since sales for the pharmaceutical industry is concentrated, the bargaining power of suppliers is decreased. Rivalry- HIGH COMPETITIVE In 2014, Gating account for just 2% market share of national value of cancer treatment with 6. 1 billion VEND. Gating just entered the market for the first year but this is the only medicine in androgen inhibitor therapy section. Figure 3. 2014 National value contribution (AIMS, 2014) 1.

SOOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weaknesses with 3 sectors: pharmaceutical, consumer health care, medical devices has brings the agility to leverage on diverse experience, J also has an image of an ethical company with high quality products Strong efficacy & safe adverse events profile data in clinical trials (overall survival 4. Ms) (J, 2013) Oral administration – ability to transfer care into the community/primary;y care If rest-to-market of anti-NIH Bator therapy Stigmas uptake depends on referral & collaboration of urologist/ Oncologist Awareness of Gating and Janssen/J in Oncology is low in prostate cancer

Healthcare professional community Premium price vs.. Chemotherapy only Opportunities The retreats MOM priorities are reducing health inequalities, supporting cancer awareness, better controlling of cancer patient management, supporting earlier detection and self-management of patients Strong early interest from Sols in VAN to incorporate Gating in hospital formulates & guidelines Strong drive in the clinical community for newer innovative cancer meds.

Increasing number of prostate cancer being diagnosed and treated (AIMS, 2014) Reimbursement butte is being cut down MOM priorities are collector cancer, breast cancer and lung cancers vs.. Roseate cancer (Lack of awareness. Cultural) Lack of robust diagnosis and monitor Eng for micro patients uncertainty collaboration with Urologist and Oncologist New competitors are entering the prostate cancer market 2.

SEGMENTATION, TARGETING AND POSITIONING Segmentation: The only segmentation Of prostate cancer market that Gating aims at is metastasis castration resistant prostate cancer in adult men whose disease has progressed on or after a doctorate;based chemotherapy regimen. Targeting: Due to high cost treatment, J/ Gating mainly targets at middle to high class who can afford the medicine. Positioning: Gating is off to fast start, racking up blockbuster status in the oncology market, offering a new treatment in patients who have failed chemotherapy. Ignitions itself as a responsible company which promotes advanced biologic products especially in Oncology by sponsoring scientific oncology congresses, running Cancer Sockeye’s national campaigns, developing educational program for doctors and patients. 3. OBJECTIVES In this marketing plan, J&J/ Gating aim to achieve financial, marketing and CARS objectives including: Achieve 9. 6 billion VEND sales of Gating by the end of 201 5, 57% growth vs.. 2014 Gain 50% market share of post-chemotherapy attends in 201 5, aiming to achieve 40% market share of hormonal therapy in 201 8 with pre-chemotherapy indication.

Raise awareness of prostate cancer in the community for 50% of Vietnamese population, build the image of as a responsible, ethical company by caring, one person at a time to help people live longer, healthier, happier. 4. STRATEGY AND TACTICS Objective Strategy Tactics If uncial Secure and maintain funding – Accelerate access to Health Insurance funding for willing payers – Robust value proposition on Gating -Keep and strengthen relationship with Oncologist/ Urologist – Achieve

National List of Essential Drugs and hospital tender inclusion Marketing – Establish Gating as backbone therapy – Deliver relevant value to stakeholder network – Drive relevant optimal care pathway -Achieve 1st line positioning in post chemo therapy -Establish strong presence & value in Healthcare network, robust go-to- market readiness in pre chemo setting -Partnership with professional groups to drive optimal national care pathway, empower customers to drive and own health solutions CARS Run “Men United” community campaign -public activities: fundraising events -Conferences for healthcare professionals Events on social media: TV, internet… . PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES “Men United – Keep friendships alive” community campaign (2015-2016) Key message: “We believe men deserve better and we fight against prostate cancer” Target audience: Vietnamese population, Oncologists, Urologists, Health Insurance Board, Patient Support Groups.

Activities: In association with Vietnam Ministry of Health, launches “Men United” program to conduct monthly activities: – Educational activities in key oncology hospitals, urology hospitals – Fundraising events: running, walking, cycling among office workers to help prostate cancer patients – Prostate cancer clubs or patients to share their knowledge, experiences and together participate specific activities – Campaign to raise awareness about AS (prostate specific antigen) test for men: at what age to test, how often to test – Scientific conferences for healthcare professionals with international and national oncologists.

Promotional materials: Brochures/ leaflets/ bandoleer to deliver to doctors during field visits and congresses. Celebrity endorsement: Through social activities like running cycling, walking… There will be celebrity representatives who has strong reputation in Vietnamese population to interact with participants, social medias in some sessions. Social channels selected for the campaign: – TV channel: VT, HTTP (the national channels) -Social media: Backbone, Twitter, Youth, online newspapers -Company website -Search engine: Being, Google 6. MEASUREMENTS AND CONTROL Metric Gating to achieve 9. Billion VEND by end of 2015 Measure monthly sales of Gating in VEND Marketing Gating to achieve 50% market share of post chemo patients Measure quarterly sales in VEND divided by total industry sales Establish Gating as backbone therapy Measure the number and frequency prescription for Gating shifting from homoeopathy only quarterly Deliver relevant value to stakeholder network Measure the awareness of Urologist/ Oncologist/ MOM/ Health Insurance about Gating quarterly Corporate Social Responsibility campaign Raise awareness of prostate cancer in the community for 50% Of Vietnamese population Measure awareness among target audience before and after each activity 300 attendants for each fundraising event, raise at least 100,000,000 VEND Calculate the number of attendants and money donated after each activity 5 Prostate cancer patients clubs with weekly activities Calculate the number of clubs formed and activities conducted weekly 80% of argue audience attend the scientific congresses Calculate the number of attendants after each scientific conference Raise awareness of AS test for 100% men in the campaign Measure awareness among participants before and after the campaign Community interest Calculate the number of likes, shares, comments, views, subscribers in social networks, number of participants in each of fundraising events. 7. RECOMMENDATION Corporate Social Responsibility is vital to the business, especially in pharmaceutical market where its products (medicines, medical devices… ) have direct effects on people’s health and life.

With the Credo culture since 1943, long before anyone ever heard the term CARS, stated that ‘”We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the world community as well… We must encourage civic improvements and better health and education… We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources. “, has a step forward in building its image as a social responsible, ethical company. Albeit the advantage of being the leader in Consumer healthcare and Medical device, pharmaceutical/ oncology is still just enter the market, and these CARS campaign can help to gain its societal objective as well as build its image in oncology field.

There are some recommendations J&J’s marketing strategy as: – Offering reasonable cost for AS testing: is recommended to cooperate with a AS test center to give financial support for the test, enable men to detect prostate cancer at the early stage and have appropriate treatment – Sponsoring for clinical researches in Oncology/ Urology hospitals to conduct studies comparing results of Chemotherapy alone and Chemotherapy followed by Gating and prepositions. This will strengthen inference of oncologist/ urologist in taking Gating as a reliable treatment for prostate cancer patients in Vietnam as most of clinical trials are now conducting oversea and there are still no assessments on Vietnamese patients. -Associating with international organization like Prostate Cancer LIKE, Prostate cancer Foundation to promote the community activities in large scale. In conclusion, CARS campaign is essential for pharmaceutical to gain success in promoting new products.