Young Goodman Brown: Analysis essay

What is the origin or cause of this impulse? In your view, is the impel SE externally driven (caused by something outside of Brown) or internally driven (caused by something inside of him)? 3. How would the overall meaning and effect of the story be changed if Goodman n Brown had, after resisting temptation, lived a happy life full of good feeling for his fell low humans instead of a life of gloom? Analysis of setting in “Young Goodman Brown” What is added to the story by the fact that it is set in Salem? How would the SST

ROR have been different if set in a town with no history of “witchcraft”? 2. What is the significance of the forest setting in this story? How does the place meet Of the ceremony in the forest help develop the story’s mood and theme? Analysis of symbolism, allegory, and image in “Young Goodman Brown” Could the symbol of the pink ribbon be used in a similar way for today’s reader RSI? What are the differences in the meanings associated with the pink ribbon in Hath Orin’s story as compared with the way the symbol might function today?

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What are the similar reties? Hawthorne ensures that there is some ambiguity at the end of the story by us setting that Goodman Brown’s experience in the forest could be a dream. How would the story have been different if it were made clear that Brown’s experience actually did happy en? What if it were made clear that it really was a dream? . Cultural Contexts Salem Witch Trials Nathaniel Hawthorne, excerpt from “The Custom House’ How does Nathaniel Hawthorne seem to regard his ancestors? Whose blood stains the Old bones of John Haltered?

Some scholars have suggested that Nathaniel Hawthorne blames the decline of his family and his personal misfortunes on the acts and ideas of his ancestors. Oaf term reading this piece, do you agree? Why or why not? Testimony on the Conviction of Elizabeth Jackson Howe and photo of Gallows Put yourself in the place of Howe, of her accuser, of those who found her guilt y, and the court recorder. Who do you sympathize with the most and why? What do you think of the state of mind of the people described in this account f Hose’s trial?

What comparisons can you make between these people and the villagers in “Young Goodman Brown”? What do you think of the actions of the people described in this account? Do y o think they acted appropriately given the time and place? T. H. Matheson, Examination off Witch Can you tell in this image who the judges are and who is being judged? What do the colors represent? What point might the artist have wanted to ma eke by painting some people in lavish color and others in black and white?