Yeung Analysis essay

In light of this, the researcher attempted to establish whether acupuncture would be combined along with Western medical management techniques so as to alleviate the pain and disability that is associated with chronic low back pain. In order to analyze the findings from this survey, a t- test was necessary. As a statistical tool, the t-test was necessary for this research based on several grounds.

The first reason for use of the t-test was that it is used to compare the calculated means of two groups of samples that are statistically different from each other (Cox, 2006). The researchers therefore adopted this test since it could enable them to compare the means of the 26 participants in the exercise group to that of the other 26 participants in the exercise plus EAI group. In addition, this research required that post test studies had to be conducted after doing immediate tests at the hospital. These tests were done to the participants after one and three months.

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With this requirement, the t-test was necessary in order to establish the level of statistical significance between the two means (Hughes, 2011 In his research, the t-test was used to determine whether there was a statistical significance between the means of the groups and establish the actual degree of significance. The other importance of using t-test in this research is based on the grounds that the population standard deviation is unknown. This is because the cases of low back pain are widespread in the western countries.

This means that the population that should be represented by the sample in the survey is large hence its standard deviation is unknown. In such a case, he population of patients suffering from low back pain does not exhibit the characteristics that are associated with normal distribution. The individuals affected by low back pain are at least 31 million in the US, for instance (Young, Mason, & Lung, 2009). This is an implication that the shape of the curve is flatter as even though it is bell shaped like that in normal distribution. The aspect of flatness increases uncertainty as far as the mean is concerned.

However, with an increasing sample size, the t- distribution will look like the aroma distribution but it Was impractical for this research hence the t-test was adopted. The other tool that is used in statistical research is chi square test. However, it would not provide relevant findings since it requires that each member in each sample be independent (Hughes, 201 1). In this research, contrastingly, members in each of these samples are similar and hence one can fit in any of the groups. This is because the patients have similar characteristics and only random distribution places them in each group.