Wuthering Heights, Reading Log essay

Yet as Heathenish grows older, he slowly integrates into the 1 8th-century farm society of which this book embodies, although remaining somewhat silent, is not afraid to speak Of the controversial and awkward. Catherine Awareness is the youngest daughter of the Awareness family would be described as a troubled and flawed child, but some aspects from our futuristic perspective would consider her demeanor to be completely normal. At first Cathy (her nickname throughout the book) is hostile towards Heathenish but is shortly thereafter wooed by his wild and foreign nature.

With her curly brown and rough hair and (as described) sweet eyes you could say he is a typical girl with tasks that involve a lot of housework as was a normality during this point in time. One would describe her as a very understanding individual. The father of the family who goes by Awareness would be described as the ideal Christian. He gets introduced as he finds and retrieves Heathenish from the streets of Liverpool thus drawing the conclusion of him being a good man and a good Christian.

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He replies to his questioning family ones returned: “It was the Christian thing to do”. Awareness perishes in an unknown disease early on in this book thus making it challenging to describe him in depth. Handled is the oldest son and the rightful Eire to the farm. Handled is and was extremely hostile towards Heathenish throughout due to the color of his skin. Awareness lectures him multiple times in attempt to make him a more understanding individual and a better Christian, in vain unfortunately as he would continue to be a hindrance of Heathenishly wellbeing.

One would say Handled is not a very nuanced thinker as a result of his hostility and aggression towards people originating from a different culture. He is a slight definition of a passive-aggressive racist. The Linton siblings; Isabella and Edgar are from a family of means. Edgar is a guy with a lot of “soft features”, a kind hearted man who cares for Scathe’s wellbeing thus making him differ a lot from Heathenish. I myself would describe him as a withdrawn person with a very thin backbone, so to speak.

Isabella is much like her brother but also a lot more shy, yet when push comes to talk is not afraid to put her differences aside and speak her mind. “You are worse than 20 foes, you poisonous friend! “. This was taken from a dialogue between Isabella and Catherine during the love-quadrant that is between Heathenish, Cathy, Isabella and Edgar. The third log – the environment: Out of the small arsenal of books that I conquer, Withering Heights takes the prize for being the most “environmental-book” I have ever read, with constant descriptions as to what the characters are wearing, the scenery, landscape, smells, you name it.

The wardrobe selection looks ambiguously the same throughout the book; with the women wearing a variety of white dresses with attributes that could be described as aprons, no matter the weather, always a dress. The men wore ruffled shirts accompanied with some sort Of vest, mostly leather. As one could guess, hygiene is not the number one priority during the time of he story thus making the author describing smells as musky, muddy and many more adjectives that belong in the disgusting category. Wet, grassy hills as far as the eyes can see, only the neighbors could be seen in the distant. Catherine shivered as a brisk breeze flew by’. As this is England, the author would constantly use words that would be associated with there being rain and wind outside. Cathy and Heathenish would “inconspicuously’ go on walks where their path would be filled with leaves, flowers and biological variety. The fourth log – the conflicts: Ones Awareness perishes due to disease, the rightful Eire returns from education and becomes master of the farm, making Heathenishly stay so much more worse, he basically turned in to a slave.