World War essay

In June of 1914 Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated by a Serbian nationalist. His death angered the Geostationary. They then declared war on Serbia. Over 15 million people died and 20 were wounded. Even though Geostationary and Serbia started the war, Germany was blamed for it and was demanded to pay for the damages of the war. In order for this war to go on for four year there had to be a strong military to defend each country. Their militaries weren’t strong neon GHz to stand alone so countries form alliances with each other.

As the rivalry continued, there were times in the war where parts Of land were overtaken by opposing countries. Everybody thought their country was the best so going to war was the best way to prove their loyalty to their country. Militarism demonstrates how powerful and independent a country is. Militarism was the most important part of World War l. Without a strong milt the war would not have lasted for as long as it did. Powerful and strong arm were built over the years, particularly in Germany and Great Britain.

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Newly industrialized nations of Europe were given the ability to create more powers paeans and in greater quality. Giving military forces more control and pope over various countries made those countries think that their military power w what made them great. Millions of dollars were spent on weapons during Work War I. As more countries came together, the stronger their militaries became. Germany’s army was the only weak link in the war, which probably lead to the m having to pay for the damages during the war. Militarism was the biggest underlying cause of World War l.

Alliances was one of the contributing cause of World War because all of the countries had support systems. This is when countries backed each other up just in case they were in need during the war, (similar to “l got your back, you got mine”). World War I was only meant to be between Straightaway and Serbia The bonds between two or more countries caused an enormous amount of countries to be pulled into the war. European leaders thought that they could created a system where they could alter the horrific outcomes.

They believed that if strong European countries were evenly divided in strength there would be n other country that could dominate. Which would lessen the need for war. Document A shows how Europe was divided into three groups the Triple Alliances, Triple Entente and Neutral nations. Many of these countries joined with countries that weren’t as strong (military wise) as them. The map shows h owe Germany was between France and Russia and if Germany tried to attack one of them, France and Russia would come together to attack Germany.

In document NT B its shows how Straightaway was pointing the finger at Serbia because Of the e assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand. Straightaway had made an alliance with other countries, who then joined together to take down Serbia. A Hess countries were joined to another country by either force or freewill. Eve country that contributed to the war didn’t fight alone. They always had some DOD in their corner in case of emergency. Alliances was probably the most worthy cause of World War l.

Alliances and militarism were two key points but the most important underlying key point in World War I was imperialism because they don’t expel what drove European countries to take these measures. WWW started because conflict between two countries disputing about who controlled what parts of and. By the late 19th century Europe had taken control of much of the earth monotints, especially in Africa and southern Asia. In 191 3, Britain controlled more than 12 million square miles of overseas possession. France had over 4 million all according to Document F.

Germany knowing this knew it did not 10 k good on their behalf. Austria Hungary had just over 1 million square miles of possession been both Germany and Straightaway combined. Germans saw England as the giant octopus, with it’s tentacles around the world sucking out the earths resources which is associated with Document D. Alliances and good military were needed to stop England colonies from expanding but the actual robber was the unequal distribution of land between countries Archduke Franz Ferdinand death was the spark that lead to World War l.

He was next in line for the throne of Straightaway, which angered Serbia. A Serbian nationalist assassinated him and his wife while they were visiting. That it’s when war began to break out. Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia, but the eye didn’t want to fight alone so they called in some of the other countries. This caused Serbia to bring in other countries also. Half way through the war every country had entered the war, except for the United States (who stayed neuter After the war was over, European leaders came up with the idea of Treaty of Versailles.

This entitled Germany to pay for all the repairs Of the war. Keep in mind that Germany was not the country to start the war. It also forced Germs to make her army smaller. These countries were just trying to prove their LOL alt to their country just as well as other countries. They believed that if they help deed another country they would gain land and respect from that country.