Workshop summary essay

The most important thing I learned in this workshop was the new functionalities of the online classroom and the electronic syllabus. Both are very important to me as I return back to online classes. Knowing how to use the different functionalities will be beneficial and help me to stay on track t get all my assignments completed. The discussions I believe will also be very important for me and will enhance my learning experience. How will you apply these concepts in your educational, personal, or professional pursuits? I will use classroom discussions to glean from others who may have more experiences, and to ass add value to our discussions.

I feel it will help me to better comprehend the material and share what may also knobbier able to hold discussions with my different classmates will help me to better communicate in my personal and professional life as well. W. What other thoughts and observations would you like to add? Have found the learning team assignment section to be helpful as well. While am not a fan of working in learning teams, find it helpful to have a separate section for that to ensure learning team assignments don’t get missed amongst all the other things.

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