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However, although the townspeople know of their plot, they do nothing to stop it. Mar Suez uses magical allies as the vessel in which he uses to convey the problems in society regard ding social conventions. Throughout the book, the citizens acknowledge the twin’s plot to kill Santiago, however fail to tell Santiago whenever they plan to, showing that they do realize the ABA security of upholding familial values and moral but do not act on it because they see it as a necessary action.

Even the mayor knew of the plot and even promises to take care of it i immediately, however like most people, became distracted and “went into the social club to check on a date for dominoes that Even Father Matador didn’t seem to care a d when he saw him “safe and sound [he] thought it had all been a fib”(1 2). These instances w loud only be possible in Marquez’s society. They knew what was happen ins, they just decide deed to ignore it, demonstrating that through the eyes of society, honor is the most important aspect of a person’s well being and reputation.

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Furthermore, the authority figures seem d to have a moral obligation to allow the twin’s plot to unfold; this shows that to the colonel and bishop, they believed that the crime had to be committed in order to avenge the Vicarious h nor. By the mime Pedro and Pablo went to carry through with the murder, almost everyone e knew of the plot, Santiago being the only exception. ‘ ‘The people had stationed themselves s on the square the way they did on parade days. They all saw him come out, and they all UN doorstop that now he knew they were going to kill him, and that he was so confused he cool don’t find his way home”(68).

This gathering of the townspeople as if it was a “parade” shows the at society can only play an observer in the quest for redeeming honor, rather than an actor. Ultimately, the town condones any action for the sake of preserving one’s honor, even if it m NAS killing. However, the townspeople cannot escape the guilt of allowing a murder to ha pen. The pervasive smell Of Santiago and absence Of blood in his murder is symbol ICC of the moral failures of society. When the Vicarious twins are in the process of killing S Antonio, Pedro proclaims that strange thing is that the knife kept coming out clean,’ Peed ro Vicarious declared to the investigator. I’d given it to him at least three times and there wasn’t a drop of blood’… Pablo Vicarious, who was on his left, then gave him the only stab in the back and spurt of blood under high pressure soaked his shirt. It smelled of him(139) The ma in element in this text is the absence of blood, where Santiago is stabbed by Pedro in the h ands without a drop of blood; this also emphasizes the innocence of Santiago as it shows that the should not have been murdered. Furthermore, the “smell” of Santiago signifies the lingerie Eng guilt shared by the entire community for the senseless death of an innocent man.

Marquee z uses these two elements to comment on the consequences of upholding one’s honor no mat thereat. In a society so focused on the values of machismo and honor, such as the one that Marquee is criticizing, he realizes that society will fail to think about what would be moral y right. The twins were forced into killing Santiago when they truly didn’t want to, but because o f the social conventions surrounding them, they had no other choice as they didn’t want t o become outcasts in their community.

Furthermore, this also delves into the idea of FAA minimal duties as well. Thus, through the magical realism, Marquee condemns the standards of hon. or In society as the Vicarious brothers forced into killing an innocent man. Only when he is stabbed in he back is blood spilled, showing that Santiago was betrayed and immorally k ailed as stabbing someone in the back is seen to be a cowardly action. The death of Axis brings to light the inherent problems in social rankings with society. In the book, Axis, can be seen as the other victim.

He is the only char cater in the book that actually loves his wife, however, his downfall is that he is poor. During Eng the time of his death. In a novel focused on marriages, Axis is the only person who seems to actually love his wife, however, his downfall is that he is old and a widow, thus no one care s about him. However, for Board, it is the opposite; He is handsome and rich, thus making g him a man praised in society. This shows that your social rankings directly affect how Poe pile view you, another moral failure in society.

When Board steals Axis’ home, It was said t hat he died “because of that. When you listened with the stethoscope you could hear the e tears bubbling inside his heart'(41). Axis dies of the heartbreak he suffered when he was disc unconnected from his house, which reminded him of his late wife. However, no one cares for his death because he wasn’t a someone “important’ in society. Marquee uses the magical realism m of his death to comment on the immoral treatment of lower ranking people in society.

Those that are poor are naturally less fortunate than those that are rich due to the social values that f favor those that are higher. Additionally, another element is that Board wasn’t punished for his action of stealing the house from Axis, similar to the treatment of Axis. No one cared of r Axis because he was poor,and similarly, no one cared that Board indirectly killed someone e due to him being rich and good looking. Marquee uses this to further criticize the bias that society has on high ranking individuals. Additionally, it also accentuates the loss of love and s monumental value.

Board only cares about looking good to his community and marrying a virgin, and doesn’t care much for love and things of that matter. But when the only man that truly loves his life and values everything that is his own, it shows that society has lost the importance of love. Rather than focusing on love, the community become so focused on ace lour;Eng money, believing that it will solve all Of the world’s problems. Marquee argues that the societal inventions have become so corrupt that money has become worth more the an love and social rankings affect how those treat others.