Winston Peacock Murder Case Essay essay

Some people hint that Winston was murdered while others think that he committed suicide. I intend to prove Winston Peacock’s case as a homicide due to the evidence observed in the picture and the story Jenny gave to the police. Everyone in town thought that Winston Peacock had a fortune hidden inside of his house. The motive that seems the most obvious is robbery. In the picture of the crime scene, we can see that he was interested in the stock market by the newspaper on his desk turned to the commodities section of the paper.

People who are involved with stocks are usually wealthy so they an participate in them. Seeing the carpet all messed up, we can infer that the robber was trying to find a hidden compartment underneath where the money might be hidden. Peacock was murdered because it was easy to frame the murder as a suicide. Since there were no signs of forced entry, Winston would have had to have known who was in his house. The only way to enter is through the bolted door or the window on the side of his house. We can rule out the window because the police had to break it open in order to get inside.

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After whoever it was that killed him with the gun that they grabbed from the wall, they must have put it in his hands to make it look like he did that to himself. It is my opinion Mr.. Winston did not kill himself because any person contemplating suicide usually exhibits signs of depression, neglect to themselves and surroundings, and show indifferent behavior to others. It is clear from Winston house that he kept it in a clean and neat condition, he was up-to-date with flipping the calendar, and he was wearing an apron which indicates cleaning or cooking.

Also, every morning Winston would open the door and wave to Jenny, not showing any kind of rude behavior towards her. Anyone who is depressed would not care for flipping the calendar to the correct date every day, keep the house clean, and make a to-do list for tasks that he’d take on later. Although the scene looks staged as a suicide, all of the evidence points to murder. In every crime scene, there has to be a motive, a weapon, and a suspect By analyzing the evidence in Jenny’s story and the hotplate, the only logical conclusion that can be formed is murder.

I believe that he was killed by someone he knew due to the lack of physical break in to the property, the motive being a robbery, and the weapon of choice was a gun that Mr.. Winston himself owned. I will proceed by questioning the neighbors, the milkman, and Jenny on their whereabouts during the time this took place, as well as, taking finger prints from the door knob, gun, and furniture inside the house to prove my theory of Winston Peacock getting murdered.