Why Is Hunting Good For The Environment essay

The act of hunting contributes to so many important things and it’s extremely important to show people that so they understand. The Conservation Benefits of Hunting. ” Conservation Force. N. p.P, n. d.DWeb. This article states that hunters are under attack, and how the people at CoConesvrevocationorce believes that the attack on hunters is immoral. It goes onto explain the bebenefitf hunting for conservation and for personal benefits as well. This article will help with my e sssayecause the conservation of animals is extremely important in the US and that’s why it ‘s a continued practice.

Also, personal benefits through hunting are also important when trtrygEngo figure out why hunting shouldn’t be under attack. “Disclaimer. Hunting Regulations. N. p.P, n. d.DWeb. 02 Mar. 2015. This article talks about multiple reasons as to why hunting is a good thing an d how anti hunters are a waste of time. Hunting helps preserve natural resources, land, a ndNDelps fund many different things. This is important to my essay because it shows that huhuhtnotingas real benefits. It also shows that if anti hunters took over, there wouldn’t be ananythinggEngeft of natures beauty. Ethics & Hunter Responsibility. ” Hunter Safety. N. p.P, n. d.DWeb. 27 FeFeb.2015. This article explains the responsibilities of a hunter, and hunter ethics. It also explains why here are hunting laws, and how to show respect for fellow hunters and lalandnwienersAll of these key points are essential for my essay. These points will help show that h unentersre responsible, law abiding citizens, and will do anything in order to give hunting a good name again. “Hunting Ethics. ” SCSCADS N. p.P, n. d.DweWeb02 Mar. 2015. This article talks about the ethical behaviors of hunters.

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It talks about the rule s and regulations on how to be an ethical hunter. The future of hunting belongs to those who a ccacceptull responsibility for their actions. This is an important piece for my essay bebecause it shows all he laws hunters have to abide by in order to be ethical. This is key because m any people do not realize what hunters have to do and not do in order to hunt. “RiRightunt vsvs.Animal Rights Daily Reckoning. ” Daily Reckoning. N. p.P, n. d.DWeb. 27 FeFeb.2015. “Why Can You Only Hunt Certain Game in Certain Seasons? HoHousework’s HoWashoutsrarksN. p.P, n. d.DWeb. 02 Mar. 2015. This article states the reasons why certain hunting seasons are put into place. They’re determined when each type of animal hits their ideal numbers. This is import ant for my essay because it shows the reasons why hunting seasons exist. It also will help to ex plain the many reasons why hunting is a necessary practice in the US. “Why Hunting Your Own Dinner Is an Ethical Way to Eat. ” EaAutocracySIRSN. p.P, n. d.DWeb. 02 Mar. 2015. This article goes on to talk about how and why hunting game is ethical.

It talks about what makes the animal ethical to eat and how it’s actually more ethical to eat than what we eat everyday. This article is an extremely important piece when it comes to my esseesay. The ethics of hunting is always getting questioned and this article hits every reason as to why hunting is a perfectly ethical way of killing animals. Over the years, those who oppose hunting have given hunting a bad name without having any understanding of the benefits it provides. Yet, 100 years a go hardly anyone had a bias against hunting, so what changed?

Has our culture receive d new knowledge as to the wrongs Of hunting? For thousands Of years, man has dedeepnded on the act of hunting and harvesting for nourishment which has been passed on through many generations. Hunting isn’t just about carrying that family tradition but it also helps control the balance of wildlife population, and also contributes to many pepeersaanalenefits as well. Hunting is a much needed sport in order to maintain a stable environment. As the human population grows, natural areas become less common, and pepeeppeopleend to grow more distant from these places.

This is unfortunate, for not only does hunting provide many personal benefits, but it also provides many enenvironmenttnatalnes as well. “Hunting season” is not just the day when deer, or turkey or quail or any OtTheype of game, are expected to be out in the open for hunters to kill, much like an artificial construct. Opening and closing days varies for all types of game, and are dedatemerminedy he department of natural resources within each state. When it comes to hunt ininsates, ease isn’t the primary factor. The primary factor is simple; conserve game pop ulululationst their ideal numbers.

Not only do animals need protection from ovoverrunning, but hunters also need protection from a dwindling population that will interfere w ittitheir recreation. The ideal population size for any animal is the number the habitat can suuspportomfortably in terms of food sources and space. This is why each ststats has a certain bag limit on each type of game. As stated in the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a aggagimit is a law imposed on hunters and fishermen restricting the number o f animals within a specific species or group of species they may kill and keep.

Bag limits serve to keep a healthy population for the carrying capacity of the species’ enenvironmenttNTThis iSisone by utilizing hunters and fishermen, to harvest only a selected number of the mature game species. Bag limits also range from region to region, while some states maMaxut with two deer, such as Maine, Louisiana can go up to at least six. When figuring out the limits in each state, wildlife specialists use biological data, prPRIaMarilynseasedn an understanding of breeding and incubation periods, then mamaniplete season dates to expand or shrink populations, according to How Stuff Works.

All of these numbers are ararenly estimates, but all hunters are obligated to follow the re gusolutionsn whichever state they live. If they do not, penalties vary by area, but they tytypicallIllnvolve a fine and revocation of hunting licenses for a day, a season, or a number of y ears, depending on the severity of the offense. Bag limits are extremely important, and one of the most important ways when controlling the population of wildlife. In every state, there is a need for wildlife population control . According to “Defenders of Wildlife”, there are 725,000 to 1. miMillioniwheelchair’socollisionsinsn the U. S. evEveryear. And with that, 1. 5 million vehicles, according to State Farm Ins urUranuscauses $1. 1 billion in property damage. Hundreds of people die every year in dederegulatedar collisions. In fact, the number of fatal crashes with deer and o ththerenimals has more than doubled in the past 15 years. Some people believe ththat the increase in car accidents is directly related to the start of hunting season. The logic is hat hunters scare deer out of their natural habitats and onto the roads.

The real reason for so many accidents has much more to do with mating season, not hunting season, and also a dangerous overpopulation of deer in many suburban areas. In the late fall, however, deer begin wandering far from their homes in search of potential m atdatesThis seasonal wandering instinct is what causes deer to cross paths more frequent lylyeith humans. Because of these high numbers regarding anmammalianollisions, huhuntgEngs a necessary way to control the population balance Of these animals. The conservation of animals is a huge part of hunting.

The sale of hunting licenses, tags, and stamps is the primary source of funding for most state wild life conservation efforts. By following laws and respecting bag limits, purchasing r eqsquiredilicensesand paying federal excise taxes on hunting equipment and amimmunityunters make a huge contribution towards ensuring the future of many spspecssseesf wildlife and habitat for the future. By paying the federal excise tax on hunting equipment, hunters are contributing hundreds of millions of dollars for coconesvrevocationrograms that benefit many wildlife species, both hunted and nomountedthThe.

S. Fish and Wildlife Service, nearly $200 million in hunters’ federal exexcise taxes are disbursed to State agencies to support wildlife management programs, ththeurchase of lands open to hunters, and hunter education and safety classes. Hunting not only helps balance the population of wildlife, but also helps contribute babaakKCo the conservation of wildlife and provides many state jobs as well. Along with helping control the wildlife population, hunting also has many pepeersnAnalenefits. Hunters are people in motion. Constantly moving from blind to blind, trap to trap to get their big game.

Hunters are busy preparing blinds, tending food plPltTotsscouting the woods, target shooting and some even train dogs. Some hunters cutup and package their own game, which can take more than a few days to process. Hunting is a natural physical activity that can be done alone, with friends and or with family. Many hunters state that they were taught to hunt from a family member and enjoy the quality fafamiliarityhat hunting provides. Besides the physical bebeenits, many hunters say they receive a therapeutic/ relaxed feeling when out hunting or enjoy the quality time that It provides to be with family and friends.

According to MiMichigann State University, the benefits of hunting are that they provide exercise, social and e motional health benefits and a nutritious, loaloftrotein. Game meat generally is a lean protein. Venison and elk meat are both low in fat. Game birds, such as partridge and p heHessiansnd game such as rabbit all are lean meats, meaning they have less fat too. Hunting doesn’t just provide personal benefits, but helps out needy families a s well. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the average annual deer harvest provides more than 400 million pounds of quality meat equating to 1 . biBillioneals annually.

In 2010, 11 million meals were provided to the less fortunate through donations of venison by hunters. Close to 2. 8 million pounds of game meat m addadts way to shelters, food banks and church kitchens and onto the plates of those i n need. By donating to needy families shows the true meaning of hunting, and how ththe sport helps contribute to people across the country. Donating game meet to ununiformnuneatenamilies make each and every individual feel special, like ththey’veone sosomethinggEngmportant, and that is why hunting is an important sport for people to cocontinuo doing forever. Hunting is often a proud family tradition.

It brings lilikenedunters totogether tradition that is passed on from father to son and, increasingly, from father to daughter. Firearm safety is part Of a broader tradition that parents teach their kids ononcehey’re old enough to hunt. Gun safety is extremely important to the sport of hunting. It’s important to know as a child to not be afraid of a gun, but also know how to u seSEhe gun properly, and safely. Through family traditions, hunting has a big influence on youth. It teaches them, gun safety, the law of the land and the many benefits hunting h as for the nvenvironmentas stated by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

By continuing to teach generation after generation about hunting, it’ll help save the wildlife an d the environment, each and every hunting season. In recent times, there are many people who have given hunting a bad name without knowing the good about hunting. Hunting is all about family, and has been based down through tradition. And teaches an important life lesson on how t o be self sufficient. Because of this, it teaches youth hunting safety and the many bebeenunting truly has.