What makes Language Powerful essay

Communication can be possible because language exists. This planet has over seven billion human beings and if Language seized to exist then it will affect all of us great y. Learning takes place because of Language. We are constantly learning new ways Of doing HTH nags, and Language makes the learning process easier. If you go to a supermarket, after done shoo ping you usually proceed to checkout. After checkout you are usually told how much the items you selected cost, and you proceed by paying the needed amount of money. What would Shoppe Eng be like without Language? How are questions going to be asked?

Unfortunately, there are so me people in this world who are deaf. They lack the power of hearing or lack impaired hearing. Communication through spoken work is if not impossible, then very difficult for people with d fannies. Just as engage is the key to Communication, Words are the key to Language. Writ en Language makes it easier to communicate with deaf human beings. There is also a form Of language known as “sign language” which the use of visual gestures and signs to communicate with the deaf. Unfortunately, there is also human beings who are blind. These humans are u enable to see written engage.

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The only way to communicate with them is through spoken word la engage. Although they are blind, they still have perfectly sharp hearing. There are also some huh man beings who are per 3 both deaf and blind. Spoken word language is either impossible or very difficult It because of their deafness while written language is not any easier because Of their blindness. An example of a person with these traits is Helen Keller. She was the first deafening person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. In order to communicate with deafening people like Helen Keller s to be up close and personal.

We all have five senses and if the person is lacking two of the if eve, use the other three to communicate with them. Tasting, Touching, and Smelling are all differ rent forms of language. The 5 senses all contribute to make language very powerful. In one Of my readings it stated that “Until writing was invented, man lived in a caustic spaciousness, directionless, horizontals”. Although I was not alive in that it me, strongly believe that writing is the axis on which our world spins on. It makes it possible e for us to explore and do so many different things.

Businesses are prospering and the world is evildoing because of language, and writing, and communication. Writing makes it possible to ha eve little but very important things like Business contracts. There needs to be some kind of agree moment made when making a new business like who is in charge and how the business is run. Wit hoot the written form of language, these contracts will have to be spoken. Spoken word contra acts will be bad for any business because as powerful as words are, they can also be used for hard m. There can be two different stories about what the contract was actually about which will harm t he business instead of help it.

Language helps keep order in our everyday society. There are so m any people with so many great ideas about so many different things. These ideas need to be com enunciated with others because many hands do light work. The building of the Hoover Dam did don’t need only one man alone but many. Language made it possible to assign work to people and have the Hoover Dam built. Language allows communities and countries to have leaders and t searchers. Language is so powerful because you have the power over what to say. You can express yourself in your own way and your own words.

Although most use Language for good, some u e it for evil. Some people use their words to harm others and cause disruption in the society. La engage is very helpful but can also be a tool for destruction. There are different types of word ads. Positive words and negative words. Positive words such as, happy, adorable, accepted, give o UT a positive vibe. While other words like, deny, angry, annoy, give out a more negative vibe. We have resources available to us such as Television and Computers. We are able to know what i s going on around us because of the news which is shown on TV or heard on the radio.

We can al so research by sing the internet on Computers. All these resources will not be possible with out Language. Language is also used for political aspects too. Currently, there is wars and huh Unitarian crisis’ going on the world. The presidents on the countries who are not participation in the wars have to be able to communicate about different ways to help stop the war. Every coo entry has it’s national language and we have to learn a little bit of each other’s languages to keep HTH s conversation flow chart going. For Religious people, Language is also a way to communicate wit h their different types of Gods.