What Is Peace To Me essay

The first idea is that of object warfare and the prevention of invasion;. Second is knowing how to correct appropriately or rather orderly protest the government rights which some people dislike and reducing the neighborly disputes and the last one is for everyone to be fair and equal. First of all, peace can represent a variety of things to human. For those who are hungry or on the verge of stationmasters, peace is to have enough foods and have a place to live. For those who still lives inaner experiencing a war, obviously, peace is to put an end tossup the war.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, people are aware of knew how powerful chemical weapons areas. That This is the one of reason as to whys that people try to stopped the wars from taking place and or to prevent invasion because all we Knott is without question that the war brings to huge disaster. The disaster that is brought upon by war is not limited to a specific and it is not only to an area, but rather affects the whole world modals to the world which is whole environment.

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This is most probably why the United Nation was created so that people can advocate peace instead of wars that we against wars and created United Nation to solve problems about peace. At the same time, think the military plays an important role in up keeping ace because the is best way domiciliary shows the world and the citizens that the respective country is able to objects/ill not tolerate any forms of violence which negative toast it will disrupt peace and ensure people are in a safe area. Secondly, when we talk about the peace that is around us, we cannot ignore the domestic protests and the relationship between neighbors.

While there are new policies may bees good for a part besom people, still some others may think be of the opinion that newt policies destructed their lives so much so that the policies make their lives worse than it used to beseech worse than previous. For instances, shopping can increase or rather contribute to the economic of a city in terms offence open tourism in which people tourists like to buy products which are cheaper than their place Of origin where the travelers live because feud to lower taxes and so on.

However, when travelers go overboard ingrain to buying the staffs local goods, the local people may think that the travelers occupy their resources and cause the extremely bad protest which direct hurt and abuse these tours (I don’t understand what you are trying to say here). I do not agree with this kind of hostile overcompensation’s and it make improper effect of two laces that will let people feel unhappy and upset as well’s it not only creates tension between two countries but also between people. Meanwhile, neighbors also is an improve aspect of peace (Not sure what you are trying to express here as well).

People prefer to live in a harmoniums communicational rather than one that is chaotic. No person in their right frame of mind would want to deal with they’ve problems with theory neighbors regardless of whether it is everyday for a blackmailed of grass or the sidewalk. Therefore, the right method to declare a policy and settled issues tit neighbors are the way to effectively feel safety and delighted that is peace to me. (Sharon, when you talk about domestic protests, are you just speaking of disputes between neighbors?

If you are then suggest you change it to disputes rather than protests because protests are on a larger scale. Also, if it is just with respects to disputes between neighbors, I don’t think the government gets involved in such things. And because the government doesn’t get involved, there would be no policy that is involved in it that you are speaking about. Finally, equality is the basis of peace. Women and men should be able to enjoy the same amount of equality so much so that no one gender is entitled to additional rights and privileges that the other does not enjoy.

This means that both women and men as well as people of different races should enjoy the same rights and privileges. It can be women have some rights with men or be can equal of race. If everyone is aware to that racism is wrong, think it there would prevent a lot of unnecessary conflicts and tension. Avoid a lots defiance. If people are separated by their statuses in society where those in the level, higher level would suppress those at the lower levels, this loud definitely be an equation for unfairness. And make unfair treatment.

Later,which may in turn cause the people who received these unfair treatment told fight for equality. In summary, peace is not only created by ensuring than consistent rights for everyone is equally entitled to their rights and privileges but Alaskan by rejecting war, so that peace can be upheld that is way we defend peace. In theta mean time, believe that we should more importantly learn how we as society can protest a policy in an orderly manner-how to correct to protest the policy and handle the problems round us is what we have to learn.