Weekly Writing African American Soldier essay

The colored man is willing to leave his wife and home behind to show his devotion to the country. The soldiers in the background are carry an American Flag to show their love for America. 2. In both posters, only African American soldiers are depicted. Why would Africa an Americans enlist in an army that was segregated? African Americans would enlist in a segregated army because back then, there many racist white men in the army that might not the army as enjoyable t would be with only black men.

Also, the posters want the colored men to fee el as though they are just as accepted as the white men, so they would want to join the army and protect a country that was just as much theirs as anyone else’s. 3. Why was Lincoln image incorporated into the poster “True Sons of Liberty’? Abraham Lincoln was the president who gave the colored men their rights. He was the only person who actually believed in them, so with his face on the poster, the men would know they were really needed.

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Next, just about all black people knew of Lincoln because he granted them their freedom. Lastly, there Sis quote about freedom and liberty not perishing underneath Lincoln picture, which would let the black men know they would always have their freedom FRR mom now on. 4. Further research: To what extent did enlistment posters attempt to attract to her ethnicities? The enlistment posters attempted to attract many ethnicities. For example, these posters tried to attract French Canadians, (Derringer).

Also, many of the esters had the word “you” in them to attract all men to want to join because it is almost as if the poster is speaking to that man, and only that man. Then, the posters targeted young, single men saying married men have left their wives t come fight, so you should show appreciation towards your country. Many 10th countries had similar posters saying they needed the individual reading the poster’s help.