Week Final Project essay

A big truck drove up and parked. There were four big bald white-supremacists itching us – two in front, two in back. They were not eating, they were not talking, they did not meet up with friends… They just sat there, staring at us. They had a confederate flag put up in the back of the truck. After around 10 minutes, we got scared and left. That was the first time had ever faced a fear of violence from individuals based purely on the color of my friend. I guess they call me a Black-lover or something like that.

I always thought that when African-Americans talk about racism, they were kind of just complaining, and always encouraged them to move on with their lives and gust ignore it. But it was my turn to experience this racism. Was scared. After that incident, I have never again told any person of color to just get on with their lives and ignore it. And never will again. So it has been the diversity of my friends that have taught me the most, and given me a better understanding of what they go through.

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The Constitution Second only to my friends and my relationships with diverse individuals, it is the focused study of the Constitution of the United States that has in a more formal sense, helped me to understand just how special America truly is. Before my study of the Constitution, I learned it in grade school like everyone else, along with the three branches of government, ad separation of powers. In grade school only had a peripheral understanding of the Constitution, really. Once I hunkered down and studied the document, realized that this document is the single most important document on this Earth, politically speaking.

Especially when dealing with diversity in America. America is the only nation in the world that believes, and has expressed the concept that all people have innate rights, endowed by their Creator. More specifically, the Bill of Rights were written that provided natural rights to life, liberty and property, and states the federal government has no authority to deny these rights without due process of law. These rights include freedoms of religious organization, speech, a free press, free assembly, and free association, as well as the right to keep and bear arms.

In America, according to the Constitution, these rights are not dependent On race, color, creed or gender. There was a time when Americans had slaves, and women and minorities were discriminated against. But the beauty and the brilliance of the Constitution is that it can right wrongs, legally, and then has the power to apply them nationwide. So during the civil rights era, the Constitution was finely properly interpreted and applied. It is strict enough to demand equal rights for all, and flexible enough to reshape it to right wrongs.

All other countries believe that it really is the government who gives one certain rights, and the government can control who gets what. America used to be called “the melting pot” because our country is so inclusive of others, no matter their color, race and creed. We are all under the umbrella of American citizenship. Most other nations simply do not reach this far to be fair. It is true that many, many times the concepts and rights in the Constitution are not properly and constitutionally applied correctly.

America’s legal system, for example, may not be perfect, but it is the best legal system in the world. Because of how this country sees those of diverse backgrounds as equal with everyone else, this country has now a cornucopia of diverse individuals. Comparing Countries Sometimes it is best to make a point by comparing two types of countries cause when this is done, a picture is placed in the reader’s mind, and adds clarity. Hence, the comparison here will be with America and Iran. (Actually basically all of the unstable countries in the Middle East apply as well. For the sake of clarity, it will be America versus Iran with regards to basic human rights, tolerance of diversity, and inclusion of all peoples in the countries: Infighting: America: One of the biggest reasons why there is not much infighting within the IS. S. , (since the civil war era), is because America actually legally enforces and protects via the Constitution all people. Iran: In Iran, there has been infighting for years, usually between the two competing sects, the Gunnies and the Shiites. They fight for control, politically and otherwise.

They do not demand equality, or even embrace the concept. Women are treated horribly in the Middle East, where it is still legal in some counties to burn your wife to death if the husband suspects infidelity. Additionally, some women must wear a Burk, and cannot even leave their home alone without a male relative. Freedom of Religion: America: In America there are churches of every faith. Like America embraces diversity, it embraces other people’s beliefs. Iran: Christians are persecuted, and as discussed above, the two sects are always fighting for control. UN Report, 2012) It is like America is the role-model for diversity for all of the other countries. From the first day of school on, we are taught that everyone is equal. So the point is driven home and by the time a child grows into adulthood, this American not only accepts, but also expects diversity at every level. The system is not perfect, and nothing will ever be perfect as long as there are flawed individuals around, and most people are flawed. So in this instance, the law demands equality, but falls short often.

But the target is right. Have you learned something new about your own racial, ethnic, or cultural history? I have learned that my ancestors were pioneers in America who came from all around the world. I think that it is important to preserve one’s culture, but at the same time, others must work together in America in order for this country to remain free. What challenges does the U. S. Face because of their diversity? The U. S. Faces many challenges because of her diversity; namely in its leanings internationally with other countries.

A funny example is that sometimes American business people will send a beautiful woman to a country where women have to be covered head to toe with the Burk, to represent their business when negotiating. It throws the businessmen off balance when this is done, and the woman usually leaves with the better deal. What will the U. S. Population look like in the year 2050? The population in America over the next forty years will be determined based on certain factors like, migration patterns, population dynamics, diversity awareness, and education.

The unique thing about America is that all of us are immigrants, except Native Americans. (Members 201 0) What challenges does the United States face due to the diversity of its people? The challenges that the u S. Faces still is situations like was aforementioned with my best friend who is African-American. There is still racism, hatred, chauvinism, etc. But the more educated Americans are about how other countries see diversity, the more they will appreciate the diversity in America. What are the benefits of such a diverse society? A more diverse a country, the more educated the country. People bring with them very different experiences. When a country like the U. S. Embraces equality for all individuals, they are open to be more educated on other individuals’ traditions, religions, etc. The byproduct of acceptance is peace. Most infighting in countries comes from misunderstanding the other’s side. In America, there are no sides. We are all on the same team. It also makes America stronger than countries that are fighting all of the time. For example, America has only been around for two hundred and fifty years or so, yet it is the richest and most advanced country in the world.

Other countries that have been around for 6 thousand years or more, still to this day do not have indoor plumbing down. This is a direct result of intolerance. Diversity brings with it better ideas, which translates into a better standard of living. It is kind of like the old saying, “two heads are better than one. ” How can we foster a climate of acceptance and cultural pluralism in the United states? The best way to foster a climate of acceptance is to live it, and model the behavior for others. Also, if someone is aware of an inequity, it should be noted and dealt with.

American’s have a duty, believe to preserve Earring’s founding principles, and of course diversity in this great land of the free. Many have died to protect it. So it would help to improve race relations if others speak up and speak out about race or diversity problems and actually take action to fix problems. In what ways do the media perpetuate stereotyping and prejudice? As discussed above, the media plays an important role in race-relations. It is very disturbing when the only time black men are shown on television or movies it is showing them as hardened, broken down criminal.

In what ways do the media help foster appreciation for diversity? The media has used people of all types to be on camera. Additionally, movies and television has bent over backwards to show the differences in people, while preserving acceptance. For example, in the movie about a meteor hitting Earth had the role of the President of the U. S. Played by a black man. Next thinning know, we really do have a black president. By portraying minorities in strong and positive roles, it reinforces it in the heads and hearts of those who watch that America is color-blind, and there truly is freedom here.

Nothing is ever perfect, but as discussed in the section concerning the Constitution, our system provides for corrections to be made. How individuals can work together to reduce prejudice and increase appreciation for diversity? Education is the pathway to peace and acceptance. The more individuals understand just how beneficial is diversity, the more they will embrace it themselves. Diversity training is a good way to improve relations between different people. In this era of change in not only the Lignite States, but globally, adaptation and integration of other cultures in the workplace setting s paramount.

Technology and other advances have made it easier to connect with other nations and peoples of different cultures around the world. So if a company wishes to be competitive and fully productive, it must embrace this cornucopia in ethnicities and cultures. The work place must be as a microcosm of sorts for a company that works globally because if a company cannot or does not understand and accept differences in individuals in their working environment, then they surely will be handicapped and unable to further diversity products, plans and practices when conducting business with other nations.