Water Quality Pre Lab essay

The answers MUST be written in complete sentences. Use the background information on deadline as a reference. If you use the internet be sure to cite your sources. 3. Background Information Write a paragraph explaining the site conditions of your water sample. Include the location and any indicators of transportation or pollution. Rank your water sample (hypothesize) on a scale of 1 (no pollution) to 10 (highly polluted) based on the source of your sample. 4. Data: Copy this chart below. Fill in the “acceptable range or optimal range’ column using the background information on deadline.

Title Acceptable or optimal range for aquatic organisms Rest Its with units Instant-Test Strips results with units Alkalinity DO x Tu rapidity 20-40 STIR Nitrate Phosphate Fecal Chloroform Negative Chlorine Hardness Pre Lab Questions: 1. Define Turbidity and name 2 ways in which water can become turbid. 2. Other than blocking out light, what is another problem with turbid water? 3. What is the pH of coca-cola? Lemon juice? Bleach? 4. Is a water sample with a pH of 4 more acidic or basic than a water sample with a pH Of 7? How many times? 5.

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Name one source Of dissolved oxygen (DO). 6. Discuss the relationship between temperature and dissolved oxygen and relate this to thermal pollution. 7. Discuss the relationship between salinity and dissolved oxygen. 8. What is the difference between hypoxia and Anglia? 9. Define Alkalinity. 10. Relate alkalinity to PH. Describe the difference between high and low alkalinity. 1 1 . Name three ways in which nitrogen and phosphorous enter water. 12. What does “nitrate-nitrogen” mean? How do you calculate Nitrate levels? 13. What phosphate levels cause transportation?