War essay

As the economy went down there were no jobs, Hereford countries like Germany were looking for extreme solutions to obtain a strong leader that is fascist or communist, (far left or far right) a stronger power that can make Germany rise again in victory like it always was.

Another main variable in the start of world war two was The Treaty of Versailles, this treaty solved nothing, reparations left many people in the victorious countries feel guilty and the loss of land to the other countries simply made Hitter’s early aggression looked justified, but most of all the treaty made the Germans angry causing them to want revenge on the citreous countries, also it put a lot of pressure on Germany making it desperate causing the rise of Doll Hitler, I believe that the link between the Treaty and the rise of Hitler is a strong link because the economic problems triggered his rise as the people were hopeless, poor and craving for a powerful leader to solve their problems. Another two roles in sprout of WWW are both the isolation and the appeasement; the appeasement encouraged aggression thus leading to WAR, it made Hitler think no one dare to stop him or get in his way, this made him get out of control and keep going further and rather into war until he eventually went too far. Also the isolation kept America (which was controlled by President Hoover at the time) away from what was going on in Germany so the Americans had no way of intervening. These two left all the space for Hitler to do what he wanted because at the beginning USA did not want anything to do with interference in the Second World War.

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All the above reasons are significant to the uprising of WWW but some are more vital than others, in my opinion the most impact reason IS the great depression, the depression began in the USA so “when America nesses the whole world catches a cold” this means that the US have a great power therefore when it’s economy fails the whole world crashes too, the impact of the stock market downfall affected Germany the most leaving them with no choice but to look for a extreme leader to put them back on their feet and rise to glory once again, this meant that they needed to conquer land and money to help stabilize their economy. Finally believe that WWW was intended by many countries and people wanting revenge or wealth and power so the can take the ISIS place and be very powerful to rule most of the world.