Use And Maintain It essay

The parts of the computer can be grouped into the following systems: 9 Entering the IT system involves: 10 Follow instructions when leaving the IT system 1 1 The reason for following procedures when entering and leaving IT systems 1 1 Leaving the IT System. 1 1 Interpret your customer’s requirements to select software 13 Access software 13 The Operating Systems 13 Applications Software 14 Selecting Applications Effectively 14 Accessing Software 15 Identify and access relevant data 15 Identify and Access Relevant data 15 Accessing Data 1 6 File Names 16 Finding files on the system 16

The requirement of software licensing agreements 19 The person(s) to whom you report problems Maintain the IT Equipment 23 Your organization’s requirement for IT equipment cleaning 23 The reasons for cleaning IT equipment 23 Safety precautions when cleaning equipment include: 23 Golden rules when using computer equipment: 24 Limits to your responsibility for cleaning equipment 24 use appropriate cleaning materials to maintain your Information Technology 24 Use suitable cleaning methods for IT equipment 24 Cleaning Materials 25 Cleaning Monitoring Cleaning Mice 26

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Cleaning Keyboarders Cleaning the base / tower unit 27 Cleaning the Printer 27 Identify on screen message faults 27 Make reports to relevant persons 29 The person to whom you report faults 29 Your Comments Please… 31 Access and Leave IT Systems Gain authority to use IT equipment when required The reasons why authority may be needed to access IT equipment Many organizations that use IT equipment hold data of a sensitive, personal or confidential nature. No organization wants their business information made public, and all organizations are required by law to protect, and restrict access to, personal or confidential data.

For these reasons, only authorized people can use computer equipment. It can be a very serious matter if someone without authorization were to view, change, copy or pass on examples of company data. Before you can begin this course, it is essential that you obtain the necessary authority to use IT equipment within your organization. Write a memo to your line manager requesting authorization to use company IT equipment to complete your course. Provide a copy of this, and of the reply, as evidence. The relevant content of applicable regulations There are a number of regulations and various pieces of legislation that affect what we do at work.

Regulations can include: Manufacturers instructions These must be followed to ensure the safety of data, the users and the equipment. These instructions will help avoid damage to equipment and the risk of invalidating the guarantee. Computer software should be used in accordance with manufacturers instructions to avoid poor performance and damage to systems. Unauthorized use is illegal and can result in prosecution. Organizational procedures and rules. These are rules created by the organization you work for. You are obliged to follow them whilst working for the organization.

Legislation can include: Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 Display Screen Equipment Act 1 992 Data Protection Act 1984 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health ( COACH ) This applies to everyone in the workplace – see unit 206 This Act is designed to protect the health of people who use IT systems as part of their daily work. See your Workstation Checklist. This Act restricts the use of personal data held on computer (or paper). The Act states how data must be kept and protected from Unauthorized access, image or loss.

It was intended to prevent personal data from being misused. Companies holding personal data must register with the Data Protection Registrar (cost ; about EYE). This Act is designed to protect the rights of those who create materials. Anything that someone else creates ( text, pictures, photographs etc. ) is their property and nobody else can use any part of it without permission. If you want to use data, text or images and are unsure about copyright, check with your line manager first. A substance hazardous to health can be any material that carries a risk, or anger to health, associated with its use.

For example, some toner used in laser printers and photocopiers can be dangerous; some cleaning materials can cause skin irritation. Enter the IT equipment system Well, what is an Information Technology system? A simple definition is that it is a system using computers (often involving telecommunication systems) for the collection, production, manipulation, storage and communication of information. And what is a computer? Computers come in many shapes and sizes but the ones we are concerned with are known as PC’s or Personal Computers.

These machines change rapidly, getting more and more powerful each year. Domestic or work based computers often look like this: The parts of the computer can be grouped into the following systems: input Keyboard Mouse / Tracker (used on a laptop instead of a mouse) Microphone (used for voice controlled systems) Scanner Output Monitor Speakers Printer Processor The part that does the actual computing the “engine” of the computer that is inside the base unit. Memory RAM – the working memory that cannot store data Disk – the long-term store for your programs and files Entering the IT system involves:

Making sure the power is turned on Checking to see if the computer is already turned on (check the power light on the front of the case – not the monitor) Turn on the power if necessary Turn on the monitor if necessary. The computer will take a while before it is ready for use as it has to load all the programs. This can take 1 -? 2 minutes depending on the system being used. The screen starts off black with lots of white writing that comes and goes from the screen. After this the screen may become colored, and you may be asked for a Surname and Password. Surnames must be typed very accurately.

Passwords will appear as ***** when typed. This is so that, if anyone is watching, your password will not be seen. Again, be very accurate when typing. Note: Passwords MUST be kept secret. If you suspect that anyone knows your password, request a new one from your line manager, or change it yourself if you are authorized to do so. Use more than 6 characters – use letters AND numbers. When ready for work, the screen will look something like the one below: Follow instructions when leaving the IT system The reason for following procedures when entering and leaving IT systems Leaving the IT System.

Closing down a computer correctly after use is essential to avoid damage to the system. If you damage the system by closing down incorrectly, you may break warranty or maintenance agreements for the machine resulting in considerable expense for the company. Incorrect shut-down can also result in data loss that may be permanent. This can cause major financial loss and inconvenience. Always save your work before starting the close down process. Close all files you have open. When you have done so, your screen will look something like the one below. Select the X close button in the top right corner of the screen.