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In essence, in the eyes of a manager, the quote from Trucker boils down simply to “What self, development do I need? ” What necessary knowledge and skills do I need, and what standards do I need to set for myself? Successful managers do not take success for granted; they are mindful of the importance of continual change and the importance of searching for new ways and ideas to accomplish tasks. Self-development advances and even extends their career life. Uniform 1993 sees self -development as forming part of an effective management development system.

As a manager, when looking at self- voltmeter, the main question that should be asked is the question asked by Trucker. What contribution should I be making and what skills and knowledge do I require to be most effective? As a manager I first of all look at what the organization is trying to achieve, what my role is in achieving this and then what I need to do to achieve this. Once know what I need to achieve within the organization and personally I can then develop a personal development plan that will work towards meeting organizational objectives and personal ones to help me achieve what I need to now and work towards y future goals.

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One of the company objectives as far as staff are concerned are for each home to be 110% staffed so there is enough staff to cover sickness, holidays and training in house. So it is more cost effective as will not be using bank staff or agency also provides more consistent care for the young people which results in a more settled home and effectively better footed ratings. It is also an objective to have a qualified, experienced diverse staff team which will mean that we meet requirements for offset of at least 80% of the staff team with their CUFF in children and young people.

With this in mind the nature of my role is to ensure that all staff members receive a comprehensive induction and once that is completed enroll them onto their CUFF qualification. Included in the induction I need to ensure that I educate the staff on all the child care legislation and law that we adhere to, company policies and procedures, young people’s specific paperwork and that they have all their mandatory training. Below are the gaps that have in skills and knowledge that need to achieve outcomes required.

Skills / competencies required Gaps identified Requirement for gap to be filled How meets the objective of company To be able to deliver training to staff Offset regulations specify time frames that staff need to complete induction training this is not being met at the moment as staff have to travel to Birmingham, Bristol or Wales for it Complete POTTS qualification This will ensure that all staff have their induction training in a timely manner without having to travel which will save money on travel and hotels.

This will also ensure that we meet offset regulations To be able to deliver COOP training Myself and the staff team are not very knowledgeable about child sexual exploitation on line which is massively increasing and a lot of the young people we look after are at risk of it Complete COOP ambassador course so can deliver the training to the staff team, school and young people This will ensure that we have an educated staff team including the school and also be able to educate young people around it, staff will know what signs to look for so will be better prepared to safeguard against this To be able to conduct Warner interviews to be able to conduct Warner interviews how they are supposed to be to ensure that recruitment of staff is done a thoroughly as possible Complete

Warner interview training To meet offset regulations and ensure that we as an organization are recruiting safely Knowledge of all standards across CUFF&5 children and young people To keep up to date with changes within the qualifications Attend standardization meetings To meet offset requirements and organizational by having a fully qualified staff team To be able to be area manager To be able to manager Windsor House and oversee management of another home Complete CM 5 diploma in management and leadership To be able to expand the Petrography division and double the number of young people we can have. Also double the number of young people we have in the school at Windsor House making it more cost effective Below is a development plan which incorporates the challenging goals mentioned above.

Development required Objective of development Link to company objectives Achievement date Outcome / evaluation Complete POTTS qualification To be able to deliver certified training to all staff To ensure that all staff are trained and competent, to be able to deliver induction training in house and also at other homes when needed which is more cost effective then getting trainers from outside the company Ongoing thin the next 12 months am learning how to deliver training to a high standard and also to make my own training resources Complete COOP ambassador course To be able to deliver training on child sexual exploitation to staff, the school and young people To ensure that all staff at Windsor House and the school are trained in COOP and can also train other homes to make it cost effective Training complete and have trained half the staff so far am getting more confident with delivering the training and this is also helping and working towards my POTTS Complete Warner interview training To ensure that we are recruiting safely TO ensure that we meet Offset requirements regarding safer recruitment complete am now more confident in completing these interviews am currently drawing up a new template for the Warner interview process Attend standardization meetings To update knowledge of awarding bodies and changes to qualifications and learn best practice for delivery To ensure that company compliant with awarding body and Offset requirements ongoing am learning how to assess work effectively and support staff through their CIFS. I am also learning best practice which is compliant with awarding body ND offset requirements.

Complete CM 5 diploma in management and leadership To be able to manage Windsor House effectively and also be able to oversee another home with a new manager Ensure that both homes remain with at least a good offset rating to ensure that the manager and staff team are using the same work practices as Windsor House and share knowledge and best practice between the two ongoing am learning more about leadership and management The training on my PDP above will meet organizational objectives, as they will have a manager that will be able to deliver training to their staff and to the eider network within the company ensuring that they keep the cost of training down but still have a very skilled and trained workforce.

Also with giving me the training it would mean that they would be able to expand the Petrography division of the company which would be able to double or triple the amount of young people we would be able to home and also the number of pupils in our school which would make it much more cost effective and will be able to meet growing needs with local authorities that we have had to turn away as we have not had enough number of beds. This in turn ill make us one of the biggest children’s homes providers in the Petrography area and with a growing reputation we can also then use our connections to put local authorities in touch with our other homes throughout the Organization if we do not have occupancy space.

Leadership Peddler model Effective leadership development is about developing both the individual and the organization in synchrony Historically spoke of Management and DO – then shift to Leadership resulting in an over-emphasis on qualities and behaviors (ego) LLC an individualistic model? All Of the above ‘domains’ important. CHARACTERISTICS: Most approaches to leadership dove focus on personal competencies / qualities… Overemphasized? (legacy of great man era, outstanding Indies / rare qualities) helpful for personal dove, but does it necessarily lead to useful action in org? CONTEXT: Leadership challenges are always contextual – situated with particular people in specific circumstances. Context emphasizes the collective nature of leadership CHALLENGES: Recognizing, embroiling and taking action in the face of critical issues. Emphasis on task, not the individual.

Responsive, networks, communities to et challenges Leadership is driving DO – a crucial component / core strand, but best not to be isolated, ignoring systems, processes and context, system wide development Leadership Dove not an end in itself – but a means to an end. The ‘end’ is an improved patient experience! Task 2 Resources required to, support the Personal Development plan The main resources that I need to ensure that my development plan can be completed in full is access to the training courses that I require which also involve a cost, time to complete the training and then further on time to deliver training to staff. To ensure that I get the resources that need I discuss them with my manager in supervisions and also discuss them in the management meetings with the whole management team of the company monthly.

I try and source the training as cheap as possible even in some cases free so can take these to my meetings to save time. Once they have been agreed I complete purchase orders so the finance for the courses can be arranged also then arrange transport and accommodation if needed. Resource required objective cost Implications and benefit to me Implications and benefit for the company POTTS course So can train staff in house which is certified IEEE and 1 day to go to Birmingham to sign up to the course so fuel costs there and hotel for the night I will need to manage my time to ensure that have time to complete the course without it affecting my management role The cost of the course and giving me one day to sign up in Birmingham.

Having a manager that can deliver nearly all mandatory training in house which is more cost effective then getting outside trainers and paying for staff to travel to training COOP ambassador course so can train the staff at Windsor House and the rest of the organization in hill sexual exploitation online El 1 50 and 2 days to attend training cost of fuel and hotel for 2 nights in Cardiff This will mean that I can deliver this training to the rest of the organization just ensuring that the time I take away to train myself and then to train others does not affect the management running of my home Will have a manager who can deliver to the rest of the company invaluable training on CASE which is an increasing risk with all of our young people. To be able to show footed that not only do we as an organization have training in safeguarding we take it to the next level and eve COOP Complete Warner questions training Feel confident in conducting Warner interviews and overall improve safer recruitment processes IEEE for the course and then 2 days away from the home to attend training including fuel costs and hotel for 2 nights in Us Safer recruitment processes in place that meet offset requirements Safer recruitment processes in place that meet offset requirements.

To keep up to date of awarding body requirements and learn best practice for delivery Allocation of 1 day per month to attend the meetings then fuel costs and hotel for one night in Newport All the staff at Windsor House to be able o complete their CIFS in a timely manner with myself as their assessor To have good communication with the training company, to be able to meet offset requirements of qualified staff and a manager who can deliver CIFS Complete CM level 5 diploma in Management and leadership To be able to develop the Petrography area with more homes and a manager who can oversee them all as area manager Allocation of time to complete the qualification and to meet with my assessor The benefits to me will be a competent middle manager where can oversee my own home and one or two others To be able to develop the Petrography area knowing that hey have a qualified and competent manager to oversee it Training How it benefits me How it benefits the company POTTS This will benefit me as I will be able to give training to my staff that is accredited and will have an experienced and trained staff team without having to rely on a lot of external trainers which means training times will be reduced as well. This meets offset and organizational requirements It benefits the company as it is more cost effective as they do not have to pay for external trainers. They can ask me to go other homes and train staff there again saving costs. Its also means that they know the staff at Windsor House are fully trained within organizational time frames COOP ambassador This will benefit me as I will be able to train staff and the staff at the school in child sexual exploitation on line. I can also educate the young people around keeping safe online. Again this means not having to wait for external agencies to come and train staff.

Also if a safeguarding issue arises around CASE it means that the young people can have education and support around this in house instead of having to wait for referrals to external agencies It benefits he company as they then have an in house trainer which can give training throughout the organization on CASE which again is more cost effective than getting an external trainer also able to get training quicker as its in house Warner questions training This will benefit me as I will feel more confident that we completing recruitment as safely as possible it will also meet offset requirements This benefits the company as they will feel confident that recruitment is being completed that meets Offset requirements and organizational requirements CUFF Attending standardization meetings benefits me as I keep up to date with warding bodies, offset and organizational requirements Benefits the company as they have an in house assessor so are able to get staff onto their CIFS which is an offset requirement Level 5 management and leadership This benefits me as gives me the tools I need to not only run my home more effectively but to oversee the new homes that are going to be in the area and become area manager This benefits the company as they will already have a qualified experienced manager in place that can oversee and train the new managers without having to recruit someone externally who does not know he organizations objectives or ethos secure the resources need by discussing these in my supervisions, also discuss them in the monthly managers meetings. I also seek myself companies that provide the training that need so I can compare price and present these in my meetings. Once they have been agreed I raise a purchase order for payment.

If they are not agreed I continue discussing them in my supervisions and my reasons why I think they should be agreed in the past have also funded my own training when it has not been agreed. Evaluate the impact of the personal voltmeter plan on the achievement of defined role and requirements and organizational objectives. If I do not complete my POTTS course it means that I will not be able to provide the in house training that the staff require. This would mean that they would have to travel to Wales, Birmingham or Bristol for their training the induction training is two weeks and that is a big ask of staff to go away for training for two weeks.

It also means a lot more expense for the company as they would have to pay mileage, hotels for two weeks and for the trainer and the training facility. If I got my POTTS it means that when tiffs training runs out or new training arises they can have it renewed or the new training as soon as I receive the resources which will mean everyone remaining within offset and ornamentations requirements. If I do not receive the COOP training that I require it would mean that myself and the staff team will not have a clear understanding of the dangers of young people being online, we need to know these so we can look for signs of CASE happening online to be able to safeguard our young people.

This is an ever growing problem with the growing use of young people using social media sights. If I o not have this training that it could mean failing to safeguard young people which does not meet offset or organizational requirements. It is the same if I didn’t receive the Warner questions training it would mean that may not be conducting the interviews as I should be which will not ensure safer recruitment procedures. The knock on effect of not being able to deliver staff training in house and for them having to travel to every course this could result in the staff team becoming De-motivated to attend training which will in turn result in them not attending or if they do not feeling motivated to pay attention.

The knock on effect for me could mean that do not feel the job satisfaction that I do know as I will not feel confident in delivering what I should be doing and frustrated that the staff team cannot access what they need to be able to work effectively. If staff are feeling frustrated this could lead to due to having to travel and feeling they are not getting what they want then this could result in them leaving. This will have an effect throughout the company as would determine how many young people we can take until we are fully staffed again. Which isn’t good with placing authorities and will affect he cost effectiveness of the home. Task 3 Discuss the relationship between staff welfare and organizational objectives Top of Form ‘Staff welfare’ is an all-encompassing term covering a wide range of facilities that are essential for the well-being of your employees.

It is not only related to the Health and Safety Act 1974. Staff welfare is vital to Greenfield to ensure that we are delivering the correct inductions and training so everyone is working to the organizational and offset requirements. There are several areas of staff welfare at Greenfield first there is the staffs health and libeling, Training and development, safeguarding, work environment, payment of wages and flexible working hours. I ensure that they feel supported have thorough inductions, regular supervisions and training. I ensure that they are not picking up too much overtime so that it affects their work life balance especially due to the stressfulness that this job can be.

I ensure that they spread their holidays throughout the year so they have regular breaks and do not burn out. We discuss regularly any development opportunities that may be arising and how they can develop themselves to be able to achieve and build PDP for them around this which is kept in their personnel file along with any raining certificates that they have. I ensure that they have regular training with our physiologist so they can discuss the young people’s behaviors and try and help them understand it and put strategies in place to help the young people and staff work with it. Ensure that the staff sleep in room are kept tidy and that staff are provided with their own bedding and pillows.

I ensure that the home is kept free from hazards by completing daily, weekly and monthly health and safety audits and fire tests. Lone working policy and safeguarding policies are delivered through the induction process. Also all staff will receive Health and Safety training and the policies and procedures during their induction. Am at the home Monday to Friday and staff know that they can come to e any time and discuss any issues relating to their welfare in confidence, if they have any issues once I have gone home then I am on call 24/7 Monday to Thursday every week so can still contact me and raise any concerns. If they have concerns on the weekend then there is always an on call manager they can raise their concerns with . The manager are responsible for updating policies and procedures in line with relevant legislation and ensure staff are kept up to date with this. I am also responsible for making sure risk assessments are carried out and reviewed regularly for the working environment. The way I assess staff welfare is by getting them to complete quality questionnaires every three months, monthly or bi-monthly supervisions, appraisals, team meetings, training records, back to work interviews if they have had a lot of time off absences meetings to discuss these to try and find out the reason and see if they need any extra support. All of these records are kept in their personnel files in my office.

When staff start there is a thorough induction process where they will have weekly meetings with myself, have to complete an induction book within six weeks, have regular PDP meetings and offer support and staff mentoring. They also shadow for at least the first three shifts so they can observe how myself and other staff work before being on the floor themselves. Describe how to communicate responsibilities for staff welfare to the team Research by Liz Percival In today’s world much communication is visual, videos, Cad’s, billboards, so why do we so easily assume that communication is only about the words we use. In fact much of what we communicate is more about our body language and our tone Of voice than the words that we use.

Research suggests that only 7% of what we receive in communication is about the words we use. Our brains are busy taking note of the tone of voice and what the body of the other person is saying. Have you ever tried sorting out a tricky issue over the phone and wished you could be face to face? That’s why in marriage, if we are trying to deal with a tricky bit of communication, we need to watch our tone of voice and the way our body is. There’s a saying that a gentle voice turns away anger. It’s very hard not to react to a sarcastic or accusing tone of voice. In the same way if someone won’t look you in the eye, it’s hard to trust what they are saying. Folded arms seem to contradict words of welcome or encouragement.

So if you are going to have a constructive conversation with your loved one, why not take a few minutes first to think about how you are going to use your tone of voice and body language to ensure you are really heard. When I communicate with my staff team first I have to decide what it is that am going to communicate, hen try and decide what form is best to deliver it. When I hold staff meetings use a range of different ways to communicate I use power point presentations, handouts, talking, videos and also get staff to be involved by asking them what they think and for suggestions as it gets them thinking about what you have said and they are demonstrating that they have been listening.