Unit essay

Evaluate the quality of your communication and interpersonal skills In my pass work for unit 1. 1 we had to talk about 3 interactions that I observed, where we had to include the behaviors, non-verbal communication skills and hot the communication cycle is demonstrated. In one of the 3 interactions I observed there was a conversation between an adult and a 3 year old.

Watching the adult taught me how to talk to children, he way he sat down so that he can be at the same level as the child and converse with her clearly. He used simple words and changed his tone so that the child understands him. I remembered what the adult did and try to bring it the nursery because what he did was effective as the child responded well. I also have a 5 year Old sister this reason also made me get along with the children.

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When my sister is shy she would look down and focus on the toy she as, one of the children did the exact same thing so I knew that the child was shy because of me and by making her more comfortable with me I talked to her more and tried to share jokes with her and this was effective because she began making jokes with me. I’m good at making the children laugh by understanding their jokes and listening to what they have to say but I really need to work on using more simple sentences and not use slang because they do not understand.