Understanding differences worksheet essay

This is because in African culture the women are considered to be the weaker sex and therefore don’t poses he ability to lead instead they have been allocated lesser duties like house keeping child baring Marriage In the African culture women are mostly viewed as “baby makers” and therefore when they reach the puberty stage they are often married of to older men thus they enter marriage life at an early point of their life. Due to this they are tasked with a lot of responsibility and they eventually drop out of school.

As a result the female generally has a lower level of education compared to the male sex and cannot effectively take part in development. Aging Aging and growing old in Africa is a great thing. Elders are respected and cooked up to because of all the wisdom they have. People who grow old in Africa are perceived to be in closer communication with the Ancestors not surprisingly, as they are closer on their way to meet them. Death is not a definitive parting for Africans, it is only a moment, a stage in life Violence There is a lot of violence in Africa.

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Much of the war is political and also for the search of diamonds other mineral resources. The saddest part of it all is that children and civilians are usually the victims. They drag small boys to join their rebel groups and teach them to wage war against political parties or there tribes around. Drug use The drug use in Africa is rapidly growing. Besides all the weed that is grown and consumed. Weed is the reason most people in Africa suffer from schizophrenic-like psychosis.

The trafficking in and abuse of cocaine and heroin are the most recent developments in some African countries that had had no previous experience with these drugs. Suicide African countries do not report data on suicides to the World Health Organization. African authorities often record suicide as “death by unnatural causes,” creating difficulty in compiling accurate statistics. It would be summed that with so much war and violence in Africa civilians would rather take their lives than die because of the war.

Authority Authority in Africa is mainly from the men. Men in power in Africa pretty muckrake and brake all the laws. There is no room for women in high levels of authoritative roles. Beauty Beauty is perceived differently in Africa than here. In some African tribes it is considered beautiful to have long necks for example. In order to get a long neck women put disks around their necks in order to make it longer. This is only one example of what Africans perceive as beauty.