Traffic Congestion essay

Result in lack of jobs in the city, lack of shelter, utilities such as playground, car park, has shrunk and can not meet people’s needs. Therefore, a number of measures have been proposed and implemented that received lot of positive feedbacks such as: flyover bridges, pedestrian overpasses,… Have been built in order to help people traveling easier and faster. Besides, cosmopolitan technology in the future can be trusted to solve in issue thoroughly. All in all, the paper draw the conclusion that both Government and people should cooperate to solve this issue as fast as possible.

Introduction It is believed that traffic is like a lifeblood of a country which symbolizes the growth of intelligence, financial and civilization of the country and people living there. But, nowadays it is one of the most serious problems for Governments in general and for Vietnamese government in particular. According to the newspaper traffic congestion in big cities in Viet Name happens everyday, extends continuously for long times. This result in spent much more money on petrol, wasted lots precious of time.

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That also increases air pollution due to vehicles. According to Maim Ha (2014, “Than nine” newspaper online) that two major cities of our country are in the list of 10 cities with highest air pollution levels in Southeast Asia and. Besides, Unguent Hang Hippie who interviewed by Ha noted that traffic jam damage our state Roth 30. 000 billion VEND, approximately 50. 000 billion VEND on overcoming traffic accidents each year. Many causes lead to this issue and many solutions have been created but not thoroughly enough. That may make the matter more severe.

On the other hand, it can not be denied that some measures have great impact on improving traffic problems in Viet Name. This research paper will clarify: The reality of traffic in Viet Name lately, the causes and the actions of the Governments at all levels. Findings and discussion 2. 1: The reality of traffic congestion in Vietnam and its problems. Nowadays, cause of our arbitration has seen an enormous increasing which lead to the number of journeys also grew up. It is believed that traffic jams in Vietnam only frequently take place in Hanoi capital and Ho Chi Mini city.

It seems that Vietnamese people are accustomed to traffic congestion even face it whenever they go to other place. Apart from the peak hours – the time when everyone is in a hurry to get to work or come back home, the time between am to loam and between pm to pm also witness long lines of vehicles, mainly motorbikes, struggling to get out of narrow streets. Imagine hen it rains, the traffic jam gets more terrible with joining hand of flooding. Thanks to the series of overpasses have been built recently that traffic jam has a good news in improvement.

Because of Hanoi and Ho Chi Mini city is a good destination for people to immigrate to get better chances of working and studying, which results in one of the causes of traffic congestion in these our two main cities. The reality lead to many problems for the traffic jams in Vietnam such as: parking difficulties, longer commuting, public transport inadequacy, energy consumption,… And so on. Moreover, traffic congestion to only get adverse impact on our country’s economy but also our environment.

For example, according to the research of professional in sound pollution that the daily average values reach up to dab and the most area polluted is near railway. In addition, the emissions of vehicles also not to be take attention enough to. All in all, the larger the city is, the greater its complexity and the potential for disruptions, particularly when this complexity is not effectively managed, which brings up the challenges in meeting the demand of citizen for Vietnamese Governments and can not satisfy he numerous requirements of urban mobility.

That blocks not only the transfer but also the commercial development. “Urban productivity is highly dependent on the efficiency of its transport system to move labor, consumers and freight between multiple origins and destinations said Dry. Jean- Paul Rodriguez 2. 2: What are the causes? It is believed that one Of the main causes Of congestion is caused by overpopulation and rampant immigration led to the massive increase in vehicles in city. According to Chaw who work at singsong. Van that in the first quarter of the year 2013, there are 28. 535 cars and 691. 99 motorbikes suggested which bring the total number of cars and motorcycles nationwide to 691. 599 and 37,023. 078 respectively. And the total is 39,056. 343 that beyond the point which the traffic development plan set out in 2020! Only 3/2013 motor increases by 1 98 866 vehicles (187 466 registered vehicles). Ho Chi Mini city is the most powerful organ, in quarter of 1/2013 there are 82 870 cars and 4,238 motorcycles registered. Total city car has managed to more than 6 million vehicles, of which more than 5. 6 million motorcycles and automobiles are 547 606.

That’s not to mention about a million vehicles in the reverence by bringing people into the city to work and other transportation. What a warning in the number of vehicles in lately! The poor awareness of traffic participants can be one of the cause: Many students do not have driver’s license, weaving through a red light, go beyond the prescribed speeds, driving in the opposite direction, not have a habit of giving way to pedestrians, and so on. In addition, traffic signal and distribution of lanes seemed to be not pretty appropriated much.

Many intersections during rush hour where commuters density is much higher than other places so when the raffia signal lights and lane divided unreasonable resulted in traffic jam increasingly serious. Besides, splitting lanes for cars and motorcycles did not really fit and a bit stiff especially in peak hours and it also is about time that people violating traffic laws to be able to move faster and save time travel. The more people breaking the law, the worse traffic congestion will be. People usually tend to do what makes the most sense for them.

If breaking the law help them save them 20 minutes or a half hour, that’s what they will do. Moreover, more and more commercial buildings and new apartments eave been appeared to meet human needs, improve the spiritual life and material of citizen which lead to the overcrowded, therefore, the road system is inadequate in urban especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Mini city. With the improvement of lifestyle lately, not only people care about making money from their career but also they need entertainment for relaxing.

Therefore, the more higher number of people increasing in urban the more building of company and entertainment will rise up eventually year by year to meet human demands. On the other hand, result from the basis of the property in Hanoi and Ho Chi Mini City largely focused on the profits earned from commercial buildings that have not or are not interested in how the future will affect the population density afterward. 2. 3: Vietnamese Government action: According to the research of Hang on ” Bamboo. Mom”, 2014 that since the beginning of 201 2, a series of overpasses were assembled starting construction and put into operation in the capital. This solution was launched after a series of congestion assigned lane; change working hours, school hours; prohibit stopping or parking on 262 streets are deployed aggressive but not effective. Actual observations over time, many people were overjoyed because of traffic congestion at points initially be addressed. Road users no longer have to wait an hour in the red light area when the vehicles travel too much.

However, many experts believe that Hanoi was too hasty when blizzard build more overpasses light. The bridge will be a risk of breaking the city’s architecture. Through the activities of the voluntary youth team fast response traffic and urban discipline to strengthen propaganda and education to raise awareness and responsibility of youth in the strict observance of the Road Traffic Law, building urban civilized lifestyle, ensuring urban landscape; contribute to change the behavior of union members, and teenager, citizen’s behavior when cultured in traffic, build civic capital in the new era elegant, civilized and friendly.

Before that, they are equipped with the knowledge and professional skills to perform the tasks of preserving and ensuring traffic safety and order of urban civilization, Hanoi Youth Union has organized training courses, technical training skills, professional guiding, Finland, traffic control at key traffic jams often occur. For example, in the densely populated areas, no light signals. Besides, to reduce traffic congestion especially during peak hours, the government has taken measures to reduce the number Of personal vehicles.

Additionally propaganda, mobile people to use more public transportation. That not only reduce environmental pollution, but also reduces the number of private cars traveling on the road. However, bus – one of the public transport is very popular in big cities are showing signs of going down in quality, but the price is increasing. The bus firms have consciously increased vehicle to serve the traveling public but not really paying attention o the increase in quality and decrease in trips safe driving awareness of the driver. The bus fare increase is a wrong step in remedy traffic congestion.

In the future, the relentless progress of science and technology will assist resolve traffic problems. If you are just 30 years old, you will see wonderful things will happen in the next few decades. Such as: GAPS will help finding the fastest way to get to your destination, the system called “cruise control” help avoid cases of unfortunate accidents, smart cars called “networked cars” can automatically find room in the car park, there will also exist a machine called transponder’ to contact to drivers about pedestrians and cyclists appearance and so much more (Viet Ha, tonic. Et, 2010). What an extraordinary that cosmopolitan technology bring to human life! Conclusion and recommendations: To conclude, the more rampant immigration the more serious traffic congestion will increase in big cities. By understanding the current situation, find out the underlying causes and give permanent solutions have given us clearly about the traffic in our country. This is one of the most pressing problems which cause significant damage to not only our economy but also the health Of people. It is a special matter that most concerned by the public.