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They inform, educate and entertain people. They also influence the way people kick at the world and make them change their views. Mass media mould public opinion. Millions of people in their spare time watch TV and read newspapers. All information is controlled by politicians. Graham Greene, English writer says in his article that they have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. For example, European media bend the truth, dramatist an eventualities has declared war on Ukraine. In fact, it is not true. Ukrainian troops are fighting with their people.

It means that Mass media gives such information and people believe in it. 2. “Good news isn’t news. Bad news is news. ” (Henry Lucie, founder of the magazine “Time”) [(a) provide a number of factors that constitute news value; (b) illustrate them by examples of news events covered in various mass media; (c) state which of the criteria of newsworthiness seem to be of primary importance to you. ] Roger IA number of factors that constitute news value: Impact. The greater the consequence, and the larger the number of people for whom an event is important the greater the newsworthiness. Timeliness . An event may have occurred in the past but only have been learned about gently. -Proximity: Closeness of the occurrence to the audience (Information is understandable to some audience) – The Bizarre. (The unusual or unexpected attracts attention. Controversy and open clashes , Currency, Human Interest. The best way to illustrate these factors is to talk about current events. The conflict in Ukraine is shown from different sights in different countries. In Russia the mass media says that its all the fault of Ukraine and the USA. UT in those countries it is the other way round. The most important factors for me are impact, timeliness, conflict and currency. I read news to understand what is happening in our country and what actions are done towards it. Want to get a good idea of current events, it’s not interesting for me what dress has some celebrity brought to herself. Henry Lexis’s statement is not very clear to me. So I can only add that any news is news. Indistinguishableness. 3. “We are the best entertained, least informed society in the world. (Neil Postman, author of the book “Amusing Ourselves to Death”) explain the etymology of the words “tabloid” and “broadsheet”; (b) compare “qualities” and “popular” according to their intent, presentation, targeted audience, ownership or political orientation; (c) provide examples of quality and popular newspapers and state your own preferences]. Tate Etymology tabloid, from tabloid journalism, from Tabloid, trademark for a drug or chemical in condensed form (American [email protected] Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition). Multidimensionality the word “broadsheet”in different dictionaries have not found. )The most quality and popular newspapers in Moscow are : Metro, Sedona, Vests, Quirk v Rusk, Smokestack Pravda. Actually I don’t read newspapers, but a lot of people read Metro newspaper. To my mind it immerses oneself in the media-saturated world. Many articles cause anguish that’s why I can’t read them. In Neil Postman’s statement I believe that our mass media is not only entertain us, butane provide instant, in-depth coverage of an event-To my mind that information is true and correct. You may See and read it in the public domain. 4. History books will show the Internet will be the most significant development in communication since Gotten berg developed the printing press around 1440. ” (a) dwell on the Internet origin; (b) point out the major areas of the Internet application and explain their advantages and sedateness; (c) explain your personal reasons for using the Web]. Tate US Department of Defense created ARPANET (a predecessor of the Internet). It was created so that the flow of information was possible in all conditions. Later a worldwide computer network was created, and then the Internet appeared.

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There are some advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. Advantages : Easy and cheap communication, sending small or big files with others easily, Loads of information, Entertainment, Services, Earn money. Disadvantages : Virus Threat, Theft of Personal Information, Information overload,Spamming, Pornography. Internet for me is: information and different news, communication, entertainment (music, videos) and shopping. Speaking about the statement above, we can say that it’ s true. The Internet has already entered our ordinary life. It’s hard to imagine our lives without Internet nowadays.

It has become an important part of every person’s life. 5. “Most of us appreciate that celebrity and greatness are not the same. What turns a famous person into a celebrity? Celebrity is a great new entertainment in a society hungry for entertainment. “(from the article “Toward a New Definition of Celebrity’ by Neal Gabbler) [(a) define the actions of “celebrity/dignitary/’ and “Peeping Tom Journalism”; (b) clarify the reasons the mass media resort to sensationalism and enumerate the methods they use to stalk stars; (c) provide any justification of peeping Tom Journalism; (d) voice your personal attitude to the phenomenon in question].

Tate :Celebrity/dignitary famous and popular people. Pennington Journalism is when paparazzi armored outlets use different methods and ways of getting to know everything about famous and popular people. Now talking about the reasons the mass media resort to sensationalism. Why do they do it? They do it because it’s theirs job and they earn the money, make advertising disabilities and they provide in-depth coverage of an event of celebrities’ life to the public.

There are also some methods which correspondents use to stalk stars : – interview, -Photostatting – fan meetings, – paparazzi get to know where the famous person would be and go for him, waiting everywhere with cameras, they don’t let him go until they get their own. Popular people fight for their private life and try to hide it. In some countries paparazzi are punished by a fine up to imprisonment if they interfere with privacy. Speaking about the statement bureaucratically celebrity and greatness, we can make a conclusion that greatness is a quality, and celebrity is a popular person. But great people may be popular and not popular.

Putting is the great and popular hero of our time. Yuri Dolorously remained the great, but today is not popular. 6. (thighs instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise, it is nothing but wires and lights in a box. ” (E. R. Murray, American broadcast journalist) (b) “By age 18, the average American hill sees 200. 000 violent acts on TV. By age 18, children witness almost 20. 000 murders on TV – most by handguns. 73% of the time the people in TV dramas who commit violent acts go unpunished. 7% of violent situations show no real harm to the victims, and 58% – show no real pain. 80% of Hollywood executives think there’s a link between TV violence and real life violence. ” highlight the major areas of a person’s life that can be influenced by (excessive) watching TV; (b) explain the positive effects of TV watching on children (pre-choler’s, school children and college students) ND on adults; (c) dwell on the negative effects of TV watching on children and adults; (d) voice your personal attitude towards the analyzed issue or explain the measures to be taken in order to remedy the existing situation].

Tate :Pipe watch that they are interested. TV affects a person positively or negatively, depending on what television broadcast and channel people watch. For example if I watch music channels and get a positive mood there’s no harm but if someone watches some mythical channel TAB, then begins suspecting his friends, that they are witches or wizards. Advantages of itching TV’: entertainment, different information, educational programs, cookery.

Disadvantages of watching TV : Adult scenes, psychedelic channel (like 2*2), the imitation of bad heroes, scary shows, violent acts which develop violent behavior. As for me I don’t see any harm for me because I watch and listen to music programs and good films : family, romantic and comedies. For others I can’t answer, but every person decide for himself what to watch. And talking about children, parents must control what their child watches. Speaking about statistics of American television we can say, that there are any programs about violence and murder.

It’s not surprised that in New York and other American cities there are many criminal areas. 7. Denis Derider wrote in his В«UnicycledieВ» in 1755: “As long as the centuries continue to unfold, the number Of books will grow continually, and one can predict that a time will come when it will be almost as difficult to learn anything from books as from the direct study of the whole universe. It will be almost as convenient to search for some bit of truth concealed in nature as it will be to find it hidden away in an immense multitude of bound volumes. ”

This idea was popularized under the name “information overload” by Alvin Toffee in his book “Future Shock”. [(a) define the notion of “information overload” by commenting on its general causes and consequences; (b) provide examples of ” information overload”, “interruption overload”, “information anxiety’ from your own experience; (c) come up with any plausible solutions to the problem]. Tate :Denis Derider said that there would be a lot of books. Nowadays there are really many books, but now it’s the digital age and books are printed in electronic access.

There is no guarantee that these books will be preserved or future generations. Books will remain printed only and old ones. It’s unlikely that modern books will remain, as equipment may breaks, and the pa into fades. nformationoverloadiswh neurotransmitter Ii ethnocentrism Nathan you are able to process to make sensible decisions. There are many different events happening every second in the world. Teachers give overmuch homework and a lot of useful and useless information.

Here we find that the human brain can’t physically take much information in a short period of time and the same with the technique. The consequences may be different, a errors can go mad or he can hang himself. As concerning technique it simply breaks down or fails. The consequences may be different, a person can go mad or hang himself. And a technique usually breaks or fails. There are solutions to the problem: a teacher must give to the students only the right and the needed material, in small portions, so that a student could learn, understand and remember it.

If a teacher gives to her students a large amount of unknown and unwanted material, then instead of desire and love for the subject hatred, aggression or suicide appears. It’s necessary to enter he position of the students and understand that the students have other subjects where other teachers also give overmuch homework . And besides the studies a person has other important things that also need to do. Crime and punishment . “Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense in a court Of law. State the sequence of events (including adjudication, or being tried in court) in the criminal justice system; (b) name the participants and explain the procedure(s) at each of the stages of court trial procedure – jury selection, opening statements, giving evidence and examining witnesses, making animations, jury charge and jury verdict; (c) explain what can influence the jury’s deciding on a verdict]. Tate The police arrives on the scene, describes the place of event, asks witnesses, gathers information. Law enforcement agency establish that a crime has been committed, a suspect must be identified and apprehended for the case, arrested.

After an arrest, law enforcement agencies present information about the case and about the accused to the prosecutor. The offender can hire a lawyer. The case is referred to the prosecutor. The prosecutor examines the case and fix the date of the hearing. At the hearing the judge listens to the perpetrator, witnesses and passes sentence in accordance with the law. Trial participants: Judge, Public Defender, Witnesses, Court Reporter. Trial procedure: (1 ) Jury Selection: 12 members and 2 alternates are selected. (2) Opening Statements: Speeches by attorneys from each side. 3) Examination of Witnesses . 4) Closing Arguments/Summation: Speeches by each side summarizing the events of the trial (5) Jury’ Instruction: An explanation to the jury of the charges under consideration and what factors they should use to make their decision. 6)Jury Deliberation: behind closed doors, jurors review the facts . (7) Verdict: Jurisdictions. (8)Sentencing. Factors which can influence a jury’s decision are the characteristics of the defendant and jurors which include ethnicity and age, also pre-trial publicity. Additionally there are the psychological influences on the jury. . “Although criminal and civil cases are treated very differently, many people often fail to recognize that the same conduct can result in both criminal and civil liability. Perhaps one of the most famous examples of this is the OZ Simpson trial. Because of the different standards of proof, there was not enough evidence for a jury to decide that OZ Simpson was guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” in the criminal murder case. In the civil trial, however, the jury found enough evidence to conclude that OZ Simpson wrongfully caused his wife’s death by a “preponderance of the evidence. (a) explain the notion of “criminal law” and provide a classification of criminal cases; (b) explain the notion of “civil law” and give a classification of civil cases] Tweet Criminal law is laws that deal with crimes and their punishments. Crimes receive different classifications according to their severity. Classification: Felony Crimes Murder, Rape, Burglary, Kidnapping, Arson, Robbery), Misdemeanors Crimes (Public intoxication, Trespassing, Speeding, Prostitution, Vandalism, Use of a false ID), Crimes against the Person, Crimes against Property, Theft and Fraud Crimes, Crimes against Public Order, Drug-Related Crimes.

Civil law laws that deal with the rights of people rather than with crimes. Classification of civil cases family, public matters, small claims, probate. 3. “The jury, passing on the prisoner’s life, May in the sworn twelve have a thief or two Guiltier than him they try. ” (William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure) describe how the jury is selected; (b) explain the functions of jurors; (c) comment on the pluses and min uses of implementing the jury system].

Tate :To become a candidate for the jury, the person must be over 18 years of age, law-abiding citizen of his city, to have a good health, adequacy, stress tolerance. Now about the functions of jurors : in a criminal trial, they are charged with the responsibility of deciding whether, on the facts of the case, a person is guilty or not guilty of the offence for which he/she has been charged, take notes of proceedings. A the end of the case jurors are taken onto the jury room and allowed no outside communication at all.