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Same/similar distribution channels Target group consisting of middle to upper-income professionals Multiple target segments Geographical coverage (primarily United States at this time) Successful identification of Conic’s strategic group enables the company to illuminate the prominent smartened market competitors. This allows SONIC to thoroughly analyze each company and formulate opportunities. For example, SONIC can strategies to highlight and advertise its 64 KGB drive (which is double the amount of KGB Apple phone offers) to acquire percentage of

Apples current customers. Should SONIC select a class of competitor to attack on the basis of strength versus weaknesses, closeness versus distance, or good versus bad? Why is this appropriate in the smartened market? SONIC should select a class of competitor to attack on the basis of strengths versus weaknesses. At this point, consumers are more concerned with smartness products that can readily adapt to their tech analogical needs, demands, and expectations as they navigate from one phase of life to another. As a result, the smartened market is rapidly changing.

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Identifying the weaknesses of the strategic group enables SONIC to develop a product campaign that is focused on highlighting product strengths that are solutions to its competitors weaknesses. For example, Apples original release price is $723. 00. Conic’s advertisement should highlight that SONIC phones offer the same capabilities for less than half the price ($350. 00). Competition among smartened market companies is based on the ability to improve and differentiate product features and costs. Identify a weakness, create solution, present new option to market.

As a startup company, what competitive strategy would be most effective as SONIC introduces its first product? We suggest that Sonic follows a niche approach for first product introduction. Conic’s first year objective includes increasing brand awareness and specializing phone features that cater to the needs of a few specifically targeted segments. If Sonic can successfully analyze spending habits, technological needs, and technological preferences of the professional segment, it is likely to acquire loyal consumers. Consumers will recognize and appreciate Conic’s technical features and value- eased pricing.

This strategy is appropriate because it will introduce and shape Conic’s overall brand. This “shaping” route establishes cores values and qualities of Sonic and its future products. As a result, consumers will be more likely to purchase Conic’s next product. CHAPTER 12 What aspects of product differentiation would be most valuable in setting SONIC apart from its competition and why? Product Features: Conic’s product includes highest quality video, largest amount of KGB storage available, touch screen has high-quality color, and its one of two companies that have offer a our inch screen.

Customization: Sonic is working to provide a product that caters to the needs and expectations of a specific group. Market research has been dedicated towards developing a thorough understanding Of the targeted segment of business professionals. Thorough understanding a specific segment enables product customization that increases sale revenue and market share. Should SONIC use ingredient branding to tout the Linux- based operating system that it says make its smart phone more secure than smart phones based on some other operating system? Yes.

Smartness assess ample personal information that needs secure protection. Protection gives consumers the sense that their personal information is not easily accessible if stolen or loss. However, there are other features to better attribute to overall success and performance of the product. The Linux-based operating system doesn’t meet all of the qualifications for successful ingredient branding. It may be difficult to convince consumers that the Linux- based SO is superior to other smartness. Sonic should focus on the product differentiation areas listed in question one (product features and customization).

How can SONIC use packaging and labeling to support its brand image and help its channel partners sell the smart phone product more efficiently? The package is the consumer’s first interaction with the new product. Packaging and labeling supports brand image by reinforcing product value and distinctive qualities. Package display draw emotions from consumers. For example, the text stated that blue packaging draws a sense of security and productivity. It’s fair to assume that the professional is highly likely to appeal to the Sonic 1000 if its package is blue.

It is important to loosely consider labeling font and text. Carefully text and font selection helps highlight strong attributes or downplay attributes that companies would rather consumers overlook. For example, a cigarette cartridge may have the term smooth in all caps with color red. And on the small side area of the cartridge, you can find the dangers of tobacco consumption in small print. Text placement, font, and color help shape consumers perception of products. If product are appealing to consumers, it makes the channel partners’ job a bit easier. .