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The customers can choose various destination or where they want to go. Background of the Study The existence of the computer technology helps us a lot including on how this system is relevant for transportation/reservation. Travel agency information and reservation system is a kind of user assistance provider where customers can inquire or can book tickets for transportation. This is an easier way which saves customer a lot of time. Nowadays, there are a lot of competitions between the transportation groups, like discounts and lot of good offers that will give an edge to the people.

Most people nowadays are using their phone, tablets or laptops and computers to access information through the internet, t also allows them to buy things, or reserve flights. Objective of the Study To have a fast and convenient way for people to reserve flights without any hassle and having all the trouble to go to any travel agency or any airport. To provide customers an option that will enable a passenger to cancel the transportation, to province a closing time or deadline that customers were able to make their reservation, to provide an option where passengers can view the prices.

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To create a system which designs and implements reservations. Supported by a database, pH, HTML. A friendly-user interface is provided so hat various combinations of a menus can view from user. Theoretical Framework System Analysis: This explains the system goals and how you can help to solve the task. You will think about the needs of the people. The most effective solution came up to my mind is to make a site called “Reservation system”. System Design : As the word itself, designing can help your system to persuade people.

Creativity and wonderful ideas can easily attract people depends on how your system can easily to use. Including the rules of the site. Development The real code is written here. People will see on how the system works. Integration and Testing: Checking for errors and bugs if the system functionality is working properly. So if the system failed to work, there are analysis reports or tests to solve the problem. Maintenance : Just like cleaning your house, we need to maintain the cleanliness of the system.

And to prolong the life span of it. Conceptual Framework In this study, we will use a browser and a db’s for us to manipulate the incoming and outgoing data as we want, and for us to have an easy time managing the people who are reserving flights. The study provides as support services and attractions. However, especially for the corporations and companies with growing and getting better in their respective companies, this would be essential. INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT INPUT – It involves putting some information into our system.

PROCESS – it involves doing something with the information that is inputted. OUTPUT- it involves displaying results or the outcome of the Inputted information. Statement of the Problem Unable to process the information due to slow internet. Unavailability due to emergency breakdowns or maintenance. Vulnerable to various types of attacks due to low security capability. False information given by the users. Questions for the statement of the problem: What is the travel agencies booking rate? Does the agency provide 24-hour information?

Is the agency available for the consultation regarding about the system? Scope and Limitation of the Study Scope 1. Less time, cost of transportation, hassle. 2. You can reserve flights as long as it is available and paid. 3. Able to print the flight details. 4. Fast and convenient. 5. The System will support frequent user registration and personal information. Limitation 1 . Unable to access internet due to a place where there is no internet. . The pitfalls of such systems are their online presence whether it is active or not. 3.

Customers are not able to make cancellations after they made their reservation in an particular event so they are not able to travel again and made other reservation. 4. Only few reservations could be made. 5. It takes amount of time for recording transactions. Significance of the study The study plans to become a leader by persuading the customers with this kind of system for processing reservations. This system also assist the travelers in checking the transportation, booking, changing the reservation. The travelers can inquire about the time of the transportation, booking fares.

Definition of terms Travel agency -? This is a business that helps the travelers to make arrangements or reservation for people who want to go to the place where they want. Reservation – An arrangement to have something for you to use a particular kind of reservation and use it at a later time. Email notification using this, you can send selected users about the activities such as confirmations, updates or requests. Dynamic programming -? Our system is online so it is dynamic. It is an optimization approach that transforms a robber into a simpler problem.

From the small business grew the idea of starting up a catering service, now Nana Amelia’s had already work for many clients for almost a decade (since March 2001). The catering business serves food in events, such as, birthday parties, wedding, and other event functions such as, baptismal and seminars. As their business grows they add extra services, like flower arrangements, table settings and free venues. The business still needs improvement, enough to compete with other bigger catering services that are already gaining popularity in the business world.

Nana Amelia’s accommodates customers for reservations and other enquiries and about catering services. The business is located at 320 De Camp Street, Puling Banging, Sat. Maria, Vulcan. For reservation of an event, a customer will choose his or desired date of the celebration and the owner will check if it is still available; if yes, he/she will be given a brochure where the packages and other amenities are listed. The customer needs to pay 40% of the package price for reservation fee which is deductible from the total payment.

The reservation is valid for 3 days and shall be forfeited if not confirmed within the period of time. This is based on the terms and condition f the catering service that will be signed in agreement with the customer and the owner. If the customer wishes to cancel the event, the payment is not refundable, non-consumable and non-transferable. As part of the promotion, Nana Amelia’s also offers free venue of the event such as in a small pavilion owned by the catering service. The customer has the choice if he/she wants to obey the free venue or not.

Functions outside Metro Manila will be charged additional payment from the total price of the catering service. According to De Umbra who wrote the article about Online Hotel Booking System Review, states that tourism is the one of the faster growing industries in the world. One of the vital needs of the tourists is an efficient and reliable hotel booking system which will benefit both parties: the hotel owners and its customers. Online Hotel Booking System is one of the easiest and user- friendly programs that can be added by hotel owners to their existing website to manage the reservation and booking of clients.

The system must provide the hotel owners, apartments, room, rentals, and other facilities which use an online reservation system to solve their problems in reservation. The web- based booking system will provide them with the most reliable and low cost booking solution which can be easily integrated to their existing website. When the system will be integrated into the website, customers can then manage to choose the room types they want as many as the number of people to occupy that room. The customers can book as many as they want with the user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

The online booking system is a yearly subscription based programs that is already used by thousands of international hotel chains, smaller independent hotels, resorts, quest houses, holiday homes, cottages, villas and accommodations. All the things provided by the hotels including their facilities, meals and other offerings can be easily previewed by the customers before they finalize their bookings. FOREIGN According to University Of Plymouth (2004) who made the study on the psychology of SMS users, researchers found that mobile phone users were primarily either “testers” or “talkers”.

Compared to the talkers, the testers sent nearly double the number of SMS messages and made less than half as many voice calls per month. The testers preferred SMS than voice calls for its nonviolence as well as for the ability to review a message before sending it. Companies have come up with many uses for the service beyond just your typical person-to-person message. Because SMS doesn’t overload the network as much as phone calls, it is frequently used by T. V. Show to let viewers vote on a poll topic or for a contestant.

As a promotional tool, wireless carriers put up giant screens at concerts and other large-scale events to display text messages from people in the audience. You can use text messaging subscription services to get medication reminders sent to your hone, along with weather alerts, news headlines or even novels broken into 160-character “chapters. ” Internet search engines such as Yahoo! And Google have short messaging services that enable users to get information such as driving directions, movie show times or local business listings just by testing a query to the search engine’s phone number.

Social networking services such as Dodge ball use SMS to alert people who live in big cities when their friends or crushes are nearby. The possibilities for integrating SMS into your lifestyle seem endless. According to Jennifer Horde who discussed how the advantages in her article entitled “How SMS Works”. SMS has several advantages. It is more discreet than a phone conversation, making it the ideal form for communicating when you don’t want to be overheard. It is often less time-consuming to send a text message than to make a phone call or send an e-mail.

SMS doesn’t require you to be at your computer like e-mail and instant messaging (IM) do although some phones are equipped for mobile e-mail and IM services. SMS is also a convenient way for deaf and hearing-impaired people to communicate. SMS is a store-and-forward service, meaning that when you end a text message to a friend, the message does not go directly to your friend’s cell phone. The advantage of this method is that your friend’s cell phone doesn’t have to be active or in range for you to send a message.

The message is stored in the SMS (for days if necessary) until your friend turns his cell phone on or moves into range, at which point the message is delivered. The message will remain stored on your friend’s SIMI card until he deletes it. In addition to person-to-person messages, SMS can be used to send a message to a large number of people at a time, either from a list of intact or to all the users within a particular area. This service is called broadcasting and is used by companies to contact groups of employees or by online services to distribute news and other information to subscribers.

RELATED STUDIES LOCAL STUDIES According to Carrier (2010) who conducted their study entitled Proposed Online Reservation System for Titan’s Leisure Farm Resort and Inn, proposed that most business establishments nowadays are using Information Technology in running their operations. The use of this computerized systems and the Internet together with the services can help businesses give quality revise and products to their customers. Few are using manual system in their business operations such as recording or processing of data regarding their customers’ reservations.

The project was to develop an Online Reservation System (OURS) that would help Titan’s Leisure Farm Resort & Inn to improve their services for customers and become more competitive. It may also provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to customers which will help them gain their customers loyalty. With Online Reservation System, Titan’s Leisure Farm Resort & Inn can now extend better for their customers which allow them to make reservation through online. Owners can also monitor reservations and reports using the system.

According to Arlene Mercado who posted a thesis about Reservation System Thesis, the proponents wanted to know the reasons of hotel in using manual reservation. The proponents conducted a study towards the topic because they noticed some of the hotel still use manual reservation. The study emphasized the effects of using manual reservation and how a computerized reservation will be substituted. Therefore, the proponents purported to find out how to increase the number of customer using computerized reservation. Interaction and individual stimulation have always been linked to the technological availability of the time and place.

With the transition to an information-based society, computers and transactions have evolved from manual transaction. One of the solutions or alternatives to the problems that a hotel is facing, a system was being developed which can edit, delete, filter, monitor and store and secured the records of the customers. Hotel Reservation system is a transaction processing system that solves the problem encountered during the manual Hotel Reservation. The computerized Hotel Reservation System aimed to simplify the manual Hotel Reservation fastest and accurate. Database is shared thru Local Area Network (LANA).

The proponents made use of some tools and techniques to build the project. The system used Graphical User Interface (GIG) to help the user give instruction to the computer. The system once implemented, would solve the most common problems that the Hotel Reservation encounter. FOREIGN STUDIES According to Allowed about his study entitled Study on Online Hotel Reservation System, States that online hotel reservation systems is increasing in importance and greatly facilitate cross border consumer activity. The Internet has enabled hotels to contact directly with a huge number of potential customers.

It has also revalidated the role of agents and lead to a new type of agent, the web agent or travel gate, selling a far wider range of accommodations on behalf of a far wider range of hotels. However, while online booking has increased the range of offers available, there are also some emerging worries due to examples of unfair commercial practices and lack of transparency related to such reservations. This study, conducted by Civic Consulting, looks at both pre-contractual matters concerning online toll reservation system, examines relevant Community rules, identifies gaps and, where needed, discusses possible policy options.

It shows that the impact of community law on online hotel bookings is rather limited. So far there is no specific community law to regulate the use of online hotel reservations systems. There are only general community laws principally the directives on distance selling, unfair commercial practices, unfair consumer contact terms and package travel. The European Commission is currently proposing to update and consolidate the first and third of these into a Directive on consumer rights. The provisions of the four directives above broadly target pre-contractual and contractual matters.

The directive most designed with online bookings in mind is the Distance Selling Directive which, although it does not apply to accommodating contacts, contains information duties and a consumer right to withdraw from a contract which one some modifications could usefully be applied to online hotel bookings. The Unfair Commercial Practices Directives contains rules which by banning unfair commercial practices generally can, in theory, influences the design, layout, intent and booking procedures of online reservation systems.

However, its rules are not website specific, their generality leaves them vulnerable to problematic interpretation and they are not enforceable by individual consumers as rights. This study catalogued a number of ways I which consumer welfare is currently not well served by the absence of a Community website specific law governing online reservation system. As online reservation systems continue to grow in importance for consumers, it seems inevitable that in the future more targeted legal responses will be necessary t community level.

The question is whether this should be as a single consolidating measure of otherwise remains open. Whether as a specific online law or as a modification of existing/proposed Directives this study has identified a variety of ways in which the current inadequate legal framework for online consumer protection could be improved and more targeted protection for online consumers achieved. These have been listed in the course of this study and are catalogued below. They reflect a mix of techniques requiring more information to be displayed on websites, controlling booking procedures and interesting terms into accommodation.

The above foreign article was used by the researchers because the study itself provides similar features with the one being proposed. In these articles, hotel reservation systems are increasingly important to facilitate cross-border consumer activity. The cross-border consumers being referred to be those vacationers, travelers and tourists who wish to visit a place and needs to go on-line for a reservation that is defined that way. According to Unruly Hideaway Bin Hosannas who made the study entitled The Development of Hotel Reservation System Via SMS, states that Wireless cosmologies become very popular and acceptable among people nowadays.