The World of Integrated Marketing Communication: Assignment essay

What is the concept of integrated marketing immunization (MIMIC)? How is MIMIC distinct from advertising? (5 Points) MIMIC is considered a combination Of elements and tools used to market a product or brand. The process of using a wide range of promotional tools working together to create widespread brand exposure 3. Explain the differences between regional advertising and cooperative advertising. What would you look for in an ad to identify it as a cooperative ad? (4 Points) Regional advertising is Brand promotion concentrated in a particular geographic region of a nation.

Cooperative advertising is when national marketers share promotional expenses with local marketers. To identify a cooperative ad, determine if the target advertising consist of local promotion that teams up with a national brand. 4. How does integrated marketing communication (MIMIC) affect brand management and development? If building brand loyalty is one goal, can you identify an example of a business that has successfully used MIMIC campaigns to create strong brand equity? (4 Points) Macy’s has done an amazing job with brand equity through MIMIC.

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Macy’s brand has grown tremendous through commercials, mailings, internet messages as well as the constant feedback requested from current customers. . How does the process of market segmentation enable an organization to spend its brand promotion dollars more efficiently and more effectively? (4 Points) By effectively narrowing down on where the dollars Ned to be spent based on groups or spending habits. Please answer the following questions after reading Chapter 2: The Promotion Industry 1 . What are the primary characteristics of second- generation Internet use and services (Web 2. )? (4 Points) Web 2. 0 is term used to describe internet focused on the ability for people to collaborate and share information online. 2. How does Web 2. Shape marketers’ decisions related to integrated marketing communication (MIMIC)? (4 Points) Through trends, interest and patterns web 2. 0 marketers decisions are shaped. 3. Huge advertisers such as Procter & Gamble spend billions of dollars on advertising every year, yet they still rely on advertising agencies to prepare most of their messages.

Why wouldn’t a big company do all its own advertising in-house? (5 Points) There is no one way to relay a message. Often times even big companies messages get lost and the help of outside agencies can assist. 4. Explain the viewpoint that a commission-based compensation system may actually give ad agencies an incentive to do the wrong things for their clients? (4 Points) There is a possibility the ad agency Will be focused on obtaining the commission more than doing ethical things for a client.

Please answer the following questions after reading Chapter 3: The Evolution of Promoting Brands 1. How do manufacturers gain or lose power in the channel of distribution? What other parties are involved in this power struggle? (4 Points) Manufactures can sometimes lose power through distribution because they have to accommodate the product to the specific outlet and this can dilute retain aspects Of the product effectiveness. 2. Review the technological developments that have had the greatest impact on brand promotion.