The truancy assign essay

The truancy in school defines as students who he/she has an excuse for absence in any given day and or more of the days in a school physical years. Truancy problems can be traced back students who has problems for not attending classes in schools regularly and then start to cut classes eventually. Truancy also applies if the students skip one or two periods and more but attend to another class the rest of the day. The truancy of attending school has become the global issue where it is a constant concern of teachers in school.

Each school has same policies that spell out about the causes of attendance problems and consequences of truancy among students. The percentage of the students who are found to be involved with this symptom has increased from many times especially for schools in urban areas where lack Of awareness. Due to this issue, student absents is not only lag behind in education , but they are involved in negative social activities like gangsters , vandalism, gambling and loitering and to name few.

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The reasons students fail to attend school are multi aspects and very complex matter to be handle by the teachers in schools. For example , students may skip school or classes cause of phobia , learning ability compared to other students or difficulty to get along with other teachers and students or teachers may be the factors of genetic and hormonal changes among teenagers . Truancy is still the main factor for disciplinary problems in schools in Malaysia (The Sun Daily 2012) It is one of the famous disciplinary problems faced by our teachers in Malaysia.

It can be seen in especially among primary and secondary school children has widespread across the nation. According to the report published by Ministry of Education in 2007, it is showed that 24,840 students ( 12. 9 per cent) found skipping school compared to the previous year was 21 ,840 students ( 0. 46 per cent) in 2006. Secondary schools students are associate with the high among the numbers contribute for the truancy problems and found the symptom.

Although the number of cases of student discipline is lower comparable to other countries, the Ministry of Education of Malaysia has taken this issue seriously. Every year, the ministry will create awareness together with school teachers and parents under RIB to add Reese the truancy issues among the students and ways to overcome the problems. It is also very important that school management has dominant role to ensure all the students are perform well not only in academic but also in good behavior to avoid any negative impact on the students.

ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS Truancy has ranked highest among the school discipline misconduct identified by the teachers and by skipping schools , the students has tendency to involved in negative symptoms such as drug addicts, gambling, alcohol consumptions and vandalism. The symptoms as prevailing day by day and the numbers are increasing significantly after the final test and days before he long term holiday starts. The real cause of this problem must be identified quickly so it is easy steps for overcome for future generations of our students.

From the explanation above , have applied the The root cause analysis (RCA) to uncover the deepest root and most basic reasons for identified concerns . The first step is to identify performance concerns based on the below analyzed factors. The lack of attention from parents, stress in students , school environment factor , influence of friends and personal factors. Figure 1 . Sample of Fishbone diagram of root cause analysis for students runny problem The lack of attention from parents There are also research found that the family institution is often cause the students releasing the pressure with truancy to elsewhere other than school.

The collapse of the family bonding and loving nature among the family members has increased the truancy level among the students. All negative actions of their children outside of the home and school are not taken seriously. This has lead the emergence of symptoms of truancy where troubled family give less care and less advise to them. While at home, hillier are not educated with moral values by their parents with the proper attitude of responsibility which is important as learning curves in their life. This has indirectly affect the formation of their personal practices into truancy where they seek same peers to follow blunt advises.

Parents only give full responsibility to educate their children to teachers at school alone while they are busy working to earn living. In this digital age, the lack of formal education by the parents is also a factor to the problem of students skipping schools. Values of the education are less cultivated by parents to the hillside’s where in some family, they are not so concern about the children education. Some parents are less concern to check their children where about during the school day or after returning from school. Student on this situation has taken the advantage of the freedom given by their parents.

There are also numbers of students has spent amount of time in the cyber cafe for the addicted games and internet surfing. In addition, children are free to do any activities whichever is popular because parents have 100% believe in their children that they won’t involve in negative activities. This lack f awareness has also led to students truancy becoming more rampant. The lack of religious education in the early stages of youth is also play a vital role from the parents. It is because at this stage the traditional culture will be formed into children which good upbringing and discipline essential to develop good behavior.

Act of truancy is also consider wrong in some religion regardless of any reasons without knowledge of their parents. Stress in students Some problem in family institution is one Of the reason of students high level stress to occurrence of truancy symptom. This is where the students experience stress at home due to parents arguments in front of them and likely to be carried away where they lose the spirit to attend school. The influence of this stress, they would like to release their anger to other place.

Students feel that by attending school with stress , they would not have interest to learn due to depression in them. Many things that are taught by teachers would not be able to understand and eventually they feel embarrassment to teachers and their fellow peers. Eventually they will feel lose interest in syllabus and think that teacher will scold if ask many questions. So it is better that they leave school and seek for entertainment outside to release their tensions. Students in secondary school have much greater autonomy and may make their own decision about whether to attend school on any day that they want.

Students makes their own calculations and decisions and weighting pro and cons of attending school or class when they feel stressed. In this situation , students often argue rationally weigh the benefits of attending school or against it. Schools were described as unsafe condition, uncaring, irrelevant , unsupported and uninteresting place to be. At this point, the students generally don’t like school where they think it is the place for high knowledge peers and feel unsecured to compete with the better students. If they were forced to be in school, they are much more likely to become matter of bullying.

Some instance cases in school revealed that, some well trained students are keeping away themselves to school because of the stress getting bullied by others. Many studies has indicates that, some student which has been stressed by family financial problem has ironically influence them to choose between family needs or school studies, thus arcing them to make own decision be;en personal life and school life. This is sometimes happen with the knowledge of the parents who seems to be less care about their children’s educations.

Parents negative attitude towards education especially children in urban areas where students gain some us port to attend part time work rather than attending school or classes. School environment factor School factors were the biggest group of caused given for students truancy problems. Many students has expressed that “schools are boring’. The reason ere related to the schools management function and the structure of the school itself. The most common problems were the lesson that teacher teach every day.

Some students like the the first lesson but dislike the second and third lessons and find it is boring to adapt the subject that dislike to them. In such cases, the students tend to skip classes and follow the other group of students who has same opinion. Many students had claimed that they dislike certain unfriendly teachers who are teaching them. Some students has no preference to attend school if the teachers always got angry and shout or owing mad with them. In such cases, it is easy to skip schools rather than facing such teachers with high expectation towards their students.

Some teachers has also unable to manage the pupils behavior due to large size of classes. Each students require individual attentions and thus teachers alone were unable to fulfill every needs for their students. These include students with psychological problems and low self esteem and they decided to stay away from teachers where that can’t find place in school to address their problems. Some minority of students has been found truancy when reinserting from primary school world to secondary school environment.

For the students, they find secondary school’s syllabus is over helping with great difficulties to handle these new subjects. Bullying cases are also recurring cause of truancy. Many students has complaint that they had taken drastic time off to avoid unpleasantness among their peers especially when student stay in hostel provided by the schools. Now days, the girl and the boys are become the victim of bullies and there are some students are still afraid to complaint to school managements. The easy way is to skip schools or classes.

Some students in family has fear of attending school if the family always migrate to places every now and then. The students truanted because they feel lonely and isolated because of difficulties fitting into new circle of friends and fear to be dispute among them. The influence of friends The influence of friends could lead to a great impact to students behavior and good or bad example. They feel that they are better understanding of each other among the peers and in this situations, they are absent from school due to spend and follow their peers every. Veer.

The affected students are costly from secondary school where all the students are young adults and requires good companion and the activities are often conducted in a groups. From here it is clearly show that the absenteeism of partners can lead to attract students to follow truancy. The students will easily follows their fellow students and peers to spend time by loitering in certain places and empty talk, watch movies or hang out in shopping center’s. If the question were ask to students on why skipping schools , they will mention that education in schools are boring and lack of interaction could be the reasons.

Youth at this stage are easily to follow their partner’s invitations with variety of reasons without thinking the consequences of the future impact of their studies. The freedom of socialize with friends outside the school also gone uncontrolled has lead to truancy problems. The influence of friends has given the impact especially secondary school students are young adults and requires many types of friends to hang out. The individual factors The lack of responsibility and motivations of students are varies by their development stages.

Teachers has identified that few interconnected effects Of absence on students who missed school or classes. These were loss Of confidence and self-esteem and impaired colonization of peers . The poor attendees become frustrated , bad tempered , insecure and undisciplined. At secondary schools, the students show behavioral problems including attention seeking through personality drastic change and disruptive behavior. In some cases, young students grew tough and resist against anything that teachers suggest.

Students who skip schools are actually miss opportunity to develop their language and communication skills and thus lost heir confidence in everything they intend to do. After losing their self- esteem , students tend to dislike school more and like to be in other places which has less disturbance. THREE STOP IT TECHNIQUES Early interventions Research has shown that early identification of poor attendance patterns of students and ensuing truancy issue to the parents are vital to ensuring a successful school experience .

When problems are identified early , the students attitudes and behavior can of the be changes before they are deeply involved. The strategies are best implemented in very young age and intention throughout the child’s school years. There are few courses available for teachers to study such as early childhood education and early literacy development Active learning environment Active learning embrace learning and teaching strategy that engage students to be more interactive and cooperative in students learning process.

Teacher and students require to find creative ideas and ways to solve problems and become lifelong learners. Teachers should play and important role by stopping the truancy problems by educating the students that there are many ways and different methods of learning. It can build self confidence in students. Teachers are also can apply e-learning system to be more connected to students in this digital age of telecommunications and internet.

School community collaboration When all groups of community provide collective support to the schools, a strong infrastructure sustains a caring environment where students are thrive and achieve better In society. Successful efforts to improve attendance view truancy as more just a “school” issue and involve entire community. Students active roles in community as social service to create awareness on others dents truancy problems could help on reducing the truancy issues to enable students to become more positive attitudes towards schools and education in general.

Program such as big sister and big brother from seniors to juniors in schools will also encourage better relationship between the peers. CONCLUSION Increasing rates of discipline problems among students in Malaysia schools has involved many factors as explained above. Truancy cases has mainly recorded as highest numbers compared to other discipline actions. Chronic absence in school has serious negative consequences both for truant student homeless and for communities, which suffer for both in long term threats to public safety.

By citing all the points above , it can be conclude that there are two critical items that require severe attention for both family and school management. First is the youth , communities , parents , families and friends need to set good example to prevent truancy problems. The individual need to understand the value of education for them to excel in life when entering the working environment. Since families has more responsibility to mould their children in early life , the parents should taught their children about the elites of truancy problems since young.

Second is the school management and teachers require to set school strict policies on attendance to be part of life long learning process and student can obtain good marks for their final exams . Several studies also reported that Saturday sessions and same day after school session for few hours are effective in reducing truancy problems. In other hand , multiple solutions are likely to be required including new strategies on using modern IT infrastructure to keep good track of students attendance in school and classes.

Alternative educational programs to be ore academically supportive , more interesting and more relevant to modern days requirement. Society also need to collaborate in efforts to tackle the problem by reporting cases of students truancy to respective school if found elsewhere during school period. The Ministry of Education Malaysia could also play important role to organize lectures and campaign related to eliminate the truancy problems among students thorough nations . This can help to create awareness in students and parents and other society movement about the dangers behind the symptoms of truancy.

This has prove that tutoring from parents who also result in less truancy problem and action Of students will be Truancy or skipping school is not just a problem of misconduct and violation of school rules but the larger question will be what do the students do Conclusion It is often said that school attendance is both responsibility of the student and parents but the actual responsibility comes from the students themselves. The stuff The school attendance is became a global problem for all nation and it clearly indicates the new direction needed for students to encourage them to attend schools.