The Men we carry in our Minds essay

The Men we carry in our Minds It is men who get to be the President and the politicians, it is men who get to be the Coo’s, it is men who all the joys and pleasures of life are given. This is what the women say, they say men have all the advantages of life that it is so much easier for them to get ahead, that it is unfair that they can work prominent positions of work, while the women are reduced to child raising and homemaking. Do the women of Scott Sander’s essay “Gender and Identity” really see everything though?

In the new age it is the women who rule have more advantages in the world. The woman who say this are telling it from a very different perspective then what it truly is. There is something far deeper then what their seeing and what their not seeing is that they do have all the advantages men do have and then some. They complain that there aren’t many woman in government, but in truth how many women actually run in government positions against the men? How many actually go to school to learn how to become those Stock-brokers, Coo’s, bankers, architects?

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They say they have no chance to become like their father that hey admire with such vigor, and when they say this, they believe it and they do not pursue their dreams, but instead do what they believe is expected of them. They become housewives and secretaries. The servants to the men in their opinion. It is not man’s fault for continuing this stereotypical lifestyle of women; it is their own fault for taking those positions and promoting the stereotype. No, it is not the men who have it lucky. Men are expected to have these positions by both the men and the woman.

It is an expectation that if failed to meet, you will be looked down upon by all your colleagues and our friends. To see it best, think of it as a competition. Competition is how virtually all men are raised, and just like in sports men compete in their work as well. Among a group of males the one who can boast best of his job will gain a higher respect among his friends, and if out of 2 of those one is a physician and the other is a fast food clerk, the clerk is put to shame by the very people he grew up with.

As with woman, not much is expected of them, not to put it in a bad way, it just when a man does poorly, more take notice and he is ridiculed more, as if a woman does poorly, on the same thing the an did there is less shame put on her. All both sides see is a sexist system though, what they don’t understand though is that a behavioral pattern has been built up in both the men and the women’s way of thinking. Men have a hierarchy since of thinking so when one out of a group does poorly the others will push on him to do better but he will not be helped, it is “Expected” that he do it himself.

Think of a group of guys like a pyramid, if one corner is weak, the whole thing is weak, and the others can’t move to help that corner compromising the rest like the first did. This is how me were raised, and this is how they’ve accepted it. Now think of women. They were raised with a since of equality amongst each other, and when trying to enter a world based on a hierarchy, I’m sure one can’t help but be confused and feel “unequal. In society what no one understands really is that woman were raised to be equal and to share thoughts, men were simply raised to follow the leader. Maybe it’s true though, maybe men do have all the advantages, but then again we also have all the disadvantages as well. Look at it this way, if a nouns couple were living their lives in a crises or time of war. They both had the same job, they do the same exact thing at their job, they both do equal shares of the housework, and take turns feeding and changing the baby.

Now this is what most would imagine to be the perfect equal life between man and woman, but now imagine the man gets a letter for the draft he’s been called to duty, to protect his family and country, but what’s this? His wife had received no such letter, why is this? The reason is because it’s not expected of her, and this is where their equality falters and is destroyed. She s not forced to register for the draft in addition to her normal duties in society. Nor has she ever fought for this duty.

She has fought and argued her way to be equal in the ways she wants, but it is still the man that is forced to do more. Woman complain and fight for the Same right men have and I’m sure more are more then willing to hand them over, but I doubt when they truly become equals in government and life that they would truly enjoy it. Their a very simple reason why women have a higher life expectancy then men and to simply put it… They are not forced to work like an Ox till their last breath.