The Lion King Essay essay

This energy is absorbed by plant life, which is also known as producers. Producers are eaten by animals that get their chemical energy by eating other organisms, these are known as consumers. When the consumers die, organisms break down the dead carcass and returns the nutrients to the soil, these organisms are called decomposer. During the beginning of the movie we saw zebras running across grasslands, antelope jumping across streams and rocks, and giraffes eating leaves and grass.

The antelope, zebras, giraffes, leaves and grass are all living and otherwise known as biotic. Water, rocks,and dirt are all nonliving, which is known as biotic. We all laughed when Muff’s taught Samba how to pounce on Ozark and hen Timing and Puma taught Samba to eat a bugs, which reminded me of when I have to eat vegetables at dinner. These are all examples of learned behaviors. A learned behavior is when someone or something teaches you something.

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At first the class was yelling at Scar because we did not want him to eat the mouse, then Kazoo came and the mouse got away, then everyone was happy. Scar was the predator which means he eats other animals to live. The mouse was the prey which was hunted and almost killed for Scars lunch. When the hyenas took over the pride land they over populated the ecosystem with predators. This caused the ecosystem to collapse and in turn caused the plants to die. The lions still living there were left with two choices, move away or suffer.

When an ecosystem has too many of one species that ecosystem will collapse this is the definition of overpopulation. I have watched “The Lion King” at least four times, I’ve never thought about the food chain, biotic, biotic, learned behaviors, consumers, producers, decomposer, predators, prey and over population. Now know that there is a lot that can be learned from practically anything including cartoons. I think this lesson was very fun and a great way to learn about vocabulary words.