The Invisible Man By Herbert Wells essay

In his literary works Wells showed himself a humanist ring to solve social problems by criticizing the evils of modern civilization. The novelty of depicting the controversial realities of modern time lies in the authors attempt to show moral responsibility of scientists for social consequences of realization of their ideas and inventions. The writer investigates the place Of man in modern society Of technological process.

His most famous works are The Time Machine, The War of Worlds, The Island of Doctor Morale , The First Men in the Moon in which the writer speak about the moral responsibility of a scientist for the wrong application of his horses. The title В«The invisible manВ» is suggestive. We can suppose that title names the main character of the story who has become a witness or participant of fictional events and scientific experiments. But we can’t say more without further reading. The author is known for his attention to details working for the general image of the story. As for the setting , the place is given explicitly. « The Coach and HorsesВ» , one of proper names mentioned, is the best known pub in Britain, London. However, we don’t have any references to the time. But it’s not surprising as the story deals with some action events. The story is told in third person by one of the witnesses of the events happened. The authors central figure seemed to show unusual and associative behavior. For some circumstances he had to stay in В«Coach and HorsesВ». As for his appearance, all his body including his arms and even face were hidden with clothes, bandages ,hat and glasses . Moreover, he wore wig under his hat and had whiskers.

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He practically had some financial problems but still had stay here. He was very nervous and hungry for already three days because Miss Hall, one of that public house, refused to bring him . Is breakfasts because of nonpayment. The stranger occupied himself is unknown. There were constant outbursts of curses, a tearing of paper, and a violent smashing of bottles from his room. Unable to wait any more he decided to go down to Miss Hall where he became the participant of unexpected events. Although the author doesn’t give any vivid descriptions of his personality, a lot can be understood through the lines.

He is rather impatient, impulsive, strongly build individual, who goes through difficult time of his life and probably tries to hide or escape something. The charm of the Story lies in interesting plot and exciting situation. The action takes place in В« Coach and HorsesВ» where our main character had already been for some days. The crowd of dressed up for the holiday people made fuss about the recent burglary. The public house’s owner, Mr.. Hall had gone to magistrate to take his advice. Our stranger returned to his room very early and was waiting for Miss Hall to prepare him breakfast.

After several useless calls and outbursts of curses , he decided to go downstairs to find out the cause of such service. There he had to face with Ms. Hall’s disaffection because of his nonpayment . When he gave her necessary sum of money , she became concerned about some other facts as his imperceptible return to the hotel and his financial level increase soon after the burglary. Such suspicions made them angry and he began to take off his hat, and with a violent gesture tore at his whiskers and bandages. A flash of horrible anticipation passed through the bar. Mr.. Hall returned with the constable who had the warrant.

After numerous attempts they still didn’t manage to catch him. So the plot has loses plot structure as it consists of exposition, story, climax and denouement. The authors talent lies in remarkable power of the composition used. It is narration with great share of dialogues that make the reader become a witness of the events described. The genre of the extract is science fiction that presents the mixture Of social and natural qualities Of people and mysterious scientific experiments resulted in men’s ability to be invisible. Many of the events , reactions and descriptions create fantastic image of that extract.

The author’s style is remarkable for its powerful brilliant illustrations. Everything he touches seems to reflect the feelings of the heroes, and his power in depicting their passions – fear, hate, anger- is enormous. The style is literary-colloquial with some words of non-literary style as vulgarisms ( Go to the devil), slanginess (near, near) etc. In that extract Wells tries to reveal the theme of scientific progress. The idea appeals to the authors opinion about humanity that is not ready to new achievements of biological and technological revolution. The author’s choice of vocabulary’ and stylistic devices is admirable.