The human body is essential to our daily lives essay

The human body is essential to our daily lives. Depending on what we consume, will in deed determine our health factor. In addition to that depending on certain foods, herb and supplements can either be change in the body for good or the worse. It is very important to know how our body works, so that we can make better decisions on the food decisions we make once or twice a month while we are at the grocery store.

Making wise decision is also a huge part on our body health, avoid fast foods as much as possible, e have previously learned that fast food is major processed and will harm the human body. In addition to that there are many supplements herbs that will help keep the body healthy and fight Off diseases, but there may be some that do the body no good. The human body is designed to process our food and convert it into energy that our body will use throughout the day. Our digestive system plays the main role in this, our digestive system is made up of 30 feet of firework starting from the mouth and ending in the anus.

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Once e swallow the choice of food it goes through the esophagi, then it is delivered into the stomach, a muscular chamber that distributes and mixes up food with digestive juice which targets protein and lipase which worked on fats. You must keep in mind that other organs play a huge role in the digestive system, which is another reason, we should watch the food we consume. The organs that are effected are our gallbladder, liver, and pancreas. The liver process nutrients absorbed into the blood.

Considering the foods we consume to stay healthy and fight disease. The body needs Omega, 3 Fatty acids to function properly. This supplement is needed because our body does not originally produce this. Fatty acids can be found in salmon, tuna, and other fatty fish, in addition to that you can find it in fish oil supplements. These fatty acids help prevent heart diseases. People that consume a high quantity of this supplement reduce the risk of developing colon cancer and breast cancer. Calcium along with vitamins may reduce the risk of developing cancer as wee.

Calcium helps DNA repair mechanisms, eloping to prevent disruption in the DNA repairs they can lead to cancer and disease. Consuming calcium supplements will reduce that risk of developing a disease by 40 percent. However although it may be a good source if you are a women and are already taking multivitamin you should talk to a physician before adding a calcium supplement because it may cause an individual risk for something else. Vitamin D is also a vitamin supple to help prevent cancer, it is actually toe most studied at this time.

Vitamin D goes to together with Alicia because vitamin D will help absorb the calcium into the body giving it more Of an effect to fight against health risks. Vitamin D is also very important to the skin and can help fight against skin cancer and it is also known to prevent high blood pressure, but the evidence is unclear. Commence IQ O is an important chemical that plays a strong, crucial role in the cells ability to extract energy from food, Although our body will produce this naturally, it is known and seen to decrease with age.

This may now seem very obvious to oh considering, you get old and have less energy. Commence IQ O lowers blood pressure while helping the heart function, helping especially people suffering from cardiovascular disease. The herb/supplement is safe and well- tolerated, the available form in most effecting as it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Green tea is an herb that will help boost the immune system. It is known to prevent tumors. Although we are still researching this herb, it has not given any reason not to take it.

People may also lean towards Green tea if hey are wanting to lose weight, get in shape and become healthy. Remember, it is very important for us to stay healthy.