The Eiffel Tower essay

Paris is known for fashion ND glamour, but the most striking is the exquisite tower at night. Things children do There are many things in the world children like to do. Some children like to play outdoor games while others prefer indoors, some prefer to watch television and play video games. Some of these things are good and some are bad in some ways. Children who like to play outdoors develop their physical and mental health. Children who play games such as cricket, basketball, football and etc. Can work in a group and easily make friends.

Children who prefer indoor games such as chess and carom develop their mental health and the memory. They get high marks for mathematics. Watching television and playing video games are the most popular activities among children but they are harmful in many ways. Therefore children have to choose good things to do in their leisure time. My favorite cartoon character My favorite cartoon character is Marinara in Diamond Island. Marinara is a kind-hearted fairy. She is the main adviser in the Diamond island. Most of the time she loves reading fairy books and helping others. Like this cartoon because it is about a brave fairy.

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When a cruel witch tries to destroy the Diamond island Marinara rescues the island from danger and that is why eke Marinara. Good manners We must learn good manners and always try to be a well-mannered person. Good manners are essential to live in the society. When we meet someone we must greet him by saying “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” with a smile. When someone offers to help us we must say “Thank you” to show our gratitude. If we want to speak to someone who is busy we must say “Excuse me”. When we hurt someone we must say “I’m sorry!. We must respect our parents, teachers and elders.

We must not look down upon the poor and the weak. We must always help them and appreciate the talents of others. Only a ell-mannered person can become a good citizen. The Discovery of Coffee Coffee plants originally grew wild in Ethiopia though they are now cultivated in India, Arabia, Africa, Hawaii, Mexico, West Indies and South America. This plant was discovered by chance in the early centuries through goat herds in Ethiopia. Their flocks kept grazing by day and kept awake all through the night. When investigated it was found that they had fed on the leaves of a certain plant.

My sister have a young sister. Her name is Asana Rumania. She is five years old. She is in grade one at SST. Pall’s Girls School. She likes to study and read stories. Her favorite subject is Environmental studies. She likes to eat fruit and drink orange juice. She has a lot of dolls and toy cars. Asana likes to listen to music. She can sing and dance well. I play with my sister. She is a good girl. I love her a lot. Animals at risk The world is full of different types of animals. Many animals are in danger of dying because they are being hunted in large numbers. Whales are hunted and killed for their meat.

Blabber and elephants are killed for their tusks and crocodiles for their teeth and skin. Today even other animals are in danger as industries and farming are destroying places of their habitats. Others die hen oil and chemicals pollute rivers and seas. If we act quickly we may save these creatures from becoming extinct. My mother My mother is the first and the best friend I have. She was my first teacher. She taught me how to speak and to stand up and walk. She taught me good manners and gave me happiness. My mother taught me how to read and write. My mother devotes a lot of time on me.

She cooks delicious foods. Sometimes she asks me what I prefer to eat and prepares it. I love my mother more than anyone in this world. Am proud of my mother. It’s obey our parents Parents give us much love and care and they teach us the right and the ring. More than their comfort they provide us with our needs. Therefore we can give them obedience in return. We should always listen to them as children and obey our parents. We should never be stubborn. Children who do not obey parents face unfortunate incidents. Let us obey our parents and be good citizens. Syria Syria is a rock fortress.

It is in the central Metal District near the town Of Tambala. Syria is a rock palace built on top of a rock. The entrance of the fortress is shaped like a lion’s mouth. Therefore the rock was called “Sinai Girl” and later it was known as Syria. Syria was built by King Kappa’s in he fifth century. There are world famous paintings in it. Syria is a world heritage site. We must protect it. My Playmate have many playmates and one of them is my cousin sister. She is from my home town. She is short and thin. She has short hair too. She is very kind. We play a lot.

Sometimes we cook for fun. I wish that I could go to the same school my cousin sister attends. Then I could play with her forever and ever. My cousin sister Ski is eve sweet and I love her a lot. The ants teach us An ant is a tiny insect which lives together in large numbers in a colony. Each member in an ant colony has a duty to perform. The colony continues to exist only if they carry out their duties properly. The ants are not lazy at all. We can see how a group of ants makes a joint effort to carry huge insects or some other type of food. They keep on trying as a team until they succeed.

They collect and store food to prepare for bad times. We can also learn these important lessons from ants for the well-being of ourselves. My ambition My ambition is to become a doctor. I like to be a doctor due to several reasons. The first reason is that I like to treat patients. The other reason is that it is a noble profession. I think everyone must have an ambition in life. When there is a target it is very easy to achieve. Having an ambition is not enough. We must work hard to achieve the target with a proper plan. I do my work with heart and soul to be a doctor in the future.

Birds We can see birds almost everywhere. Some are very beautiful. They are different in color and size. Birds have special abilities. Some of them can sing. They have wings to fly. Birds can fly thousands of kilometers. But some birds cannot fly. The ostrich and kiwi are some of them. Birds make the environment beautiful. I love birds. The roses The rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. There are many rarities of roses and they come in different sizes and colors. It is a flower with a pleasant smell. The rose plant has thorns all over it. Plenty of sunlight is necessary to grow this plant.

Many people grow roses as a source Of income. Roses are used for decorations and in many industries such as perfume industry. They are also exported to other countries. Roses symbolize love and affection. My favorite sportsman My favorite sportsman is Kumar Kangaroos. He is a former captain of the Sir Lankan cricket team. He was also the wicket keeper in the team. He is admired by many sports fans, not only in Sir Lankan but also in other cricket laying countries. Sir Lankan have won many tournaments under his captaincy. Also dream Of becoming a great cricket captain like him one day.

The Postman The postman is the happiest person in the Postal Department. He is free because he does not work at a desk in an office. He is not surrounded by a heap of files. He does not answer questions of people who come to the Post Office for various transactions. He keeps company of different people when he goes around. The people who work at offices have time schedule to stop work, but the postman has no such scheduled time. When he has many letters to deliver he takes a lot of time. It depends on the number of letters he has to deliver for the day. The wind The wind is air moving from one place to another.

Sometimes the wind brings harm to people. It can make us homeless. But the wind does not always blow heavily. Sometimes the wind is our enemy but other times it is our friend. The wind helps us to sail ships, dry clothes and fly kites. We can also use the wind to generate electricity. We can measure the wind direction and speed using a wind gauge. The wind brings different weather conditions. A beautiful town in Sir Lankan There are several beautiful towns in Sir Lankan and Sandy is one of them. Sandy is the capital town in the Central Province. The world famous Temple of the Tooth Relic is situated in Sandy.

It is a sacred lace as the Lord Buddha tooth relic is enshrined there. The Sandy peripheral is world famous too. It is held in every July. Locals and many tourists come to view the attractive procession. The most beautiful botanical garden in Sir Lankan is also situated a few miles away from Sandy. The Sandy lake is in the heart of the town. Sandy has a temperate climate. My favorite festival My favorite festival is Signals and Hindu New Year. This festival is celebrated in April. The New Year generally falls on 14th April. The New Year is a national festival. Buddhists and Hindus celebrate it in different ways. He festival has many special customs. Buddhists and Hindus light the hearth at an auspicious time. They also take their festival meals at an auspicious time. Milk rice is our special food. This is a very special day for Buddhists and Hindus. New Year is a happy time for everyone. My Favorite Friend My favorite friend is Sentient. She is seven years old. Sentient studies at Annual Vitally Engorged. She is in grade 3. She lives in Maharaja. She is the only child in her family. Sentient is thin and tall. She has short black hair. She likes to wear frocks. Her favorite subject is Dancing.

She likes to play Badminton. Her father works abroad and her mother is a housewife. Sentient is a helpful, kind, pleasant girl. She wants to be a doctor one day. I wish her all success. My Favorite Pet My favorite pet is a puss cat. I call it Puffy. It is one year old. It is black and white in color. It is fat. It has a long puffy tail and long whiskers on its face. It likes to eat fish and rice, and likes to drink milk. Everyday when I get up in the morning it comes to me and plays with me. It always plays with a all. It has its own pillow to sleep on. Like my Puffy very much.

My Hobby My hobby is reading books. I have a lot of books with me. Keep all of them on a book shelf. Every year my parents present me a story book for my birthday. Want to have a small library. Have already collected many books. I have read all of them. I have gained knowledge of various things by reading books. My hobby is collecting stamps. I collect stamps issued in Sir Lankan and other countries as well. Have both old and new stamps in my collection. They are different in size and shape. Some are square, rectangular and triangular in shape. Some are small and some are big. They are very colorful.

By collecting stamps we can gain knowledge of many things, because there are pictures of many famous people, animals, birds, important places, pictures relevant to religious or traditional activities and Seasons and important things like gems. Collecting and sharing stamps is a very interesting hobby. I enjoy it very much. My father My father’s name is Tussah. He is 34 years old. He is thin and short. My father is very kind. He has a pharmacy. My father has a lot of friends too. My father gives me a lot of toys. He drops me at school every day in the morning. Eve him very much and he loves me too.