The easy accessibility essay

So came up with my q question ,”How does the easy accessibility of the Internet affect the academic growth of high shoo I students in the United States The advancement of technology has brought us a new way to communicate, which is many times more effective than the past. In the past, society used to learn fro m books and documents; it was the only way to transfer knowledge between two people, b UT it wasn’t easy to share world wide. Through the Internet, every piece Of knowledge , lesson, an d theory can be uploaded online and shared to everyone easily.

Because information is so ease y to access, students are using it to serve their educational needs. It has been 3 years since I got m y first laptop, and my grades have been going up in several classes, which require lots of reading and researching. Am really interested in how it has helped me to be able to do better on home work and glasswork assignments. Technology has advanced: everyone in the United States is con acted to the Dang 2 Internet. Even a watch these days can possibly connect to the Internet, or eve n more, download eBooks.

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Growing up with advancing technology, I know how it helped me to study moor effectively, I use the Internet to do most of my study, and it help me do it fast re; information is easy to find on it; So want to know if other students also found the Internet i s useful as I found t. I created 8 questions and interviewed 3 high academic performing high such LOL students from different grades to see if their use of the Internet had positive effects on their performance at school. All of them had a 4. GAP and were in advanced classes that require I Tots of Reese rich. My questions were about how the easy accessibility of the Internet is helping t hem, and their opinion about the importance of the Internet toward their MM,’n academic recon rd. In addition, I also asked how often they uses the Internet for their learning purpose, and the e advantage of the Internet from their point of view in terms of helping them to manage their Tim I have been using everything on the Internet for quite a long time, and it has helped me a lot.

In the past, the students lived closer to the library, and schools were more likely to spend their time reading books and learning ; students will be more likely to study is once the Internet are always be easy for them to access, just like the library be to the students lives near it. Thought that schools which have more advanced technology devices and have their SST dents worked more on the Internet have a higher rate of academic achievement, because the y would have a greater resource of knowledge and a greater tool to work more effectively that n students who only read textbooks and write on paper.

I thought that the easy accessibility o f the Internet has improved the connection between students and knowledge, which has a posit eve impact on to their education. With my positive experience with the Internet, I hoped that m y research would Dang 3 give my school reasons to expand our education system on the Internet and c rate more opportunities for student to do work such as changing classes, doing homework ark, and studying online. Additionally, students would save more time as well as have higher pr ability to access knowledge.

Research Paper The rapid and constant pace of the change in technology is creating opportune ties for students to connect to the Internet . The opportunities include greater access t o rich, multimedia content, the increasing use of online coarsening to offer classes not otherwise SE available, the widespread availability of mobile computing devices that can access the Inter net, the expanding role of social net”/irking tools for learning and professional development, an d the growing interest in the power of digital games for more personalized learning.

The ease y accessibility of the Internet has increased the academic growth of high school students by all owing students to have accesses to process and share information. Students who know how to use the Internet are more likely to have significant academic than students who don’t achievement because of the knowledge the Internet provides that is limitless As of April 2013, the number of scanned books on Google Books was over 30 million ” (Prearrangement’s) .

The number of books students can find just on Google books are almost double compared to the largest library in the word, the amount of boo KS students can reach through the Internet large and they can reach easily. If books are where we stored knowledge, 30 million books on the internet can be considered as a limitless s resource of knowledge, even if an individual could be able to absorb all those knowledge, the time it cosseted would be long enough for our world make another 30 million books. “Growing g up in a home Dang 4 with 500 books would propel a child 3. Years further in education, on average e, than would growing up in a similar home with few or no books. ” Prearrangement’s). Owning books at home are not easy for some families, but it can be possible for everyone thro ugh the Internet. The easy accessibility Of the Internet brought the opportunity for families to h eve books to ready, and also make it easily for students to find the books they need, and want to r dead. As technology started to integrate into high school classroom at the beginning of the 21 SST Century, the average high school students’ Spas are also increased.

The mean grade point average for female high school graduates was 3. 10 in 2009, . 33 higher than the average GAP for young women in 1990. The average GAP for male high school graduates over the same period rose . 3 1 points to 2. 90. (U. S. Department of Education). As we know, the government had spend billion ins dollar to update the accessibility of the Internet at school, with that much of investment NT, there would be a big difference between now and then at school, definitely it had impacted to t he increment of students’ performance.

As technology advancing, helped the academic perform manic improve. “Algebra students who used computer assisted learning programs outperform med students in traditional classes because using computer algebra systems can help pupils t understand the concept of variables and motivate them to lemma algebras. Achieving gains of u p to 25 percent in skill and up to 1 00 percent in problem While using the Intent rent to learn, there are improvement from students performance; as the ability to connect to the Internet of students expand, the improvement will Increase. Sing technology to check a n equation can provide immediate feedback if the equation is incorrect instead of writing the equation out in pencil and waiting for a response from the teacher. Dang 5 The Internet is a great learning tool; it create connections from students to m NY different sources of knowledge. As we expanding the accessibility of the Internet, we car Tate opportunities for students to find many different types Of learning styles, which can help SST dents to find the most effective way to study for themselves. Teaching approaches that turner d students into active participants rather than passive listeners reduced failure rates and boo Steed scores on exams by almost manhole a standard deviation. ” (National Science Foundation). Elect re cannot be efficient while using alone; not only the fact that it is not interesting, but also t urn students into tote learner. Each student in one class does not learn in the same way; if the t cheer chooses just one style of teaching, the students will not be maximizing their learning potent till.

While working on the Internet, they can choose the way of learning or different sources of eel son that fits them the most. Not every student learns effectively from reading texts and lectures; some students are more comfortable learning through experience. Whew practicing or watching s Money else do one thing, those students are able to learn from it. As we are in the middle of the evolution of genealogy, we are standing in between the traditional learning style which is lectures and the future learning style which is online courses.

People couldn’t decide which are better, so they picked all the pros of each, put it together and created a new learning style cal led Blended Learning. “Blended learning develops a skill set for students that otherwise w loud not be possible in exclusive factories instruction. Skills include digital citizenship, info orientation management skills, Selfridges learning, and web research and collaboration skills.. Technology can help alleviate many of these problems.

Blended learning, alls o referred to as hybrid learning is a combination of learning modalities involving factories in striation and Webbed learning delivery, and is carefully designed using a customized insist irrational strategy Dang 6 that leverages the strengths of each. Expected this learning style to be used more often after my project, since it could fully utilize the advanced technology, plus the original eel sutures; this learning style could bring us even more efficiency than ever.

The Internet allow was for the development and creation of learning communities that provide access to an welled that was once difficult to obtain. Technological resources are making access to Knowles edge easily accessible for individuals to learn in a variety of different ways. In order to work with the advanced education system, most high school studs ants are equipped with at least one device that is able to connect to the Internet. The I internet saves students time in research and production, which allows them to do more. The e Internet enables society to address these educational challenges by bringing learning to studs ants instead of bringing students to learning” (Webbed Education Commission). Be able to connect to the source of knowledge easily, students are more likely to study and study better when what they have to do is to receive it. It is hard for students these days to focus on their s duty since there are so many distraction around them, so it is important to bring learning to them instead of telling them to find it themselves. Allowance students’ test scores increased by 30 percent after they were given smartness to access more information and instruction and to c elaborate with their peers. “(KDE). After smartness were distributed to low income students, s notarized test performance drastically increased because students could more easily com enunciate with their peers and access information throughout the day. As the easy accessibility of the Internet had brought to those students, knowledge and communication connection had al so came to them, which helped their score to raise.

The novo major benefits that come from off actively using the Internet, search and collaboration tools, are first, an increase in the speed an d second, improved Dang 7 quality of the research being performed. Less time is spent looking for inform action that has already been identified or created, so that more time can be spent in analyzing g and associating disparate pieces of information. The easy accessibility of the Internet helps the academic of high school studs NT in the US, as a great tool and an innovative connection connects students to many useful I things.

With the opportunity to learn effectively, now is the time for high schools to expand the e education system on the Internet. High schools in the US including Oakland High School should create more opportunities for students to do work online. The future of education depend upon it; the first step is always hard and expensive, but the benefits will be enormous with the evolution of the Internet. Personalization After researching, I decided to do an experiment in real life. I did 3 interviews with 3 different high school students to ask about the effects of the Internet on their performance.

The 3 students were Thai Buy, are a senior student at Oakland H gig School, Tram Pam, a senior student at OCHS, and Queen Unguent , a sophomore student at OCHS. All of them have a 3. 5 or higher GAP considered as students who take education serious Ii, and are able to SE the Internet fluently and regularly to serve their educational purpose. The results collected were very informative. The first question I asked was ABA out what do students do while they have an easy accessible Internet connection.

I found d out that it not only used as a source of knowledge, an useful working tool, it also used as textbook k, and a communicating connection. Thai Buy, a senior student with 4. 0 GAP told me t hat he has 7 subjects a day and all of them required a textbook to be able to learn in class. Bringing all 7 Dang 8 textbooks a day is an impossible thing to do. Luckily, there are 4 over 7 of the textbooks are available on the Internet for free; with the easy accessible connection of the I internet at school, this no longer a challenge to him anymore.

The Internet connection at school also be used as communicating connection. This is an extremely useful function of if when SST dents have the opportunity to use it. Tram Pam, a senior with 4. 0 GAP had shared her story about how her and her friends in AVID Program used the Internet connection to open a college FAA IR without any help from the adviser. They found phone numbers and email addresses and able t connected to the colleges using their school’s Internet connection. The opportunity can be brow get to student through the easy accessible connection IS really great at school.

I asked the into the next question about the Blended learning style, how do they feel about it and do t hey think it would be effective to our school as I found it on the Internet. Three out of three agree e to the fact that it would be useful for their school if it ever going to use it Queen Unguent, a sop homer student said ” Most students are already doing this kind of learning style in classes, SC hollow is only going o considered it as an official learning style at our school. ” Queen also gave so me examples about how students around her are using this kind of learning style. My math class are using a website as glasswork and homework. It called Khan Academic. After the lecture e, teacher us to use this website to practice. I really love this kind of learning style, beside e it have every knowledge needed to solve a problem, there are unlimited lessons ready for me to learn if I want to. ” I learned that the Internet is a useful tool and the easy accessible co injection of it at our school helped our students to fully utilized this useful tool. Most of the information I found by interviewing is related and connected dire city to my research on the Internet.

In fact, the answers of these three students confirm De the information Dang 9 which is the easy accessibility of the Internet positively affected to academic p reference of high school students. I love to work on my computer. I love how comfortable the Internet makes m e while learning and working. At first, I knew that the Internet had a great impact on s dents’ academic performance these days. After this project, I have proved to myself that the I internet is useful for NY reason you use it for, as long as you use it correctly.

The fact that all studs ants I interviewed have fully utilized the advantage from the Internet and got a high learning per performance has support the idea that the Internet helps students learn more effectively. They also spend less time doing their homework, have more time to prepare for the next day’s lesson, a adding a new point is that “the Internet saves students time in research and production, which allow was them to do more. ” have learned things that expected and have a better understanding of the c injection between present education and the Internet.