The Detrimental Effects of Governmental Power essay

As we can see from the novel, Panes is under controlled the capitol, of which he entire country is governed by problematic rules. Different rules and laws are enforced in the country which favor only the rich and elites and post no good to the well-being of the poor but only to push them even further from the bottom of quality of life. What’s worse, the human nature of both people living in the capitol or live in the Districts is distorted as a result of the unequally distributed and overly abused governmental power, as well as their values.

What the government does are not of benefit their people but to feather their own nest. Therefore people have bad quality of life under the overspent control. First of all, the government is irresponsible to the well- being of their people, law being illogical, people can do nothing but only to break them to get things they need. For example, Catkins has to hunt illegally in the wood outside the District 12 and trade her quarries at black market since she has to feed her family to keep them alive. Everyone has his or her right to being alive which the illogical law goes against.

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In addition, it is known that the government does has its responsibility to help the poor, but the capitol gets lots of wealth from poor Districts. This action makes the poor even do not have enough food to eat. For actually, it is found that sick people are easy to be controlled doing what the government want them to do. The government then creates people’s dependence base on this, like the saying do not bite the hand that feed you. ” Secondly, the blame of the society security makes people live in hard lives. The hostility between the poor and the rich divided among them which helping the government control the people well.

For example, the government creates a “reaping system” and the “teaser” to offer a little food to their people. The raping system is unfair, with the poor getting the worst of it” (Collins, 13). Gale takes a dig at Mange, the mayors daughter, on the reaping day, because Mange does not need to go to the Capitol to join the Hunger games. It seems that the unfair system makes the poor live in hard situations, but how the system is going has nothing to do with the rich, who do not have to sign up for teaser. Therefore, the poor people get angry at the rich ones, even though they do not even know each other.

Thirdly, the cruel government uses fear to control their people with lots of horrible punishments. For example, the venom of the Tracker Sacker is “so carefully created to target the place where fear lives in [people’s] [brains]” (195). The government shows how powerful they are and fighting against them is rather useless. People have to be careful about everything, especially what they say about the government. In a word, the overly abused illogical and unfair government power make the poor have to break the law to save alive and they do not have any society security at all ,which makes the poor and the rich do not trust each other.

What is worse, the horrible punishments make people live fearful lives. The governmental power also distorts the humanity of their people by making influences imperceptibly. Whether a decision is right or wrong, it will become the mainstream as long as the decision is supported by the government. The most obvious thing example which can exemplified this is the clothing style of the people living in the capitol. The clothing that they Wear goes against human nature and makes them look not like human being.

When Catkins sees the capitol people the first time, she sees that “oddly dressed people with bizarre hair and painted faces” (59). Let is known that the government puts serious gap in wealth between the poor and the rich. The gap makes people who live in different kinds of life situations have different understandings of dressing. It seems that the poor who live in the Districts do not even have enough food to eat, while the rich have enough extra money to dress themselves up strangely the way of which goes against human nature.

However, the distortion of thinking IS more serious than the distortion of the way of dressing. Having inhumane way of thinking happens too ordinarily and no one thinks what they do is evil anymore because they are supported by the law. For example, no one in the capitol wants to know Pox, someone who have being committed a crime and get his or her tongue cut. The Pox should not be talked with “unless it is to give an order” (78). No one shows their sympathy towards the poor Pox. The thinking which the government has makes deep effects on their people’s thinking.

When the government does terrible things which go against human nature, inhumane thinking can become popular among the people in the capitol and no one will ever consider evil things are wrong anymore. When people?s thinking is distorted they will do evil and inhumane things without a second, because what they hind about decide to what their action is. For example, when the poor kids who have been chosen to be tributes join the Hunger Games have arrived in the capitol, the people”begin to point at [them] eagerly” (57) and “bet on how long [the tributes] will 1 5) without having any sympathy.

They are excited because they cannot help to watching the tributes die. It is very clear that people’s humanity, as in kindness and goodness, are gradually losing. They become inhumane just like what their government does. Above all, the great power of the government distorts people’s humanity, which can be roved easily by the ways the capitol people dress, their thinking as well as their actions . However, when people lose their humanity, their values are distorted as well. People’s values are distorted with the distortion of human nature under the governmental power.

The “crazing” preference to violence is very obvious in the novel . For example, the audience likes to watch real fighting the Hunger Games. The capitol is not allowed having no deaths ,no fights which making the show boring ,because “the real sport of the Hunger Games is watching the tributes kill one another”( 177). When violence comes legal and using violence is not punished, all the enthusiasm for fighting and killing are woken up in the people’s brain. Evil things would no longer be regarded as evil anymore, but are regarded as honorable; just like what the Career think .

What’s worse, immoral actions are anticipated and expected by people just like the violence. For example, people appreciate the sly “smart” ways of surviving like cheating and betraying. Real kind emotions like goodness and compassion are undesirable in the Hunger Games. That is why Catkins has to hide her emotions to pretend that she is a cool person to he audience. It is clear that people?s values are distorted. They look forward to do or see bad things and people who have good characters will be looked down as they are not smart enough.

Not only do the audience’s own values are distorted, but also they like to make innocent people lose their innocence. For example, before the Hunger Games start, Catkins says: ‘The awful thing is that if I can forget [the tributes] are people, it will be no different [between people and animals] at when her ally Rue is killed by a boy, Catkins shoots the boy without thinking. This is her first kill which shows that innocent people have to put away their innocence and do evil things like killing in order to survive in the Hunger Game.

In conclusion, people’s values are distorted under the governmental power. Above all, it is totally clear that the governmental power has detrimental effects on their people, All the above examples show that the great power from the government makes people live in a worse quality life than before and distorts people’s human nature as well as their values.