The Catcher in the Rye: Growing up with Holden essay

Holder’s actions and progression depict this theme as Holder is seen as omen who is struggling to mentally develop into a young adult despite his coming of age. Holder experiences as well as witnesses loss of innocence and its effect on hi considerable and allows for growth due to his protection Of innocence. Holder n experiences a selfless of his own childhood innocence as well as a sense of maturity when h e goes to visit a museum from his past. He states that the best thing about the museum, “was that everything always stayed where it was,” and that, ‘the only thing different would be you,” (121).

However, urine this visit Holder doesn’t find the museum appealing and would only go in, “if Boohooed been there,” so he’d rather, “made that damn date with Sally,” (122). The muse um stands for what Holder wishes for most: a simple, unchanging world of his childhood. H e is disturbed by the fact that he changes himself overtime he visits the museum and would o only enter with Phoebe in order to protect her innocence as he doesn’t want to see her lose t he same innocence he sees himself losing.

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However, his preferring of a date with Sally instead IS r preventative of Mongo 2 IM beginning to socialize with the adult world and stepping out of his bubble of adolescence. Holder’s thoughts on the museum is symbolic of how he is unwilling to mature e and partake in adulteries activities, but realizes his own maturing and as such tries to protect t he innocence of others because it is too late to save his own. Holder’s rejection and disgust at the adult world further showcases a mental struggle between his maturing and his desire to stay as a child. Holder commonly des crises the people around him as “phonies”.

For example, Holder describes his school experience as, “full of phonies,” and, “all you do is talk about girls and liquor and sex all day, and eve robbery sticks together in these dirty little goddamn cliques,” (131). Although Holder acts digs used about this nature, he has been attracted towards other characters who seem superficial, such as Sally Hayes, for the same reasons he castigates. Early in the novel, Holder describes Cackle y,his roommate, as, “was exactly the kind of a guy that wouldn’t get out of your light,” when Ac Kelley wouldn’t stop pestering him with questions.

However, Holder exhibits the same behave r when he barrages Seedeater, another roommate, with questions about Jane. It is worth noting that even though Holder is quick to point out the “phoniness” in others, he doesn’t onto CE the same “phoniness” in himself. While Holder wants to remain innocent and criticizes t hose who indulge in the quoted activities, he also desires to partake in the activities and is stuck between his desire to stay a child and his desire for more sophisticated entertainment.

Holder d goes seem to lean towards and be biased for more sophisticated entertainment which shows the t he is growing up even if he doesn’t admit it himself. Holder’s customization of himself from the rest of society only further contribute test to struggles that forces Holder out of his world of adolescence. When Mr.. Spence err tells Holder that Mongo 3 life is a game, Holder rejects that statement and thinks to himself, “Game, my ass.. Layoff get on the side where all the hotshots are, then it’s a game, all right.. But if you get o n the other side, where there aren’t any hotshots, then what’s a game about it?

Nothing,” (8). It is inferred that Holder associates himself with the side without “hotshots” and separates him self from society. However, he is constantly trying to get to the side of “hotshots” and be a part of society as it does seem to appeal to him as seen when he pursues Sally Hayes. When Holder el eaves Pence, he refers to his peers as, “morons,” (52). This further stresses the point of Holder intentionally isolating himself as he sees himself as a superior person because he Views so city as superficial. Holder’s alienation is probably his biggest struggle and therefore has the big SST impact on him.

Holder craves for physical and emotional care throughout the novel so his sol ditty only supplements his drive to pursue relationships and causes him to mature as a person. Holder realizes by the end of the novel that, “the thing with kids is, if they WA NT to grab for the gold ring, you have to let them do it, and not say anything. If they fall 0 if, they fall off, but it’s bad if you say anything to them,” (21 1 This thought from him is a com plate contradiction of Holder’s motives and actions throughout the novel. He loses his habit of acting upon the motive of protecting the innocence of others and chooses to allow it to happen instead.

He realizes that experiencing struggles is not as bad as being kept in a delusion anal world where innocence is valued, such as he was. In addition, he also realizes that falling FRR mom innocence is necessary in order to mature. Holder is a prime example of this as he is a MO re adulteries person due to realizing these thoughts after going through struggles that attacked his misconception of innocence. Mongo 4 The author wants to clearly express through the motives and actions of the chi racier Holder that maturity comes through experiences and overcoming obstacles.

This message is important in the societies of past,present,and future and adolescents will all says be exposed to dilemmas. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This applies to the youth as problems only serve as a driving force in shaping them into mature people and preparing the me for adulthood. However, it is important to note that its important to not completely lose one’ s innocence and be influenced by only negative experiences as it can lead to becoming repulsive or bitter person.