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Thomas See Katherine Samuelsson Composition 1 Racism in the sys: Momma, The Dentist and Me Maya Angelo was born in SST. Louis in 1928. As a child of color, growing up in the thirties was no picnic. These times were tough for everyone during the Great Depression. This was a time of two very different worlds, often just feet apart as the laws of segregation kept the blacks and whites very far from any sense of equality. Maya had never been to a doctor before, let alone a white one for that matter. This was an alien and exciting experience for her.

By now the pain she felt In her jaw from the novo cavities rotten to the gums with no enamel left for her Momma to tie a string around to pull them out, and the nearest Negro dentist being in Texans, twenty-five miles away, Momma couldn’t stand to see her baby girl suffer anymore. After drawing a bath and putting on clean, fresh pressed clothes, they were on their way to the white dentist right there in town. They had no other choice but to go to a white dentist in town, because it would take too long to travel 25 miles to the black entities in Texans.

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It is hinted that they did not have an automobile and they would have to walk. “I was certain that would be dead long before we reached half the distance” (Angelo 1) “Momma said v?d go to Dry. Lincoln right here in Stamps”(Angelo 1). Even though she had lent money to the dentist, he refused to provide SE;CE. I believe that the reason the dentist refused service is because he didn’t want to ruin his reputation in the white community. After reading this article, my belief is that since the he called

Annie by her first name that he didn’t feel as strongly about providing service to a person of color as he let on. “Annie, my policy is I’d rather stick my hand in a dogs mouth than in a naggers” (Angelo 3) After reading Maya Angel’s article, my conclusion is that even though out of the kindness of her heart, Annie had lent Dry. Lincoln money when he was struggling like everyone else during the Great Depression and he stood to lose his business, he had the audacity to turn her away in the ugliest way possible more than likely just to rotten his reputation in the white community.