Teen Suicide essay

Health Issues ; One in every five teens has had suicidal thoughts ; The more stress and depression a teen has, the less the parents and teens are connected (Huckleberry 2). Some people smoke cigarettes to improve their mood and to make them feel better (Huckleberry 1 ; There are two different theories when it comes to smoking. ; The first is that smoking may be a self-harm medication for depression (Huckleberry 2). ; The second theory is that psychiatric patients that smoke were more likely to try and commit suicide (Huckleberry 2).

Management ; Some risk factors of someone wanting to commit suicide can be parental mental health problems, gay or bisexual orientation, and previous suicide attempts (Chain 2). ; More than 90% of adolescents suicide victims met criteria for a psychiatric crosier before their death (Chain 2). ; An adolescent should be interviewed by a pediatrician to know if they are suicidal or not (Chain 2). ; If someone is at a medium or high risk Of suicide they should be hospitalized (Chain 4).

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Prevention/Warnings ; Males are four times more likely to die from a suicide than females (Murphy 2). ; Physical or sexual abuse can cause teens to have a higher risk to want to commit suicide (Murphy 2). ; Depression is the feeling of hopelessness/sadness, slipping of school work, loss of interests, weight changes, and sleep disturbances (Murphy 2). There are several different ways to commit suicide and some Of them include using a gun, overdosing on pills, hanging yourself, and reckless driving (Murphy 2). Anti-depressants and other medications can reduce the urge to want to commit suicide (Murphy 3). (continued) ; Also, therapy (talking with a professional) can help to discuss feelings and make them feel better (Murphy 3). ; There are certain questions to ask someone to know if they are suicidal or not. ; These three questions are: “Are you thinking about killing yourself? ” “Do you have a specific way to kill yourself? ‘ “Can you get what you need to carry out our plan? ” (Murphy 3). ; One can look up online for a website or a number to call to get help for someone (Murphy 3).

Conclusion ; Suicide is the act of taking ones own life (Peacock 1). ; No one should ever have suicidal thoughts in their mind or actually attempt or go through with their plan to kill themselves. ; Suicide is a serious matter and not something to be joking around about. ; People should they do as much as they can to help someone because they could save many lives just by caring about somebody. ; Why waste a life worrying and thinking negative thoughts? ; Stop suicide and thousands of lives will be saved.