Ted Talk Your Body Language Shapes essay

Cuddy puts use into her argue .NET by not just aging us feel emotions and gaining our trust, but she also provides facts to back up her statements. Amy gets emotional first with the audience when she mentions the horrible c accident she had at the age Of 19. She portrays how she felt when her IQ decree eased dramatically due to the horrific accident, she was told she would never be able e to attend college ever again. Cuddy also gets emotional when she had a talk with one of her students from Harvard who did not participate in class, she had confessed to Cuddy the at she felt that she wasn’t supposed to be there.

This student had made her feel emotions t hat she experienced in the past, but no longer felt them because she was now power LU. Amy J. C Cuddy was born in the year 1972. She is an American social psychology researching how humankind interacts in different ways with each other and h owe it affects the hormonal levels. Cuddy is also an Associate professor at Harvard Business s School. She has a PhD in Social Psychology and a MA in Social Psychology from Princeton university and a BAA in Social Psychology from the University of Colorado. As I learned m ore about

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Amy and her achievements gained to trust her due to the fact that she must know what she is talking about because she has studied how the human brain works in d efferent situations. Not only did Cuddy gain my trust by all her degrees, but she also gave hard so facts and studies to prove her argument correct. For example the MBA class where she found out that women had low power poses which include becoming small a ND touching of the neck, where on the other hand men had the higher power poses which in clued spreading out and making themselves as big as possible.

She believes that the e body can change the mind and she has conducted her own research to prove it. Power LU poses, such as being laded back increase testosterone by 20% and decreases cortical, a star sees hormone, by 20%; but powerless poses like being hunched over, tense and touching of t he neck decrease testosterone by 10% and increase cortical by 15%. Scud’s main target for her arguments is to reach each and every one of us, it does not matter if you’re young, old, black, white, fat or skinny.

She wants to help t hose who eel powerless feel powerful and be able to overcome anything in life by just feeling confident. Cuddy does this by encouraging people to better their posture by j just practicing and faking that they are powerful until they become and feel powerful. As she said “Don’t fake it ’till you make it, fake it ’till you become it. ” Amy Cuddy is a very intelligent women. She does not let anything stop her fro what she will and want to become. Cuddy has found a valid argument to share e with the world and many people should take her advice because confidence is everything Eng to succeed.