SystemOne FAQs essay

Accomplish the Sign up Oromo and hit the Sign Up button. 3. Wait for 24 hours for the activation of your account. Problem(s) that may have encountered: 1 You receive ‘Student number already bound to an account Someone (that is more likely you, actually) already registered an account and used your student number. You received this message because System is not allowing anyone to have more than one account. Please try to login to see for yourself. F you are sure that you did not register yet before you received this message, see Mr.. Roomer Blackout at CLC 16 Physical Sciences Building. 2. You receive ‘Degree ID missing’

You are not yet in the student roster. It takes some time for the OUR to prepare the roster before they give it to the developers. Try creating an account at the middle of the semester instead, the updated roster should be with me by that time already. If you still receive the same message, pay Mr.. Roomer Blackout a visit at CLC 16 Physical Sciences Building. LOGGING IN 1. Provide a correct surname/password combination and hit the ogle 1. You get redirected to a page saying you might have entered the wrong surname/password combination Most of the time this is because you forgot your surname/ password combination.

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You firmly believe that what you can recall is your correct surname/password but based on experience, this is usually wrong. There are some instances that someone other than you, someone who knows your password, changed your password without your knowledge. In any case, you have to see Mr.. Roomer Blackout at CLC 16 Physic Bldg personally. No one else should fix your account but you. Hence, fix it before you go home for a vacation. Do not forget to bring your student ID. 2. You get redirected to your home page but your account is ‘Deactivated’ This is because you are not included in the student roster.

This may be cause you are supposed to have graduated in the recently concluded semester but have not. In this case, give Mr.. Roomer Blackout a message stating your case. Do not forget to introduce yourself and give your student number. Other possible reasons include: you were from LOLA or ALLOW, or you got dismissed. In these cases, proceed to the OUR and have your name included in the roster. Wait for some time until the OUR gives the updated roster to Mr.. Roomer Blastula 3. You get redirected to your home page but your account is ‘Pending It is not yet over 24 hours since you created your account (see Creating an AC nut).

SEARCHING FOR A COURSE OFFERING HOOT: 1. Key in the correct course code and hit the Search button. 1. Your search did not return any result Most of the time this is because you entered the wrong course code. For example, you might have entered ENGINE instead of ENG I(AH). Make sure you get the course code right, otherwise System will not find it. There is a saying that goes ‘Garbage in, garbage out. ‘ Another possible explanation is that the course you are looking for is not offered in the current semester or the institute/department that is supposed to offer the course did to offer the course.

VIEWING SCHEDULE IN THE ONLINE CHANGE OF MATRICULATION 1. Select Online Change of Matriculation from your menu. 1. Schedule is empty. This means the OUR did not give you initial slots this semester. There are a number of reasons why this can happen below are some of them: ; The only course(s) you have not taken require(s) CIO. You really have to accomplish the CIO before you can be admitted to the course. ; You failed a significant portion of your courses in the previous semester. Therefore, you are at a lower priority when the OUR distributed the initial slots and ere not able to get any. You have just returned from ALLOW, LOLA or from being dismissed. ; The OUR has yet to generate the initial schedules of students. 2. Nothing appears on your tabular schedule Most of the time this is because your browser does not support the technology we used in rendering your tabular schedule. Try’ updating your browser to the latest version or try using a different browser. 3. The day/time in the AS Form does not match the day/time in your tabular schedule There has been a mistake in the encoding of day and time. Inform Mr.. Roomer Blackout immediately through Faceable or mail [email protected] Mom ENLISTING/WITNESSING A COURSE 1. Select 2. Select Recommended Courses from the Online Change Of Matriculation module. 3. Select the course you want to enlist from the drown menu then hit the Submit 4. Hit the green icon with a check in the Action column corresponding to the course you want to enlist or witless. 5. Confirm the operation by answering the prompted question. . Your schedule is already finalized This is because you have already clicked the Finalize button. Hence, you can no longer change your schedule using System.

You can manually change your schedule by asking for a Form 26 from your College Secretary’s Office. CANCELING A COURSE 2. On the AS Form, click the red icon with an Sin the Action column. 3. Confirm your operation by answering the prompted question. VIEWING WITNESSED COURSES 2. Select Witnessed Courses from the Online Change of Matriculation Module VIEWING MINI CHECKLIST View Mini Checklist 1. You do not see anything This is because the OUR did not generate your mini checklist. There are a number of reasons why this can happen below are some of them: ; You are supposed to have graduated in the previous semester but have not ;

You were from LOLA or ALLOW or you got dismissed not one in the cases mentioned above apply to you or if you want the OUR to generate your checklist, talk to them. 2. There are erroneous entries in your mini checklist or your checklist is messed up Proceed to the OUR immediately and state to them your case. This is not a concern of the System Deviate. MANAGING YOUR PROFILE Manage Profile 2. If you want to change your email, type in your email in the appropriate field and hit the Update Email 3. If you want to change your password, let your common sense guide you and hit the Save .

Incorrect profile information This usually includes misspelled name, incorrect sex, incorrect college, and the like. In such a case, proceed to the OUR and ask them to correct your current information. Wait until the OUR hands me your corrected information. FINALIZING YOUR SCHEDULE 2. Hit the FINALIZE button. 3. Confirm the operation by answering the questions prompted. STRAGGLING Assumption: You have not finalized your schedule yet. 1 . Select Stragglers Time from your menu. 2. Read everything written in the Stragglers Time module 3. Hit the Us bakeries button Mechanics:

Slots of students who failed to finalize their schedule on or before the deadline of finalization AND did not register to the ‘straggling’ service WILL BE FREED during the straggling period. These freed slots will be taken by students in the witless. Slots not taken by students in the witless will become available for the taking of other students. If Students who did not finalize their schedules and registered to the straggling service will retain their currently reserved slot and will have a chance to take the slots that will be freed during the straggling period.

You cannot use this service if you already finalized before the ‘straggling period’. Note: Stragglers Time is not always done every semester. It is the prerogative of the Deviate to make it available or not. Usually, the decision is based on whether there is still time to do the straggling or not. It also depends on whether the Deviate is already it red or not. SECTION B FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. Cannot access Rudolf. What shout do? Check other PULP sites ( http://pulp. Deed. PH ), ask another student, read announcements and if you still don’t know why, contact someone room the team or comment your case on the Faceable group. . There are erroneous entries in my mini checklist. What should do? Proceed to the OUR and state your case. 3. [Insert course here] is not in my recommended courses. What should I do? There are several possible explanations why a course is not in your recommended courses. The following are the most probable ones: ; You did not satisfy the prerequisite(s) to the course in question. Prerequisite(s) may also include accomplishing a Consent Of Instructor (CIO) or having a Junior standing. It depends on the nature of the course. If this is the case, satisfy the prerequisite tie first. You did not specify the course in question in your plan of study. You may also have submitted your plan of study beyond the deadline. If either is the case, suffer the consequences. ; Your college secretary did not forward the changes you made in the OUR. If this is the case, proceed to the OUR and have it added to your recommended courses or ask note saying you are allowed to take the course in question then proceed to the Assisted Enlistment area. ; (SYS 20132014 1st seer,) The OUR was not able to give the correct/ omelet data to the system (see RESIST topic for more details).