Sustainable Living essay

A Comment If we look back, just 10 or 20 years, the technology and consumerism has escalated. The technology has become a big part of our everyday-life. We, humans, have founded the technology to make our lives easier in so many ways. The statement of Leo Beauty from his blob: we rarely stop to consider whether technology and consumerism have always changed our lives for the better. ” He is questioning whether the world has change for the better.

Even though, the everyday life has become better and easier as a result to the technology, we have forgotten what the real values in life is, and come anti-social in a physical way of living. We spend a lot of the time on our phones and computers especially in the Western World, and do not spend time with each other instead. We do Often speak with our friends online. We also forget how we destroy our planet with the technology. We destroy our humanity and our world. Call me old-fashioned but I agree with him. In fact, I think it is a huge issue in the world today. 4 A Article To the students: A brand new and sustainable VIOL-Lonely 26.

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September 2014 by Helene Mainland Strindberg Your class is dismissed, and you are about to leave for today. If you instead of looking out the door to your freedom, just look behind you. You will see trash every”here, and papers on ground the teacher just handed out to you. The classroom is a mess. Think it is time to change this, and I have some ideas to make the school more clean and sustainable. I think at us, students at VIC- Lonely, should think more about the environment, and make it a cleaner place to learn. For that reason, I would suggest some small changes at this school. Loud plant some trashcans around the school with three rooms, en for bottles, one for paper, and one for plastic, and in that way sort our trash to recycling.