Sunway Resort essay

It seems the staff lack of proper training. In that case, the hotel need to give a proper training to the staff emphasizing on how to treat the customer with good manners, polite and patience. 2. Production Quality Production is an outcome of a product that fulfill human needs and focus on customer satisfaction. Moreover, the product play a role of valuable things in commodity or even services (Danishes. Com, 2014). Quality also has an important role for the value of money of the business in which, it meets the human needs and expectations of the customers (Jim, 2012).

Therefore, by combining this two, it helps in growing the business economy. However, Sunday Resort Hotel & Spa has negative feedback review of their production as shown in figure 2 (Trapdoors. Com. My, 2014). Figure 2 Did not reach Customer expectation of 5-Stars hotel Figure 2 (Continuation) Based on Figure 2, the customers put high expectations in such a luxury hotel like Sunday Hotel Resort & Spa but whenever it does not reach the customer expectations, it lead to the bad perception from the customers and they might be think that it is not worth it to live in such a luxury hotel or even for a alee of money.

The staff is need to practice a good manners in entertaining the customers. Therefore, the management must monitor the staff performance towards the customer, which may help the growth of the hotel in the future. 3. Relationship and Customer Loyalty According to Gray and Davis (2014), customers are people that make decisions about where to spend their time, money and effort everyday. Therefore, by building a relationship with customer, customer loyalty may exist where it is actually a reward that customer received for their efforts.

Furthermore, Sunday Resort Hotel & Spa received review about their services. Figure 3 Review from Loyal Customer for 20 years Based on the Figure 3, the customer has been a loyal customer before but due to the lack of respect from the hotel the customer did not want to go there again. The management should know how to control the situation and need to train the staff to respect the customers’ privacy and preferences. Therefore, in order to maintain the customers’ loyalty, the management of the hotel should make an effort and monitor staffs performance.

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