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Furthermore, I develop research skills by using Middlesex University’s Nubbin-My library online resources website and i-learn website to identify and investigate relevant sources of information including subject books, journals, e-books, research reports, magazines, tutorials and evaluation to enable me to give valid argument for or against opinions raised by theorists, tutors and other students. ‘Discussion is important part of learning process, as it helps everyone to clarify their understanding and direct their individual earning. (Ritchie & Thomas, 2014) Furthermore, to improve my presentation skills I have to consider number of factors. Firstly, I need to learn from mistakes and improve my CIT skills to use power point. In addition, need to become reflective learner as learning from six steps of Gibbs model (1988) helps me to review the situation and make improvement to work with team. Together with, I have to take feedback from my tutor and peers to develop time management skills to deliver presentation in a confident manor to create an overall engaging presentation with audience. ‘Audiences do not exact well to speedy delivery of material.

Your presentation will suffer if you try to get through it too fast. It is not always a matter of going slowly all the time. It is usually about knowing when you need to slow down and when you can afford to speed up. ‘ (Moore, Manville, Murphy & Connelly, 2010) From the study skills formative report writing and summation essay writing assignment experiences give me opportunities to expand my academic skills these includes as before the course I was unable to think critically when I am reading and when writing to put words together in my writing within limited mime period of time, was starting to lose words of thought.

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Therefore, I review my reading skills and I evolve good reading skills after finishing skim and scan practice exercises in the class room together with learning SIR ( survey, question, read, records and relevant) techniques which is vital for me to do a lot of research and gaining understanding of subjects. ‘Depending upon the reading task required by the text student has to aware of all four main reading techniques and has to use best. Four main reading techniques are, skimming, scanning, intensive and extensive. ‘(James, M. , 2012.

I start to using the speed reading techniques and scanning for key words. This technique ensures that I can read as many articles as I can in a limited amount of time. During the course of assignment gathered information from books, articles and journals by going through this practice my reading habit has enhanced a lot and reading more has also improve my knowledge about particular topic. Another important learning through this is that the more I read different articles and books it enhances my vocabulary and creative writing skills.

Prior to getting into reading habit, my vocabulary and rating skills was week but now if find I am not aware about any topic or lack in any information then I search for the particular topic and learn about that topic. ‘The advantage of reading is that you can search through text that is useful for you for own purpose. You can revisit and refocus on various aspects of the reading as the main ideas or argument become clear to you (Moore et al. , 2010). The reading habit has made books my friend and through this I enhance my knowledge about different subjects and topics. Evolve note taking skills from the classroom exercise. Using mind map is essential to the development of my academic skills. This skill helps me to recognize the key points and questions and to create a diagram linking the key points and ensures that I did not Stray from the these includes note taking by using linear as well as mind mapping techniques so I can remind myself of any key points raised in the sessions. ‘Effective note-taking from lectures and readings is an essential skill for university study.

Good note taking allows a permanent record of relevant points that you can integrate with your own writing, and that can be used for exam revision. Taking liable, accurate notes also reduces the risk of plagiarism. It helps you distinguish where your ideas came from and how you think about those ideas. ‘ (Northerner, 2005) Furthermore, the course has given me a great opportunity to develop and understand my academic skills more effectively. Have been able to focus and read effectively through the course handbook, looking at the headings and in each activity understand the titles.

I can now think about the questions, key points and how to answer them. Before the course, I write essays without knowing how to structure it. ‘The structure and organization of your work is gust as important as the content. What matter is not just you know but the way that you organism it. ‘ (Cottrell, 2008) My writing style has improved and I have been able to stick to a set of writing style, enabling me to return to my work as well as pick up where I have left off without losing words of thought. I can now think about the questions, key points and how to answer them. Critical thinking is necessary to learning. One cannot process information, form reasoned opinions, evaluate beliefs, construct positions, or articulate a thesis without the use of critical thinking. As such, the critical self is integral to earning itself. ‘ (Warren, 1995). I establish my understanding of structuring report and essays as well as from the peer assessment, taking feedback from tutor and another student I reflect myself from positive criticism to improve my work together with grading system from the assessment grid exercises in the session. A reflective, active, self-evaluating approach to learning develops deeper understanding in the long term’ (Cottrell, 201 1) In addition, course has improved my database searching ability to access important articles, studies and journals relevant to the course through the online information sources. Prior to this course during my study for Level-3 in 2010 year, have very little knowledge about Harvard System of Referencing and plagiarism. ‘In academic writing, it is essential to state the sources of ideas and information. By giving source you make it clear to the reader that you are not plagiarism someone’s work. (Cottrell, 2008) Although, during the group presentation time have the opportunity to discuss referencing guideline with my fellow students during our meeting time in library and also done some research about how to reference within essay or report and how to add to Bibliography or Reference lists by using Easy bib App and from the classroom practicing with group I learn very quickly how to undertake research from a variety of sources and referencing them correctly. Although during the formative report writing exercise I had done some mistakes in referencing within my work and also adding it up in the Bibliography.

However, tutors feedback help me to improve my understanding about my referencing skills and made progress by learning from classroom tutorial by using Microsoft Word software. In order to improve my English grammar and usage of correct peeling skills which is vital for writing any assignment, at the beginning month after getting admission in the Foundation degree I booked myself for initial assessment for my ability for math’s and English skills in in that bask assessment from Southeast college.

As a result my working level in Math’s along with English came as level-2 and level-I. I am using Microsoft word to check spelling and grammar together with taking feedback from fellow student and tutor from peer assessment exercise I am planning to improve my English language skills by Studying CSS of English as could not able to address this issue within the time prior to all places fill it up now planning to study next year in my local college. ‘It is difficult to get the higher grades at college if your English skills, such as grammar and punctuation are week.

It is worth to investigating any language workshops at the university or at a local College of Further Education. (Cottrell, 2008) On other hand, the ability for me to manage my time is the key to addressing the pressure that will likely face, managing to cope with my studies and going about my day to day activity. Being a parent with two children, working full time and studying thought it sis to commence writing my assignment early as I had last time serious problem of time management and finishing my assignment within the deadline as some issue raised regarding my children’s health.

From my previous experience of studying, begin to develop skills to break down task in small scale and defining time limit to achieve time limit. Time management exercise from classroom open my eyes as how much am wasting my time as unnecessary task such as cooking long time and watching unnecessary T. V program together with commuting for study long distance from home. To improve time keeping now I decided to keep some study resources and my device when I am traveling. ‘Break goals down into their components so that you can accomplish them one step at a time.

Write these steps down, and try to be as specific as you can when you do this. Try to complete one task before you go on to the next. ‘ (How to manage your time effectively, n. D. ) The feedback from my learning tutor through the discussion blob has enabled me to recognize my strength and weaknesses. Reading the comments by the tutor via blob I was able to identify some errors and key points omitted in my activities. For example my learning tutor commented on my referencing in activity one and I learnt from that and make amends.

In brief, from this course I develop my note taking, critical reading, writing report and essays and presentation skills. In addition working in the group as well as working as an individual, research skills and I. T skills. In Future I need to continuous practicing my reading and writing skills to develop analytical thinking skills, getting confidence to be present my ideas in the group work, continuous reflecting my own study skills and developing further more my English language skills by going CSS. Together with learning from feedback from the tutor to improve my work.