Strategic management essay

Incorporated in the year 1999 was a public sector enterprise. Commenced operations in the year 2001. Responsible for selling e tickets, tickets, packaged drinking water, Food plaza, food courts and fast food units. Gross sales 2008-09 was $730 million. Facts!!! Offering catering services through , 1 0,572 static catering units in 260 pairs of trains through pantry cars and in 80 trains through side vending. Total departmental catering units under zonal railways are 56 and those under ARCTIC are 1,426.

Total of 3,473 private licensee catering units under zonal railways and 5, 797 units under ARCTIC. Manages on board catering services in Arachnid, stabbed and Toronto and other trains. Competitive strategy Diversification Integrated systems. Automating the important value chain activities. Objectives To be a customer friendly company through constant innovation, technology driven and human resource development. C] optimism resources, increase manpower productivity through quality product vending and innovative marketing strategies.

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C] upgrade ND consolidate catering services in the organized sector. C] Expand areas of core competencies, enhance business opportunities through efficient public – private partnerships to maximize generation of resources. CLC Imbibe strong and ethical work culture through teamwork, build and reposition Indian Railways in the emerging services sector. L] Evolve high standards of business ethics, quality management and effective cost control measures.

C] Concern for the environment and heritage SC model in Brief supply Importer machine Supplies supplies Centralized itches NC, colleges, Gobo institutions Achieving strategic fit To achieve strategic fit in SC the firm should achieve a balance between responsiveness and efficiency. Opening catering units in colleges. Cafeteria and food courts. Catering in Gobo offices egg: Kola high court Astrid banyan(Delhi), Bilabial steel plant. Implementing latest technology and constant pagination according to growing needs. Expanding the water plants and investing in infra. Achieving strategic fit (cont’d…. Investing 65 million for a central kitchen in Oneida. Supplying to leading multinationals in Oneida Service and number of facilities Inventory costs and number of facilities Transportation cost and number of facilities SC Drivers Facility: Includes all plants, warehouses, food plaza, canteen, central kitchen. L] Transportation: From source, pantry filling, side vending, internal movement, non railway catering. Sourcing: On time delivery, supplier reliability, purchase price and quantity CLC Inventory: High inventory of FMC and packaged food and beverages in the warehouse

Information: PAN, booking enquiry, hotel availability, reservations, ERP. Pricing: Bag order quantity, bag selling price. Distribution channel Manufacturer storage with direct shipping Rail newer In transit merge network Method of transport Designing boxes for transportation of packed food from base station. Specially designed battery operated food carts from base kitchen. Service trolleys were used to comply with food safety and hygiene standards. Scale of Online booking Held an average daily booking of 0. 385 million in 2012.