Step Outside Your World Analysis essay

Racial Profiling not only harms a person’s confidence, but harms entire groups and ultimately the sense of Justice in a democratic society. It is important that racial profiling is clearly defined so that people become aware of what it is and how it affects their lives and/or the lives of those around them. To end racial profiling, the first step is developing awareness of the issue, followed by reducing prejudice and bias, while building intercultural understanding together with developing and implementing policies to ensure fair treatment of all citizens.

Muslim women wear hajjis, a head covering, for many numerous reasons. In 2004 the French government took that option away from female students. The government has multiple motives for outlawing hajjis from the school. This paper will look at four of the government’s points. First, they think it would enforce the principle Of laicized to a greater extent. The second reason is that the French government believes the classroom will not produce the citizens of the republic if the jabs are worn due to its distractions.

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Another reason is that the government is under the impression that the veil signifies anti-French fundamentalism. The final argument in favor of the ban is that the government concluded they are protecting the girls from being pressured into wearing the hajji. The Muslim women and entire community disagree with all of the arguments previously stated. This paper will show that the French government, by establishing this law, has been racist, sexist, and has taken away a Freedom due to invalid logic.

After doing research one would think that maybe just maybe people would see the choices people make and accept them at least in the United States, However that was not the case for me. I wore a hajji to local restaurant that I have gone to many times before, normally the waiter would come by a few times to make sure that our drinks were full and to ask if we would need anything else. This time had a waiter that had before and I made sure to go during slow business hours, the waiter came by one time to ask for our order, second time to give us our food along with the check.

I was not sure how to respond to the mannerism of the young man, but I was curious as to why he would act in such a way so I sat him down and I asked. His statement was h’U kind of people never tip well and they are fairly rude, I just don’t like dealing with Muslims in general”. I was shocked after I took my hijack off and let him know that he had just served me the night before and yet my religion did not change in the last 24 hours. He was shocked and apologetic the he was so judgmental.

I was pleased to see however some good experiences that I did have, choose to go o the mall in my local area again this was a mall that did go to prior to. This is a mall where was hit on prior to which consider to be harassed, to my surprise had a different experience this time. Many men opened doors and gave their “salaams” (greetings) in such a polite way. Was helped with loading my car and I was also asked many times if I needed help finding anything I also was called “sister’ by many people. This was a great and respectful experience that had.