Speech on teen safety apps essay

Hello, today I would like to talk to you about whether APS like ‘Teen safe’ and ‘Phone sheriff that invade a teenagers privacy be allowed in Australia. As a parent I strongly agree with approving the usage of such APS for the safety of our children. This issue has been an ongoing topic with debaters with concerns mostly parents as the skyrocketing cases of bulling is a big concern in today’s society. Teens bullied in school or on the internet have led to many cases of depression, anxiety and even death. Despite this fact there is even disputes between parents that whether such APS should be approved.

But is a teenager’s privacy more important than the unsure safety of themselves hidden in the word freedom? Teenagers are selfish, irritable and overall unstable, but given the cacophony Of construction going On inside the adolescent brain, is it any wonder? Teenagers are at an age when there brain goes through many emotional and physical changes, there hormone levels are at an all- time high and there brain doesn’t exactly think logically or responsibly. What parents are basically dealing with are violent overgrown babies.

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So what happens to the psychological state of teenagers when they experience the trauma of bulling? Research conducted in Australia on 2011 show that out of the number of bullied students surveyed 76% fall to depression and anxiety, 17% take drugs such as depressants and insomnia medication, and the other 7% commit suicide or murder. So when their children’s brain is In such an unstable state why are parents told to do to nothing about it. When our children are being traumatized and hurt why is the government banning helpful god-sent APS like teen safe or phone sheriff?

APS like these allow a parent to view who heir child sends or receives messages from, who they call, the APS they use, the content they view and their location. This can help a parent to know if their child is a victim of bullying, not only that, they can see their child’s location, so if they are in trouble or stuck in a tree with no signal they know where to find them. These APS are also helpful in various ways and cost next to nothing. But there is still a useless idiotic debate among parents about jeopardizing their safety over freedom. The teenage freedom is nothing more than a hoax covering the truth.

If you re a parent and you are faced with something that renders your teenager from having a possibly lifelong trauma that makes them incapable of living a proper life, where will the word freedom fit? Teenagers are people who act like adults but are still kids, they need to have their diapers changed frequently. When they are faced with bulling, teenagers tend to keep quiet about it instead of reporting it to their parents or teachers. Sources of bulling does not only come from school but also the internet in the form Of cyber bulling. Social networking sites like Faceable has led to many cases of cyber allying.

One such case is of Ryan Hooligan. Ryan was a weak kid that was often the target of bullies, friendless and alone Ryan had a hard time at school. Although later in the seventh grade Ryan thought he had struck friendship with a popular girl from his school at an online chat. Instead it was later revealed to Ryan that this was just a sick joke done by the girl and her friends to humiliate Ryan and make him reveal more of his secrets, the things Ryan said to her were posted in many places and seen by a lot of people. This led to increase in bulling and depression came over Ryan.

On October 7, 2003, Ryan hanged himself in the family bathroom. Though this is one of the more extreme cases of bulling. Teenagers under the APS radar can be monitored to see if they are being cyber bullied, which could very well be the start of the end of cyber bulling. But the opposition of not using such APS not only comes from some parents but also from teenagers themselves. Teens protest to parents ‘ u are humans, we need our space”. Argument has increased as teenagers have begun to actively take part in the debate of approving spy APS on teenagers.

Teens state that instead of spying on your kids, parents should strive for an open communication where there is a good relationship between parent and child. Not only that, this methods Can prove to increase the quality family time between them as well and who knows if they might even open up to them about bullying. This has the approval of many parents as this is a much safer method and can prevent any psychological damage. But study has shown that out of the family surveyed only 15% of the families have an open relationship, 25% of them talk just urine dinner and the rest 60% hardly show their face.

This study was done on the families of teenagers who don’t get bullied, so can you really say that doing nothing about your child’s safety will really improve the relationship and achieve an open relationship as they say? Teenagers still retaliate and state that this could lead to trust issues between them and parents. But trust is getting misplaced with the words like privacy and freedom. Because in a relationship where there is trust both parties are concerned, so this means even teenagers have to trust their parents.