Six Thinking Hats Method Essay essay

The Six Thinking Hats Method The Six Thinking Hats method, created by Dry. Edward De Bono, is a productive and beneficial way of thinking to make decisions. It’s based on parallel thinking an d six different sections of specific thinking. Six Thinking Hats method is an approach to think ins. It is founded on the idea of parallel thinking. Parallel thinking is where everyone h as the same view. Instead of being on separate sides of a certain subject, they’re focused o understanding one aspect at a time.

The method clears the confusion of regular AR thinking and breaks it down into types of thinking. That is where the hats come in. Each hat is based on an area of thinking. There are six hats: white, red, black, yellow, green, and blue. T hose hats can be arranged to create a discussion of business or solving a problem. The Six T hinging Hats method works in realize situations due to its lack Of confusion and argument, focus, and separateness. When in a meeting or discussion setting, the Six Thinking Hats method is an e effective tool to have a positive outcome.

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First, an elected leader or chairperson starts off with the blue hat, which is the processor or the organizer of thinking. They have the power t o choose which hats is to be used and when to switch. The blue hat will put forth the objective of the situation and then move on to another hat. Most common is the white hat, which are f acts and truths related to the problem. The individuals will give only data and factual informs Zion at this time. The next choice of hat depends on the type of situation.

It can be the yellow, t o give positive dieback about the idea, or the black hat which gives the negative. Another h at could be the red, where individuals express their feelings and emotions. The green hat is usually used at the end to creative new alternatives and solutions to the problems. Then the blue hat sums up what has been discussed and the upcoming steps. This method works well be cause of the broken up thinking that can individually focus on certain areas of the objective e. Edward De Bono wrote, “A focus can be broad or it can be narrow…

The important thing a out a focus is that it should be spelled out in a definite manner,”(De Bono 153). That is how the method is so successful. The way of thinking is planned out and arranged to solve relief e problems. When there is a focus and plan, there is no confusion about feelings and thou ghost. Also, confusion creates arguments about viewpoints. Without a set method of thin king, people abase each other and it becomes an disagreement of thought. With the meet odd, a group of cognizant individuals can be productive and efficient with the objective.

The Six Thinking Hats method is a positive tool for having a focused, productive e, and calm meeting. “The basic tradition of Western thinking has not provided a Simi pale model of constructive thinking. That is precisely what the Six Hats method is all De Bono 3). Constructive thinking, including parallel thinking, is the key to bringing a group as together and make a decision or improvement. Now with this method, your success in buss news depends on how you think.