Silver Linings Playbook Essay essay

How has your additional text shaped your understanding about changing self? The film Silver Lining’s Playbook, directed by David Russell presents many ideas about changing self. The film has shown me new ideas about self- change, and has broadened my understanding of the dynamic processes that are involved. It displays that changing self can involve both internal and external catalysts, and that changing self involves a shift in understanding that is made possible by adopting a new or revised point of view.

Firstly, the film Silver Linings Playbook presents the idea that in some cases, he concept of self-change is a development that involves both internal and external catalysts. The notion that changing self involves an external catalyst is demonstrated through the idea that the protagonist’s acquaintance, Tiffany, helps Pat develop in his emotional state. This idea is presented in two contrasting scenes. Initially, Pat is sitting in his therapist’s office, and he begins to hear a song that triggers painful, emotional memories.

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As Pat suffers from bipolar disorder, this song forces him to lash out towards other harassers in the room due to his inner frustrations, and vandalize the office. Pat’s self-struggle is demonstrated in this scene through the constant repetition of the phrase “I’m sorry. ” The repetition represents his self- frustration, and is emphasized through the close up shot that displays his anger and disappointment in himself through facial expression. In a subsequent and contrasting scene, Pat is comforted by Tiffany when he imagines hearing the same song. This scene represents his found trust in her, and through this, a social change is displayed.

In this scene, a close-up shot of Pat’s facial expression is displayed again as we see it begin to relax at Tiffany presence, and the music rapidly begins to fade away. Tiffany tells him, ‘its a song, don’t make it a monster. ‘ The metaphor strongly demonstrates Tiffany point, and through this, Pat is able to listen to her advice and calm down as she encourages him. This is emphasized through the eye-level, mid shot of them both standing next to each other, as Tiffany places her hand on his shoulder. Moreover, the film displays that changing self also involves internal catalysts.

Pat says, “this is what I know, this is what I learnt in the hospital. You have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest, and if you do if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining. ” In this scene, Pat makes direct eye contact with his therapist, establishing an emotional connection with him, emphasizing his confidence with his self-philosophy. His tone of voice is positive and confident, and it emphasizes the idea that Pat wants to change his life himself. Therefore, this film demonstrates that changing self in some cases involves both internal and external catalysts.

Secondly, Silver Linings Playbook demonstrates that self-change involves a shift in understanding which is made possible by adopting a new or revised point of view. This notion is displayed in this film in three key scenes. Firstly, Pat has an initial shift in understanding when Tiffany asks him to compete in a dancing competition with him, and he declines before accepting. He says, “Tiffany, I’m not going to do a dance with you. ” He says this in a condescending and definitive tone, and this is emphasized through a high angle shot that demonstrates his authority and arrogance.

However, Tiffany then says, ‘you’re not going to be that guy that going to take advantage of a situation without offering to do something back, so think about the dance thing. ” The juxtaposition of the angle changing to a mid shot puts Pat and Tiffany on the same level, and his decline in authority over her is further emphasized through Tiffany s subtle reference to his relationship with his ex- wife, an issue he deeply struggles with. Following this scene, Pat agrees to participate with Tiffany in order for her to assist him, representing the idea that he has adopted a new point of view.

Towards the end of the film, Pat tells Tiffany, “we have a dance to do, we have a parley, you’ve got to stay focused. ” This scene is a clear demonstration that Pat has adopted a revised point of view, and now understands Tiffany original perspective due to the suggestion of a role reversal between these two characters. The repetition of the phrase ‘we’ also puts Tiffany and Pat in a position where they must work together, and this contrasts from the initial scenes where he was apprehensive to participate in the competition.

His perspective and positive outlook towards the competition, and his efforts to now encourage Tiffany are highlighted through the high angle shot of Pat looking down to Tiffany while speaking to her, and the low angle shot of her looking up to him. Thus, the film demonstrates that Pat’s self change involves a shift in understanding and included him adopting a new perspective in order for him to grow as a person. In conclusion, the film Silver Lining’s Playbook has shaped my understanding of changing self, as it has clearly demonstrated dynamic ideas included in the process of self-change.