Short Story Summary essay

“The Story of an Hood is about a woman named Mrs… Mallard who is married to a man named Mr… Mallard. Mrs… Mallard does not have a very good heart, and she is sick. Something bad has happened, and people do not know how to tell her about it. Josephine is her sister, and she tells Mrs… Mallard that Mr… Mallard died in a train accident. Richards is Mr… Mallard’s friend, and he is there because he knew about the accident. Richards was at the newspaper office, so he knew about the accident.

Richards said that he made sure that Mr… Mallard died in the train accident. When they tell Mrs… Mallard that Mr… Mallard died, it is different because she is different. She doesn’t think that it is true, and she thought that it is made up. She cries a lot because she does not believe that Mr… Mallard has died. She cries for a long time. When she stops crying she is in her room for a long time too. She sits a long time in a big chair, and she looks outside at the blue sky. She has a lot of things to think about. She looks at the things outside.

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She sees a lot of green things outside, and she thinks that these are about life. Everything that she sees is very pretty, and she thinks that the world is a pappy place. She hears people talking on the street, and she hears people singing on the street. All of the people are happy, and Mrs… Mallard watches them. She really likes the sky because it is really blue and pretty. She sees a lot of blue in the sky between the clouds. She does not move a lot because she is tired. She is still crying though because she has a lot of emotions. Her crying is very loud like a baby that is scared at night.

She is like a baby because of how much she is crying and doing nothing. She is not normal because of all of the things that she is feeling and thinking about. Mrs… Mallard is very young, and she has a very normal face. She is very strong too. She was very still because she was thinking, but she was thinking a lot. She does not know what she is thinking about because she is confused. She wants to know what she is thinking about. She is also scared of what she is thinking about because it is not normal. She waits for what she is thinking to come to her out of the sky.

She does not want to think something because it is very bad to think, but she knows that she is thinking about it. She gets more upset because she knows that she is thinking about the thing that is bad. She keeps trying to hind about other things, but this thing is very strong and it makes her think about it. She is very strong, but she is also very weak because she can’t Stop thinking about this bad thing. She starts to yell because she is so happy. She yells that she is free. She yells this over and over because she is thinking about it so much.

She is not still anymore because she is feeling so much happiness. She gets very excited, and her body starts to get more active. She doesn’t know why she is feeling this happy, but she doesn’t care because of how happy she is. She starts thinking about how she will cry when she sees her dead husband. She likes this feeling a lot because it is nice to her. She thinks that she can live by herself because her husband died. She doesn’t have to care about other people anymore because she is alone. She can live like she wants to live as a free person.

She doesn’t think that people should live with other people telling them what to do. She loves Mr… Mallard, but she did not always love him. She doesn’t care how much she loved him because he is dead now, and she is free. She keeps whispering and yelling that she is free, and this is very scary for Josephine. Josephine wants Mrs… Mallard to open the door because she is scared. If Mrs… Mallard gets too excited, she will probably die. She doesn’t know why her sister is being so loud. Mrs… Mallard doesn’t care about Josephine because she is free, and she doesn’t have to worry about Other people.

She feels like she is alive and not dead. Mrs… Mallard starts to think about the rest of her life. She thinks that the rest of her life will be very happy, and she will have a lot to do. She thinks that she will be in control of her life which is different from the way she has been with Mr… Mallard. She wants to have a long life now. Yesterday, she wanted to have a short life because she was so sad. She wants to have a long life now cause she is so happy that her husband died. Then, Mrs… Mallard opens the door and goes to see Josephine.

She is very happy, and she looks like she is a winner in life. She hugs her sister because she is so happy. They walk down the stairs together, and they see Richards downstairs. Someone comes through the front door, which is very surprising. It is her husband. Her husband did not die in the train accident because he was far away. There must have been a mistake or something at the newspaper. Josephine screams because Mr… Mallard is not dead. Richards tries to hide him from Mrs… Mallard because this is confusing. Mrs… Mallard dies when she sees Mr… Mallard because she is so unhappy that Mr…

Mallard is not dead. She wanted him to be dead so she could be free, but when he is alive, she doesn’t want to live anymore. The doctors say that Mrs… Mallard died because she had a bad heart. She was so happy that when she saw Mr… Mallard, she died. It is funny because people thought she would die when she thought Mr… Mallard was dead. She died when she thought that Mr… Mallard was alive.