Short Story Review: Love Story essay

Bernard Gad there are three main IM portent ideas in the story. Racial discrimination, young love and family conflict. In the story there are two main characters, Sofa and Lynn. They fall in love with each to her and they have a lot in common even though there families disapprove of their real kinship. The first important idea is racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is shown in the Story as two main characters Sofa and Lynn from different cultures and teeth nice group/ aground.

Sofa is a Samoan and Lynn is Maori and when they start their relationship, their families discriminates each others race. A quote to show HTH s idea is when Sofa ;s sisters say’ they are rough people’ . This relates badly to society Y as quite often people mistakenly stereotype or make assumptions on others, baa seed on how they look. The second important theme in the short story is young love. This theme is IM because the two main characters Sofa and Lynn fall in love and begin a room antic relationship during their high school years. Fortunately, like many teenage relationships it doesn’t last. Lynn breaks u p with Sofa, leaving him heart broken. An example that shows this is “so IM saying g dobby and thanks and I love you”. Young love is an important theme because it relate sees to many teenagers.

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