Serial Podcast Evaluation Essay essay

The research project and its conclusion will analyze this murder rhymester from a different angle, pinning Jay as the killer and Jean as a conspirator, an d evaluating possible motives. Chose this topic for a number of reasons. The first being my belief that DNA Seed did not murder Ha Min Lee. I will link all my genres together based on t his belief. The second reason why I picked Jay was because he was not analyzed on an i needed level. One of my genres will include a test of Jay against the psychopaths test.

I will point out the inconsistencies in Jays testimony and where most of the uncorroborated avid ill then begin to outline my theory that Jay was the one who committed this murder. Jay Wilds was the lead witness and testifier for the state of Maryland against A Dana Seed. What was mainly disappointing to realize was that’s was not used in t he proper way by the police. His home was not searched for evidence, the police knew h e was lying about some things yet he was never subjected to a polygraph test, his involve meet in the case was minimized by the police yet he aided in the crime and received zero days in prison.

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It is a culmination of fragments that lead to this flaming signal that Jay s more than we have been led on to believe. Jay chose not to be formally interviewed by either “This American Life” or by “Serial” host and producer, Sarah Koenig. In the potash Koenig pointedly chalk longed Jays account of events and his motivation for assisting Adman. Jay feels strong lye that he was unfairly depicted by Koenig and that she painted a highly misleading port royal of him and his role in the case. We don’t see much fays, rather, we hear quite a lot.

What we are hearing fro m Jay is a mess of carefully plotted lies. As have discovered, Jay is an incredible liar. This leads me to the first part of my theory. This is at the heart of things for me: Jay is a f fabulous liar. He lies about little, inconsequential things. He lies about enormous, critical HTH nags. He lies the spectrum and all shades of the rainbow. What’s more, he lies about why h e lies. And then he lies about why he lied about lying. He is an endurance, distance liar. He lies for attention, and he lies to divert attention He lies with intent.

He lies with purpose. He lies on CUe. He lies for unfathomable reasons. He lies, and then he lies some more. Jay is a ceaseless liar. The way I can tell Jay is lying during his interview with The Intern pet, is his constant change in past and present tense verbs. “2. Verb tense. Truthful Poe plea usually describe historical events in the past tense. Deceptive people sometimes refer r to past events as if the events were occurring in the present. Describing past events using t he present tense suggests that people are rehearsing the events in their mind.

Investigate Or’s should pay particular attention to points in a narrative at which the speaker shifts to inapt appropriate present tense usage. We see this in even the first seven statements in Jays in terrier, and in the recording of his testimony. Moving on to the first part of my theory, who chi is the fact that Jay has been fed all the information he needs in order to frame Adman. T hat, with the incredible lying skills, sets up the perfect storm for Jay to frame Adman, with the e collaboration of the police. Ill now introduce my entire theory which is based on factual information, a ND evaluate some possible motives Jay may have. Jay had been cheating on Step hankie with a girl, whom I believe is Jean. Jay harbors some resentment against both Adman and Ha, because Ha is upset with him for cheating and Adman has it easy with the girl Is. Also, both Adman and Ha knew about the major drug operation that Jay was carrying o tin his grandmother’s house. Adman in his “presumptuousness” tells Jay that he need s to get Stephanie a gift. Think this is key to the rising tension and somewhat of the t ruining point for Jay.

Adman and Stephanie were already close [as stated by Adman in the SSH owe] and Jay was probably already feeling territorial due to that. The problem is exacerbate deed by Adman’s reminder to Jay that he should get Stephanie a gift and is, for lack of a better phrase, ‘being the hero’ by lending him his car and phone to do it. He may have felt Adman w as being condescending and pointed in his suggestion. With all of this in mind (or subs unconsciously), Jay takes Adman’s car and decides to hook up with Jean before or just after gar ebbing a gift for Stephanie.

Maybe he was tying to work his feelings of aggression out or maybe he was just doing something he’d be doing normally. Ha, who is passing through the mall cooking for Don’s car to leave the note she wrote earlier sees Adman’s car and decides to swing by to say hi. Instead she finds Jay and Jean hooking up in Adman’s car. Is once Ha already denounced Jay for his actions of stepping’ out on Stephanie, it stands t o be reasonable that she was visibly upset and didn’t hold back on letting him know w [Ha is described as vocal in the show].

Jay gets out of Adman’s car to confront Ha in Hake’s car. He’s already got the underlying resentment to Magnet kids (as seen in the Nit receptor interview). Then he makes the connection of Ha to Adman and thinks about t sees two people who kept telling him what to do, how he is inadequate, less than them, how he is hard, a thug, and he’s tired of high scholars bossing him around. He will go b lank and find himself squeezing her neck, and out of an effort to escape she broke the turn signal on her car.

If she was sitting in her front seat with the window down and he had acted fast enough, he could have “easily” reached in and done it from outside the car. Perhaps Jean wasn’t with Jay at that moment in Adman’s car at the mall, but t hind it’s safe to say that Jean knows much more than she has let on since her cacao nuts are, too, overcharging. She could have witnessed it or she could have been contacted I eater and informed. It doesn’t have to change Jay’s motives necessarily. After all, Adman doesn’t have an alibi.

His phone and car are with Jay, its just a normal day, and this gives it me for Jean and Jay to coordinate their story and come up with a grand lie to frame Adman This topic, and what I specified it down to, required a lot of creativity on my p art. I had the basis of a theory on who killed Ha Min Lee, but all that consisted of was that it had to be Jay. Then, when presented with this topic, I evaluated the evidence and some of the new evidence I found and fabricated a new story on how the murder was carried out.

This really broadened my horizons and allowed me to think in the victim’s/ murders shoes. The task of using a multistage platform was definitely challenging and a little confusing, but I prefer it over writing a traditional paper, especially because y o have a way of linking your chapters together without needing to write it out. Hope my audience keeps an open mind throughout this research project, and understands the motives and what Hess pieces Of media mean to the overall topic.

TO clarify some Of what I war et, I didn’t go in depth about Jean Pastier. Jean was Jay’s friend, not Adman’s. On January y 13th, there were six calls from Adman’s phone to Jenny’s. It is speculated that Jean was the girl who Jay was cheating on Stephanie with. There is a multitude of signs that points tow rd Jay being the killer, and hope that the theory that proposed will make sense to all of my readers. The task of making it understandable was quite challenging, because obviously y everyone doesn’t think and analyze in the same way.