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Will cover case review question 1-3. 1 Given the state of the automotive industry in late 2008/early 2009, is this a great time or a terrible time to launch an innovative car company? 2 US car industry in 2009 seemed to suffer setback, due to foreign competition and higher wage and Financial crisis. The instability in the American auto industry seemed to provide one of the best opportunities in decades for new firms to their mark. As a result brands with altered product lines such as electric, eel-efficient, convenient came into market so does Local Motors. Think about Local Motors’ three groups: their designers, other car enthusiast members of the online community, and their actual customers? What does each of these groups love about cars? About Local Motors 4 Local Motors designers get Chance to show their design concept to vast number Of people through the online platform Test their designs before submitting them to larger corporations Receive a percent of revenues if their sign is selected Online car enthusiast members has the opportunity quickly skim through creative/innovative designs.

And Play major part for decide what design should be chosen. Actual customers Receive own custom car without owning a manufacturing facility Hands on building experience State of the art customer treatment 5 How does Local Motors’ use of design competitions influence the types of designs submitted to the website? 6 Each challenge given for designers give the concept to be designed under pacific weather condition, or geographic position, and customer needs.

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