Scout Character Essay essay

She, when its suggested by her aunt that she wear a dress, refuses. “l could not possibly hope to be a lady if I wore breaches; when I said could do nothing In a dress, she said wasn’t supposed to be doing things that ARQ erred pants. ” These are some of the traits SCOUt displays early in the novel by Harper. Throughout the story, Scout experiences new events that help shape and affect her personality. When her aunt Alexandria comes to live with them, she tries to make Scout more lady-like and proper. “Aunt Alexandria looked across the living room at me and smiled.

She looked at a tray of cookies on the table and nodded at them. I carefully picked up the tray and watched myself walk to Mrs… Meriwether with my best company manners asked if she would have some. ” (Peggy) Here, Scout displays to her aunt and to her aunts company that she can behave properly and a like a nice young lady. Gem, who is older, is going through puberty and is a young teen at this time. As he grows up and changes, so does Scout as he is a big influence in her life. “Feeling sleepy I decided to end things. My hand was going down on him when Gem spoke.

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Gem was scowling. It was probably part of the stage he was going through. ” (page 9) Throughout her childhood she had always wondered after Arthur “BOO” Raddled, and she along with her brother Gem and close friend Dill had invented a game depicting the vicarious life of Mr.. Boo Raddled. Another change Scout goes through is when she finally meets the mysterious Boo Raddled, this event greatly shapes who Scout becomes and how she thinks. “l led him to the front porch, where his uneasy steps halted. He was still holding my hand and gave no sign of letting me go.

When Boo saves both Gem and Scouts life from Bob Lowell, Scout comes to realize that Boo has always been looking out for her and her brother. As the novel progresses and Scout is met with new experiences she changes and grows a person. While she was once an aggressive and naive young tomboy, she becomes a calmer, wiser, and more lady-like young girl.